Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022651 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Sun, ZA, . Sun, ZA, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Applying Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) to the Study of heavy Metals in Spanish Moss (Tillandsia Usneoides) for Biomonitoring Air Pollution in Lowcountry of South Carolina
1018720 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Nandwani, DI, . Nandwani, DI, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Microirrigation: A Sustainable Technology for Crop Intensification and Improved Crop Productivity
1014941 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Collick, AM, . Collick, AM, . University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD An Agro-ecosystem Model to Achieve Agricultural Sustainability in for the Delmarva
1014755 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Sutton, WI, BR. Sutton, WI, BR. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Quantification of Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) Population Status in Streams of Tennessee via
1014745 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Dennis, SA, O.. Dennis, SA, O.. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Occurrence and Quantification of Human Pharmaceuticals in Surface Water of Rural and Urbanizing Watershed in Middle Tennessee
1014670 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Zhou, SU, . Zhou, SU, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Using Cell-specific Omics Approaches to study Tomato Root Development Against Metal Toxicity in Acidic Soil
1014615 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Kilonzo-Nthenge, AG, K. Kilonzo-Nthenge, AG, K. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria in Diverse Farming Systems, the Environment, and Variation According to Farming Practices
1014614 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Tegegne, FI, . Tegegne, FI, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assessing Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Relation to Small Farmers in Selected Tennessee Counties
1014595 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Mersha Ayele, ZE, . Mersha Ayele, ZE, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Integrated Approaches of Managing Foliar and Soil-borne Specialty Crop Diseases in Missouri
1014577 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Pinero, JA, CE. Pinero, JA, CE. LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Mass Trapping for Organic Management of the Invasive Japanese Beetle, Popillia japonica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and Integration of Beetle Biomass into Fish Production
1014573 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Aziz, AH, NA. Aziz, AH, NA. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Single Gamete based Genetic Profiling of Sweet Sorghum Varieties for Usage as a Biofuel Crop
1014564 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Chen, FU, . Chen, FU, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Advancing the Detection Technologies of Salmonella in Foods
1014560 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Illukpitiya, PR, . Illukpitiya, PR, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Creating Economic Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Farmers through Integration of Alfalfa as a Bioenergy Feedstock
1014559 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Rakshit, SU, . Rakshit, SU, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Effects of Antibiotics in Mobilizing Plant Micronutrient, Borate and Molybdate, in the Environment
1014558 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Patras, AN, . Patras, AN, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Photodegradation of Aflatoxins M1 and B1 in Highly Turbid Liquid Foods using Short Wave-length Ultraviolet Light
1014556 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Oliver, JA, . Oliver, JA, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Invasive and Key Insect Pest Management in Nursery Cropping Systems
1013264 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Ondzighi-Assoume, CH, A.. Ondzighi-Assoume, CH, A.. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Improving Switchgrass Lignocellulosic Biomass for Biofuels through the Interaction of Cell Wall Biosynthetic Genes and Abscisic Acid Signaling
1013263 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Zebelo, SI, . Zebelo, SI, . University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Biodiversity of Delmarva Agricultural Drainage Ditches: Towards Ecological Intensification by Arthropods
1013261 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Nagchaudhuri, AB, . Nagchaudhuri, AB, . University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Using UAV’s to improve nitrogen applications in winter wheat.
1013186 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Sang, YO, . Sang, YO, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Antiviral Potency and Functional Novelty of Unconventional Interferon Subtypes in Livestock
1012845 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Jamison, DA, . Jamison, DA, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Improving Agritourism Marketing in South Carolina
1012813 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Tucker, LA, . Tucker, LA, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC A Social Worker’s Role in Improving Food Insecurity to Promote Healthy Student Development Through School-Based Services
1012084 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Awal, RI, . Awal, RI, . PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Real-Time Site Specific Irrigation Scheduling Tools for Agricultural Crops and Urban Landscape in Texas Using a Mobile Web App
1012075 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Ampim, PE, . Ampim, PE, . PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Building Capacity to Support Small Acreage Farmers in Texas to Produce High Value Specialty Crops
1012050 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Dzantor, EM, KU. Dzantor, EM, KU. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Characterization of Microbial Community Diversity and Potentials for Enhancing Bioenergy Feedstock Production in Degraded Lands
1011887 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Dunn-Thomas, TY, . Dunn-Thomas, TY, . KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Effects of Pesticide Exposure on Stem Cells as a Model for Human Health
1011362 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Olden, FA, AZ. Olden, FA, AZ. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Transcriptome Profiling of Honey Bee Response to Chemical Stress Under Differential Nutritional Status
1011064 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Ravi, RA, . Ravi, RA, . TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Sensory Profiling of Processed Liquid Foods
1010049 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN Yu, JI, . Yu, JI, . NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Effects of Enzymatic Allergen Reducing Process on Nutritional Quality, Sensory Attributes and Storage Stability of Peanuts
1010048 TERMINATED EVANS-ALLEN YEBOAH, AN, . Quaicoe, OB, . NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Agricultural Value-Added: Prospects for Small and Disadvantaged Farmers in North Carolina