Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031242 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wells, J. G. Wells,Jennifer Gayle LATERAL.SYSTEMS LLC OR Edge Based Indoor Farm Monitoring Platform
1031201 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Roskos, H. Roskos,Henry CERMETEK CA The Commercialization of a New Agriculture Subsystem (LeafMon-S) for Online, Real-Time, Leaf Monitoring to Determine Crop Health (Water Stress Level) for Precision Irrigation and Water Conservation.
1031193 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Silva, J. Silva,Jillian KULTEVAT INC MO Increasing Biomass Of TKS/Kazhak Rubber Dandelion To Increase Yields And Reduce Cost Of TKS Rubber
1031191 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Elman, N. Elman,Noel GEARJUMP TECHNOLOGIES LLC MA Remote Autonomous Detection System (RADS) for early detection and identifcation of the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA)
1031189 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jackson, K. Jackson,Karin RADIANT INNOVATION LLC CO Phase II: Solar-Powered Refrigeration for Reliable Off-Grid Storage and Distribution of Fresh Produce
1031188 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sheth, R. Sheth,Ravi IMVELA CORP. NY Novel Biopreservatives to Improve the Shelf Life Of Cottage Cheese
1031179 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Placella, S. Placella,Sarah ROOT APPLIED SCIENCES INC. CA Development and optimization of an in-field, automated system for co-detection of airborne plant pathogens and pests, specifically grapevine powdery mildew and vine mealybug.
1031178 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Santiago, M. Santiago,Michael FLORAPULSE CO CA Plug and play, inexpensive water potential sensor for wide use in small-stem crops
1031177 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Donovan, M. T. Donovan,Matthew Trent AGRICULTURE INTELLIGENCE, INC. FL Agroview and Agrosense for AI-enhanced precision nutrient management Phase II
1031176 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Roscioli, J. R. Roscioli,Joseph R. Aerodyne Research, Inc. MA Real-Time Mapping of Hydroxylamine and Other Trace Gases in Soil
1031166 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Pollock, S. Pollock,Steve TRIPLE N OYSTER FARM LLC LA Inland production of oyster seed utilizing an artificial seawater closed recirculating aquaculture system
1031144 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sodani, A. Sodani,Avinash AGROFOCAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC CA Real-Time Crop Monitoring System mountable on any Farm Vehicle
1031143 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jakimovska, A. Jakimovska,Ana WILDKALE.COM, INC. NY Digitized Farm-To-School Online Food Bid Platform and Matchmaking Marketplace That Utilizes Blockchain Technology
1031136 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wallace, D. Wallace,Dirk FORMOLOGY, INC. OR Decorative Architectural Panels from Agricultural Byproducts
1031133 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Smiechowski, M. Smiechowski,Matthew GUILD ASSOCIATES, INC. OH Immobilization of Enzymes for Enhanced Production of Protein Hydrolysate and Lactose Free Products from Whey
1031128 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mintas, C. Mintas,Constantine VISIMO LLC PA Risk Management Tool to Increase Farm Safety
1031127 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maleckas-Bunker, C. Maleckas-Bunker,Chandra Ridge Quest Inc. MI Tangler Trifecta, Advanced Mating Disruption that Allows for Time and Labor Savings
1031124 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bova, A. Bova,Anthony GROW BIOPLASTICS, LLC TN Improving Sustainability and Efficiency in Horticulture with Degradable Lignin-Polymer Containers
1031123 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bova, A. Bova,Anthony GROW BIOPLASTICS, LLC TN Improving Nutrition Efficiency and Sustainability in Agriculture with Biodegradable Lignin-Polymer Fertilizers
1031122 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arhancet, G. Arhancet,Grace NANOSUR LLC FL Development of efficacious ribonucleic acid-based formulations for the control of spongy moth
1031115 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jaffe, S. M. Jaffe,Stephen M TRGEL LLC CA Non-food, Biobased, Drop-in Replacement for Fossil Fuel based Polyols
1031113 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kittrell, J. R. Kittrell,James R. K S E INC MA Manufacture of 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid from Furfural Produced from a Lignocellulosic Waste Stream
1031109 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Barham, T. A. Barham,Tanya A COMMUNITY ENERGY LABS, LLC OR Advanced Grid Interactive Load Efficiency (AGILE)
1031105 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Turano, F. Turano,Frank NATAUR LLC MD Phase II: Microbial Fermentation of Taurine for the Sustainable Production of a Nutritional Ingredient
1031099 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ihlo, A. Ihlo,Amelia ROOTED FARMERS, LLC NH Phase II: Redesigning Floriculture Marketplace & Inventory Management Tools for Small Produce Farms to Increase Accessibility and Reduce Cost
1031095 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chinta, S. Chinta,Satya FORESIGHT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, INC. CA Novel peptides for controlling invasive pest ants
1031077 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shapiro, D. Shapiro,Dana HAWAII ULU PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE HI Overcoming Risks to Fully Commercialize Breadfruit Manufacturing and Marketing Through a Cooperative Framework to Support Small, Diversified Farmers
1031076 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Weidenbach, R. P. Weidenbach,Ronald P. HAWAII FISH COMPANY HI Novel Manufactured Aquaponic/Hydroponic Raft Design to Address Food Safety Deficiencies and Plant Growth Opportunities
1031067 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Barrett, L. Barrett,Linda S4 MOBILE LABORATORIES LLC OH SBIR Phase II: Use of In-Situ Shallow Subsurface Spectroscopy for Measuring Soil Organic Carbon
1031062 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Allen, Q. Allen,Quinton SOIL CULTURE SOLUTIONS, LLC FL Identification of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus effector interactome by proximity labeling coupled with proteomics in citrus