Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1032232 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Silpe, J. Silpe,Justin PUMPKIN BABY INC. NJ Color-reactive diagnostic for at-home breastmilk shelf-life testing
1032040 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Matevosyan, H. R. Matevosyan,Hripsime Rema NEAR SPACE LABS INC NY Project RISE: Enhancing Rural Community Resilience with Stratospheric Imaging
1032014 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Matevosyan, H. R. Matevosyan,Hripsime Rema NEAR SPACE LABS INC NY Project QuickFire: A Real-Time Solution for Large Scale Wildfire Monitoring
1031924 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Boyd, N. Boyd,Nathan AGSMART INC FL AI-Based Smart Spray Technology For Precision Fungicide Applications
1031915 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Topolski, C. Topolski,Collin ACREAGE FARMS LLC FL Scalable Crop Monitoring System for Traversing Vertical Farms Autonomously
1031886 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Brister, P. Brister,Paul FOUNDATION INSTRUMENTS, INC. TN SBIR Phase I: Sustainable Management of Quality Drinking Water Through Greener and More Affordable Analytical Monitoring Tools and Techniques
1031884 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Harrison, K. Harrison,Katherine GINER, INC. MA Rechargeable CO2 Battery for Increased Productivity and Efficiency in Controlled Environment Agriculture
1031876 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Stewart, J. Stewart,James ELECTRA.AERO INC. VA Solar-Powered HALE UAS with L-band Radar for Wildfire Predictive Mapping and Prevention
1031871 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shirazi, F. Shirazi,Fatemeh Microvi Biotech Inc. CA High-Rate Biological Total Nitrogen Removal Processes for Land-Based Recirculating Aquaculture and Mariculture Systems
1031869 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Khan, M. Khan,Mansoor AMK TECHNOLOGIES OF OHIO, LLC OH Development of Portable Wireless Medical Examination Kit to Expand Telemedicine in Rural Areas
1031868 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ahrens, J. Ahrens,John REEL SEAFOOD, INC. CA Cultivated Meat: A Scalable Modular Assembly Approach for Enhanced Yield & Cell-Driven Texture
1031867 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mondal, S. Mondal,Sudip VIVOVERSE, INC. TX C. elegans Based Assay to Identify the Health Benefits and Toxicity of Food Ingredients
1031866 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Xiao, Y. Xiao,Yue ADVANCED COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. PA Post-Harvest Produce Sanitation Using Novel Energy-Efficient Nonthermal Plasma Reactor
1031865 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cavender-Bares, K. Cavender-Bares,Kent ROWBOT SYSTEMS LLC MN Robotic greenhouse gas monitoring to measure impacts of climate-smart farming practices
1031860 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sakai, H. Sakai,Hajime NAPIGEN, INC. DE Development of a herbicide resistance trait incapable of pollen transmission to weed plants
1031857 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Nelson, S. Nelson,Sven HELIPONIX LLC IN Rotary Aeroponic shipping containers for localized, energy-efficient production of fresh produce.
1031856 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Molano, G. Molano,Gary MACROBREED LLC CA Integrating automation and advanced breeding; bridging the gap between modern kelp aquaculture and agriculture
1031855 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maxwell, B. Maxwell,Bridey GREENLIGHT BIOSCIENCES INC. MA Developing an RNAi-based biological seed treatment to protect soybeans from the causal agent of Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) Fusarium virguliforme
1031841 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hebert, D. Hebert,Damon UBIQD INC NM Luminescent Quantum Dot Greenhouse Glass for Improved Crop Yields
1031840 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hohmann, A. Hohmann,Austin SOYLEI INNOVATIONS LLC IA ReINVEST: Revitalizing Infrastructure with eco-friendly soybean-elastomer technology - Green and heat free crack seals, cold patches, and coatings
1031836 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rocheford, E. Rocheford,Evan NUTRAMAIZE LLC IN Carotenoid Biosynthetic Pathway Guided Development of Nutritionally Enhanced Orange Sweet Corn
1031835 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Covington, J. D. Covington,Joshua David GRADED GAMING, LLC KY AI-Led Instruction in a Virtual Reality Platform for Secondary Nutrition-Science Courses
1031832 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnson, J. Johnson,Jason INTERDISCIPLINARY CONSULTING CORP FL Wireless Acoustic and Ultrasonic Sensing of Invertebrates (wAUSI)
1031828 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Leipold, R. Leipold,Robert COLD CURRENT KELP LLC ME Recovery and Analysis of Bioactive Compounds from Domestically Grown Sugar Kelp
1031826 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Harris, W. J. Harris,William Jacob BARN OWL TECH, INC. CO Edge Computing and Sensor Integration for Real-time Rural Road Management
1031825 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hutchinson, S. Hutchinson,Shawn UNIVERSAL SCHEDULE AND BOOKING LLC WV A Novel Smart Digital Infrastructure to Deploy Targeted Means-Tested Subsidies that Drive Improvements in Nutritional Choices and Alleviate Food Deserts
1031824 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schneider, D. Schneider,Daniel L5 AUTOMATION INC. CA Automated In-field Assessment of Strawberry Characteristics for Mechanized Harvesting
1031820 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hindi, D. Hindi,Daniel MADAIN CORP. CA Revolutionizing Crop Management: Harnessing AI and Edge Computing for Enhanced Plant Health
1031816 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Goodwin, A. Goodwin,Autumn VECTECH, LLC MD A native bee camera trap to support sustainable agriculture practice and environmental protection
1031813 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Huber, R. Huber,Robert RADMANTIS LLC OH Advanced imaging transforms RAS via individualized tracking of salmon growth and welfare