Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030164 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Contreras, A. Contreras,Adam BIOSTONE ANIMAL HEALTH LLC TX An Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay To Detect Antibodies Against Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Subtype H5 And H7 In Commercial Poultry
1030138 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wishnick, D. Wishnick,David NUTRABERRY WA Analyzing Nutritional Benefits of Micronized Defatted Berry Seed Powders Using an in-vitro Model of the Human Gut Microbiome
1030063 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Miller, R. Miller,Raymond KOPESS BIOMASS SOLUTIONS LLC MI EliteTree Biomass Tree Crop Technology
1030059 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnson, R. Johnson,Rick APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC OH Investigation into Integrated Phosphorus and Ammonia Recovery in Swine Applications
1030036 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chanda, A. Chanda,Anindya MYCOLOGICS LLC VA A novel biobased approach for managing root rot in sugar beet industry
1030031 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Han, K. Han,Kyung-Hwan KOPESS AGTECH LLC MI XERICO Drought Tolerance Technology
1030009 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Woods, B. Woods,Benjamin NANOSONIC INC. VA Durable 3d Printed Buildings And Infrastructure From Reclaimed Rubble, Topic 8.6.3
1030006 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Farrington, S. Farrington,Stephen TRANSCEND ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, LLC VT Irrigation Management Using Novel Low-Cost High-Resolution Sensing for Increased Adoption
1029996 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rock, K. Rock,Kelly Micronic Technologies, Inc. VA Tornadic Water Purification for Abandoned Mine Sites on Federal Land
1029973 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Adams, Z. Adams,Zachary PITCH AERONAUTICS INC. ID Environmental Protection: Power Line Bird-Diverter Installation with Novel Touch-Capable Drone
1029970 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT RELLERGERT, W. RELLERGERT,WADE IONICSCALE LLC GA Development of Compact, Low-cost Mass Spectrometers for Autonomous, in Situ Monitoring of Water, Soil, and Air Quality
1029958 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Richard, A. R. Richard,Anthony R. ACADIAN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT LLC WY Value-added graphene materials from woody resources
1029953 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Groele, J. Groele,Joseph Fourth State LLC MI Towards a scalable continuous flow plasma water treatment architecture for PFAS destruction
1029880 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Phung, K. Phung,Kim Anh PRIMELABS LLC KY Smartphone Integrated Multispectral Image Sensor for Packaged Meat Safety
1029815 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shende, A. Shende,Anuradha SHENDE LLC SD Energy-Efficient Extreme Winter Greenhouse for Urban Farms in Rapid City, SD
1029810 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Reynolds, W. D. Reynolds,William D ONDA VISION TECHNOLOGIES, INC NC Smart Safety: Internet of Things (IoT) Platform for Monitoring Hydration in Farmworkers
1029806 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT MAFRA-NETO, A. MAFRA-NETO,AGENOR ISCA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA Semiochemical Control of the Diamondback Moth for the Crucifer Growers
1029247 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Stager, A. Stager,Adam TRIC ROBOTICS LLC DE Development of an autonomous vehicle for application of a non-chemical, alternative technology addressing disease and pest control
1029241 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Preslar, A. T. Preslar,Adam Truett HAZEL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC IL Extended Release Delivery of Organic Sprout Inhibitors to Control Potato Sprouting Postharvest in the Supply Chain
1029165 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hewitt, S. Mraz,Amy NUPHY, INC. WA Development of a High-Throughput Crop Virus Diagnostic Service Using Viral Enrichment and RNA Sequencing
1029163 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ledebuhr, M. Ledebuhr,Mark APPLICATION INSIGHT, LLC MI Development of a high pressure chemical delivery system for aerial application platforms
1029040 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Brey, J. Brey,Jewell VECTECH, LLC MD The Vectech Scout, a remote sensing solution for automated mosquito surveillance
1029027 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Delius, C. Delius,Charlie HOOD CANAL MARICULTURE INC WA Paradigm Shift Technology for Scalable, High-Density, High-Yield Commercial Multi-Species Mariculture
1029025 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sims, N. Sims,Neil KAMPACHI FARMS, LLC HI Precocious puberty in Seriola rivoliana: induction of early maturation to accelerate selective breeding outcomes in high-value finfish
1029022 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schwalbe, J. Schwalbe,Jay NITRICITY INC. CA Heat integration of plasma reactors for electrified fertilizer production
1029014 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zheng, S. Zheng,Sophia BLUDOT TECHNOLOGIES INC. CA Managerial System for Rural Jurisdictions to Increase Economic Development Capacity
1028976 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Nortz, P. E. Nortz,Patrick E OTISCO ENGINEERING LTD. OH Advanced Research and Commercialization of the Otisco Ground-loop System (TM) for Geothermal Heating and Cooling for Farmstead Applications
1028973 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rocheford, E. Rocheford,Evan NUTRAMAIZE LLC IN Nutritionally Enhanced Orange Corn: A Natural Domestic Source of Antioxidant Carotenoids for Improved Poultry and Consumer Well-Being
1028955 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Waugh, B. Waugh,Bradford JOHNNY'S SELECTED SEEDS ME An efficient greens spinner for improving food safety and increasing profitability for small to mid-size farms
1028953 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT King, K. King,Kyle FRONTLINE BIOTECHNOLOGIES INC. MN A Sorbent Technology for eDNA Collection and Concentration for Aquaculture Pathogen Detection