Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022705 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Lee, JA, HO. Lee, JA, HO. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Climatic Impacts and Predictability of Soil Erosivity and Precipitation over the Southeastern of the United States
1022704 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Biswal, BI, . Biswal, BI, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC An AI based Advanced Ag-Drone System for Local Farmers in SC
1022651 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Sun, ZA, . Sun, ZA, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Applying Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) to the Study of heavy Metals in Spanish Moss (Tillandsia Usneoides) for Biomonitoring Air Pollution in Lowcountry of South Carolina
1022525 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Ma, GU. Ma, GU. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Improving Farm Performance through Financial Literacy Education among Farmers in South Carolina
1022524 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Brown, SH, . Brown, SH, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC You Are What You Eat: Investigating nutrition as a key prophylaxis against chronic inflammation and other co-morbidities in South Carolina families
1022480 NEW EVANS-ALLEN El-Dweik, MA, . El-Dweik, MA, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Industrial Hemp Capacity Research
1022463 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Parveen, SA, . Parveen, SA, . University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Development of effective and harmless silver-based materials as antimicrobial coatings
1022336 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Pech-Cervantes, AN, . Pech-Cervantes, AN, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Associative effects of ensiling mixtures of alfalfa and tropical forages with antimicrobial and antiparasitic activity on the performance, microbial communities and metabolome of ruminants.
1022305 NEW EVANS-ALLEN ISLAM, SH, . ISLAM, SH, . UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Exploring the benefit of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) tops in contrast to specialty vegatables as value-added products
1022297 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Asiamah, EM, . Asiamah, EM, . UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Investigating the Potential Influence of Natural Immunomodulators on Gastrointestinal Functionality and Immune Status of Small Ruminants
1022295 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Ramena, GR, TH. Ramena, GR, TH. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Syzygium-CS/TPP Nanoparticles, a Potential Prophylactic and Therapeutic for Aeromonas hydrophila Infections in Fish
1022048 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Tope, A, . Tope, A, . KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Optimization of Analysis of Hemp Cannabinoids Using High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)
1022044 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Wuliji, T. Wuliji, T. LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Evaluation of lean meat selection efficiency and response in Katahdin sheep
1022014 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Carter, KA, . Carter, KA, . Central State University OH Approaches for Wellness Enhancement through Integrated Research on Food, Nutrition, and Health
1021963 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Newton, GA, . Newton, GA, . PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Sustainable Goat Production Practices for Texas and the Gulf Coast II.
1021753 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Awal, RI, . Awal, RI, . PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Management of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment using Innovative Approaches
1021737 NEW EVANS-ALLEN GOSUKONDA, RA, MU. GOSUKONDA, RA, MU. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Agriculture for Enhanced Productivity
1021708 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Akotsen-Mensah, CL, . Akotsen-Mensah, CL, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Implementation of Surveillance and Early Detection of the Invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs in Cropping Systems in Missouri
1021621 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Mbuya, OD, . Mbuya, OD, . FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Water Resources Research: The Influence of Hydrological Dynamics on Aquatic Life and Ecosystem Services in North Florida Watersheds
1021571 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Rossi, WA, . Rossi, WA, . KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Amino acid nutrition of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides): studies on dietary lysine and threonine requirements
1021435 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Kim, CH, . Kim, CH, . VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Food Safety Compliance of Hydroponics and Aquaponics Production in Virginia, and Proof of concept Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Intervention against Potenial Risks
1021418 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Leong, ST, . Leong, ST, . FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Administration of Research Supported by the Evans Allen Program
1021415 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Mbuya, OD, . Kanga, LA, H.. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Strategic Research for the Management of Invasive Pest Species
1021404 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Dhakal, RA, . Dhakal, RA, . VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Initiation and Establishment of Industrial Hemp Breeding and Research Program at Virginia State University (VSU)
1021364 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Eivazi, FR, . Eivazi, FR, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Phosphorus Forms, Availability, and Microbial Biomass Dynamics in Soils of Organically Managed Farms in Central Missouri
1021333 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Lukongo, ON, E.. Lukongo, ON, E.. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Investigating the Effect of Retirement Financial Planning on Changes in Nutrient Intake: A Quest for Enhancing Louisiana Young Seniors’ Wellness
1021314 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Olden, FA, AZ. Olden, FA, AZ. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Effect of probiotics in combination with different diet formulations on honey bee health
1021233 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Khanal, AD, RA. Khanal, AD, RA. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Examining Financing Sources and the Roles of Diversification, Off-farm work, and Alternative Agricultural Enterprises: Implication for Viability of Small Farmers and Entrepreneurs in Tennessee
1021232 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Ravi, RA, . Ravi, RA, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Application of Electronic Nose to Profile VOC’S of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Products
1021215 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Jiang, GU, . Jiang, GU, . VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Development of Edamame and Food-Grade Specialty Soybeans and Introduction of Chickpeas Suitable for Virginia