Project Listing

Sponsoring Agency:USDA - NIFA
Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1009973 NEW HATCH Wattiaux, MI, A. Wattiaux, MI, A. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Dairy Production systems: C,N, and P management for production, profitability and the environment.
1009887 NEW HATCH Stewart, JA, E. Stewart, JA, E. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Multi-dimensional approaches to understanding the impacts of root diseases in western forests in the presence of increased drought and warming climates
1009858 NEW HATCH Morra, MA, J.. Morra, MA, J.. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Formulated Biopesticides from Brassicaceae Seed Meals
1009857 NEW HATCH Brown, CY, SU. Brown, CY, SU. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Harnessing Ecology to Improve Management of Invasive Plants
1009853 NEW HATCH Oki, LO, . Oki, LO, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Water Management and Quality for Ornamental Crop Production and Health
1009850 NEW HATCH Puri, VI, . Puri, VI, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Characterizing, measuring, and modeling the properties of native and treated biological and biobased materials for processing and novel materials
1009843 NEW HATCH Batchelor, WI, . Batchelor, WI, . AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Testing and Improvement of the DSSAT Crop Growth Models for Cropping Systems Analysis
1009823 NEW HATCH Monu, EM, . Monu, EM, . AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing food safety and quality through natural antimicrobials derived from plants and bacteria
1009822 NEW HATCH Lockaby, B, . Lockaby, B, . AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Evaluation of Tick-Borne Disease Awareness, Prevalence, and Associated Economic Costs in Alabama
1009821 NEW HATCH Luck, B, . Luck, B, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI In-field determination of corn kernel particle size distribution for whole plant corn silage using image processing techniques
1009816 NEW HATCH Barak, P. Barak, P. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Life Cycle Analysis of Wastewater-Derived Fertilizer
1009805 NEW HATCH TerAvest, MI, . TerAvest, MI, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Dissection and redesign of bacterial respiration to optimize bioconversion
1009804 NEW HATCH Edger, PA, . Edger, PA, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of a functional genomic platform for the cultivated blueberry and strawberry
1009797 NEW HATCH Fernandez, G. Fernandez, G. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Database Resources for Crop Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Research
1009793 NEW HATCH Macklin, K. Macklin, K. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Poultry Production Systems and Well-being: Sustainability for Tomorrow
1009792 NEW HATCH Liu, N. Liu, N. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Insecticide Resistance in Mosquitoes and House Flies of Public Health Importance: Surveillance, Mechanisms, Regulation, and Prospective Chemical Detection
1009782 NEW HATCH Cantrell, RA. Cantrell, RA. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL An Expanded Exploration of Homeflow: Assessing the Association of Contextual Factors among Households and Married Couples in the Gulf States
1009777 NEW HATCH Rogers, J. Rogers, J. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Investigations of Practices on Performance Turf Surfaces
1009776 NEW HATCH Petroff, MA, . Petroff, MA, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Secreted Extracellular Vesicles in Maternal-Fetal Cross-Talk
1009769 NEW HATCH Smith, MI. Smith, MI. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing Poultry Production in Elevated Temperature Environments
1009763 NEW HATCH Grogan, K. Grogan, K. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Economics of Citrus Greening Disease Management
1009761 NEW HATCH Holding, DA, RI. Holding, DA, RI. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Improving sorghum digestibility and protein quality using gene editing and a novel functional genomics platform
1009758 NEW HATCH KARTHIKEYAN, KG, . KARTHIKEYAN, KG, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Dairy Production systems: C,N, and P management for production, profitability and the environment.
1009753 NEW HATCH Riley, JO, MI. Riley, JO, MI. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Evaluation of Price and Production Risk Management with Changing Markets and Policies Faced by Producers in Oklahoma and the Southern Plains
1009752 NEW HATCH Epplin, F. Epplin, F. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Oklahoma Crop and Livestock Production Systems Economics
1009751 NEW HATCH Rice, AM, . Rice, AM, . UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Investigating Pedagogical content knowledge in agricultural education: Describing, developing, and assessing the knowledge base in preservice, beginning, and experienced agriculture teachers
1009748 NEW HATCH Voyich, JO, M. Voyich, JO, M. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Understanding Staphylococcus aureus Colonization and Infection in Horses and Cattle
1009747 NEW HATCH Torrion, JE, . Torrion, JE, . MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Physiology of Yield and Quality as Affected by High Protein Gene (Gpc-B1) in Wheat
1009745 NEW HATCH Miller, ZA, . Miller, ZA, . MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Using Research to Facilitate Production of Antioxidant-rich Berries and Small Fruits in the Northern Rockies.