Project Listing

Sponsoring Agency:USDA - NIFA
Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1008653 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arvik, T. J. Arvik,Torey James Sonomaceuticals, LLC CA Validation of Chardonnay Grape Seed Flour Manufacture and Study of Human Metabolic Response to Foods Containing it
1007774 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Woods, D. F. Woods,Daniel F. INSCENT INC CA Integration of Novel Attractants into Bait and Kill Stations for Control of the Asian Citrus Psyllid
1007695 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Endicott, D. Endicott,Diana RAINBOW ORGANIC FARMS, CO. KS Good Natured Food Campus - An Economic and Cultural Engine for the Northside Regeneration Plan
1007610 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mafra-Neto, A. Mafra-Neto,Agenor ISCA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA Protecting Hawaiian Small Farm Production from Bactrocera Fruit Flies
1007556 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT McLain, S. McLain,Scott GARNER INDUSTRIES, INC. NE Safer Sweep Auger Operation Using Robotics
1007130 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kuehner, M. Kuehner,Michael Greenwood Clean Energy, Inc WA Evaluating Source and Control Methods for Small Scale Hydronic Heaters
1007091 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Walsh, M. A. Walsh,Myles Alex E PAINT COMPANY MA Development of Non-toxic, Bio-Based Antifouling Treatments for the Aquaculture Industry
1006987 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wolverton, D. L. Wolverton,Diane L LOCAL CROWD, LLC, THE WY Enhancing Rural Access to Capital Through Development of a Local Crowdfunding Incubator
1006960 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bragdon, PE. Bragdon, P. BRAGDON FARM ME Hay Fuel Logs: Transforming Waste Hay into an Alternative Heating Source for Maine and Beyond
1006918 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zhang, B. J. Zhang,Bong June NBD NANOTECHNOLOGIES INC. MA Bio-inspired fog nets for sustainable water resources in arid near coastal regions
1006891 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Morihara, H. Morihara,Hiroshi HM3 Energy, Inc. OR Development and Evaluation of Continuous Biomass Torrefaction and Densification Process for Commercial Briquette Production
1006886 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sutter, S. M. Sutter,Stephen M CREATEABILITY CONCEPTS, INC. IN Rural-Health-Mate: A Tele-Monitoring System That Improves Rural Senior's Healthcare Via Monitoring, Communication & Stakeholder Interaction
1006869 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Renner, J. Renner,Julie PROTON ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. CT High Efficiency Low Cost Electrochemical Ammonia Production
1006830 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bruno, J. G. Bruno,John Gordon OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION TX Fluorescent Aptamer Test Strips for Food Safety Testing
1006826 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ridgely, J. Ridgely,Jamie AGREN INC IA Advanced erosion modeling and computational science for precision conservation planning
1006787 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chumley, F. G. Chumley,Forrest Glen HEARTLAND PLANT INNOVATIONS KS Development of a Sorghum Doubled Haploid Breeding System
1006785 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Smith, L. Smith,Laura Blue Moon Bulbs LLP Westscape Nursery MT Process for Control of Annual Invasive Bromegrasses and Enhanced Establishment of Native Species in Post-Fire Applications
1006783 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Alptekin, G. Alptekin,Gokhan TDA RESEARCH, INC. CO A Regenerable Sorbent for Deep Desulfurization of Alpha Pinene
1006770 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Beck, B. Beck,Benjamin LUNA INNOVATIONS INCORPORATED VA Novel Spacer Textiles for Insect Control
1006768 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hart, C. Hart,Courtney ECOVATIVE DESIGN LLC NY Development of Scaled Manufacturing for Mycological Soilless Growth Media
1006767 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chevanan, N. Chevanan,Nehru ALTEX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION CA Biomass Fuel Blocks Production System
1006765 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bell, T. S. Bell,Traci S. Ripple Rock Fish Farms LLC OH Researching the economic feasibility of the mixed-cell raceway, providing a way for small farms to enter the aquaculture industry.
1006749 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sengupta, S. Sengupta,Suvankar METAMATERIA TECHNOLOGIES, LLC OH Pathogen Filtration for Greenhouse Irrigation with Nano-Engineered Porous Filter Media
1006744 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mir, N. Mir,Nazir MIRTECH, INC. NJ Development of water based 1-methylcyclopropene formulation for modifying ethylene response of fruit and field crops (Phase II)
1006742 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnston, E. A. Johnston,Edie A Eldertide LLC ME Developing a US Produced Elderberry Juice Concentrate for Domestic and Export Markets
1006736 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lillywhite, K. D. Lillywhite,Kirt D. SMART VISION WORKS INTERNATIONAL LLC UT Improve Competitiveness of Specialty Crop Production through a New Product Quality Verification Method
1006731 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Michel, L. O. Michel,Linda O. LARAD INC. OH Virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccines for animals
1006730 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Balachandra, A. Balachandra,Anagi METNA CO MI Value-Added Use of Non-Wood Biomass Combustion Ash Towards Production of High Performance Geopolymer Concrete
1006725 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dooley, J. Dooley,James FOREST CONCEPTS, LLC WA Model Based Control for Dryer Energy Conservation
1006721 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shepherd, R. W. Shepherd,Ryan William PHYLLOTECH, LLC WI Enzymatic degradation of quorum-sensing signals to decrease bacterial phytopathogenicity