Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1023943 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Brown, DA, . Brown, DA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA McIntire-Stennis 2020-2021 Administrative Support for the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington
1023936 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Oporto-Velasquez, GL, S. Oporto-Velasquez, GL, S. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Development of Sustainable Novel Products From the Appalachian Forest
1023932 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Himes, AU, . Himes, AU, . FOREST AND WILDLIFE RES CENTER MS Ecosystem Services Based Silviculture
1023917 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Harrison, D. Harrison, D. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Cumulative effects of 3 decades of habitat and landscape change on priority wildlife species in Maine’s commercially managed forests
1023909 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS MacLean, ME, . MacLean, ME, . UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Accounting for Carbon: The potential of new and innovative technology to store forest carbon and allow for new growth
1023835 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Moskal, L, . Moskal, L, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA A drone-based approach toward plant conservation: population and habitat modeling of Showy Stickseed (Hackelia venusta)
1023821 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Ryan, C. Ryan, C. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Implementing the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act in the US Forest Service: Case Studies of Recreation Fee Programs
1023787 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Tobin, PA, C.. Tobin, PA, C.. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Climate warming and forest insect outbreak dynamics in the Pacific Northwest
1023768 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Zhai, LU, . Zhai, LU, . OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Understanding and Predicting Forest Dynamics in Oklahoma in Response to Multiple Disturbances
1023745 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kerio, SU, . Kerio, SU, . CONNECTICUT AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION CT Urban tree stress management – From basic research to tree care and innovation
1023728 REVISED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Morreale, ST. Morreale, ST. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Forests in Flux: Strategies for Resilience in the Face of Environmental Change
1023711 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Itter, MA, . Itter, MA, . UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Advancing understanding and process-based prediction of northeastern forest regeneration
1023680 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Nyman, J. Nyman, J. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA : Understanding how coastal change, restoration and management affect fish and wildlife habitat.
1023633 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Duncan, JO, M.. Duncan, JO, M.. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Leveraging Legacies of the Leading Ridge Experimental Watersheds to Advance Ecohydrology
1023624 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wild, AD, DO. Wild, AD, DO. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Rethinking Maple Operations: Maple Syrup Production from a High-Density Maple Orchard
1023619 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Siry, JA, PI. Siry, JA, PI. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Unlocking the future: Developing forest investment opportunities for the U.S. South.
1023610 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wilson, PA, . Wilson, PA, . UNIV OF IDAHO ID Public Lands Policy in Idaho: Current Policies, Governance, and Institutional Change on Idaho’s Forest and Range Lands
1023547 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gazal, K, . Gazal, K, . WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Examining Long Term Trends in the Economic Contribution of West Virginia's Forest Products Industry
1023540 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wason, JA, . Wason, JA, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Ecology and physiology of forest tree responses to environmental change
1023518 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Fraver, SH, . Fraver, SH, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Long-term forest dynamics of Maine’s Acadian Forest ecosystem in the context of climate change
1023496 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Borthakur, DU, . Borthakur, DU, . UNIV OF HAWAII HI Identification and Characterization of Genes Involved in Tannin Biosynthesis in Acacia koa
1023466 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Newburn, DA. Newburn, DA. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Economic Incentives for Enhancing Riparian Forest Buffer Adoption
1023465 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Razavi, RO, . Razavi, RO, . STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Past and present contaminants of concern in bats of the Finger Lakes, New York
1023457 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kumar, DE, . Kumar, DE, . STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Valorization of Forest Residues to Gaseous Fuel and Hydrochar through Anaerobic Co-digestion with Brewer’s Spent Grain, Coupled with Hydrothermal Carbonization
1023455 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Dockry, MI, . Dockry, MI, . UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Integration of American Indian and minority perspectives into natural resource management to improve land management and forestry/natural resource education
1023445 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kovach, A. Kovach, A. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Using genomic tools to monitor wildlife response to young forest restoration
1023443 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Garnas, JE, R.. Garnas, JE, R.. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Disease-associated bark communities and host resistance as drivers of beech bark disease in eastern North America
1023421 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Sarkanen, SI, . Sarkanen, SI, . UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Biodegradable 90% Kraft Lignin-based Plastics near Polystyrene in Strength
1023390 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Zhang, JI, . Zhang, JI, . UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Creating and applying a toolkit for genetic transformations in wood-degrading fungi