Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031694 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anyangwe, I. A. Anyangwe,Irene Ane NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Soilless Fresh Produce Hydroponics for Low-income/Low-food Access Navajo Communities: An Alternative to Cropping Uranium Contaminated Soil
1031679 NEW OTHER GRANTS Birnstihl, B. Birnstihl,Beth NATIONAL 4-H COUNCIL MD Increasing Food Production & Combating Food Waste and Loss through 4-H
1031671 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gill, C. Gill,Clare TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Graduate education in livestock phenomics and quantitative genomics
1031669 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kunicki, H. S. Kunicki,Heather Sedges UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Bridge Funding- FRSAN: Southern Region (SAgE: Southern Ag Exchange)
1031667 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sawyer, J. Sawyer,John Foster OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE SD Data Cubed, Resilience Squared: Empowering Local Solutions
1031665 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner, N. Turner,Nancy MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Nutritional Mitigation of Disease Across the Life-Span.
1031663 NEW OTHER GRANTS Diaz, F. J. Diaz,Francisco Javier PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Graduate Training in the Reproductive Microbiome
1031661 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lambert, J. D. Lambert,Joshua D PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Soils, Plants, and Consumers: A systems-based approach to the relationship between plants and human health
1031658 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sinha, A. Sinha,Arijit OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Developing next generation leaders in forest resource optimization and economics: Mass Timber Products
1031656 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kusunose, Y. Kusunose,Yoko UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY A Nationally-Recognized Master`s Program for Extension Training in Agricultural Economics
1031654 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kennel, J. A. Kennel,Julie Anne OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH National Needs Fellows: Precision Nutrition For Advancing Dietetics Practice
1031651 NEW OTHER GRANTS Biase, F. Biase,Fernando VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Bridging Genomes to Phenomes: Fostering interdisciplinary expertise to advance animal production
1031650 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hawkes, C. Hawkes,Christine NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Empowering the next generation of plant production leaders via cross-disciplinary graduate training in plant-microbiome research and extension
1031649 NEW OTHER GRANTS Steinbach, S. Steinbach,Sandro NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Empowering Women Leaders and Transforming Agribusiness Education through an Experiential Master Program in Agribusiness and Data Analytics
1031648 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pezeshki, A. Pezeshki,Adel OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Training the next generation of animal science scholars in the application of integrative meta-omics for animal production
1031647 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rudolphi, J. Rudolphi,Josie UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Center: Engaging Programs to Support Producer Wellbeing
1031646 NEW OTHER GRANTS Soundappan, T. Soundappan,Thiagarajan NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Addressing Food Security And Workforce Needs In Navajo Nation Via The Development Of Flexible Electrochemical Gas Sensors
1031645 NEW OTHER GRANTS Russette, H. Russette,Helen STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Inter-Tribal College Consortium in NE Montana: Strengthening collaborations across communities to address regional impacts of climate change through Traditional Ecological Knowledge
1031636 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boome, L. Boome,Lora NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Contemporary and Historical Importance of Traditional Plants and Foods
1031630 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wylper, J. Wylper,Jaclyn NATIONAL YOUNG FARMERS COALITION, INC NY Building an Inclusive and Comprehensive Network for Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance in the Northeast
1031629 NEW OTHER GRANTS Enloe, S. Enloe,Stephanie Women, Food and Agriculture Network IA Harvesting Our Potential: Training Beginning Women Farmers Through Mentorship
1031626 NEW OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Army 4-H Military Partnership Outreach Support Grant Program
1031625 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kostelecky, K. L. Kostelecky,Kyle L. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL OneOp (Formerly known as Military Families Learning Network)
1031624 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, J. Chen,Jiajia UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Integration of artificial intelligence in food engineering education to train future workforce
1031623 NEW OTHER GRANTS Neibergs, J. S. Neibergs,Joseph Shannon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Developing a Technical Assistance Network to Help Producers Access FSA Farm Loan and USDA Farm Programs with an Emphasis on Underserved Communities: A Pilot Project
1031622 NEW OTHER GRANTS Deringer, N. Deringer,Nancy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Reimagining Higher Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution: A Planning Grant
1031620 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kwon, J. Kwon,Junehee UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Development of a Food Security Certificate Program, utilizing Food4Vols, a Food Upcycling Program on a College Campus
1031619 NEW OTHER GRANTS Karabulut Ilgu, A. Karabulut Ilgu,Aliye IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Mapit: Using Machine Learning And Text Mining Techniques To Develop A Mapping Tool For Veterinary Medicine Curriculum
1031617 NEW OTHER GRANTS Reppert, E. Reppert,Emily KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Development of a veterinary food animal educator academy to recruit, maintain and support early career food animal educators in academia
1031616 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pardue, S. Pardue,Samuel NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC FSLI Scholarship