Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024351 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Van Eenennaam, A. Van Eenennaam, A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA High throughput multiparametric phenotyping of domestic livestock cells, organoids and embryos
1024153 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Barlow, JO, W. Barlow, JO, W. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Virulence factors, antimicrobial resistance genes and genetic diversity revealed by whole genome sequencing of the “emerging” mastitis pathogen Staphylococcus chromogenes
1022577 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Soto Martinez, ES, . Soto Martinez, ES, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Efficacy of Glucans as immunostimulants to white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus
1022034 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Parcells, MA, ST. Parcells, MA, ST. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE The UD ENVISION Program: Undergraduate Research, Education and Extension Exploring One Health and Food Sustainability
1021794 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Fu, XI, . Fu, XI, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Fibro/adipogenic progenitors and beef quality
1021307 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Machado, GU, . Machado, GU, . NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Identification of key factors enabling PRRSv spatial distribution and the importance of new virus variant introduction on the incidence of PRRSv in North Carolina
1021281 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Pastey, M, . Pastey, M, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Development and Validation of Isothermal Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Technology and Lateral Flow as a Rapid Diagnostic Tool for the Field Detection of Top Priority Aquatic Animal Disease Pathogens in 30 Minutes at Aquaculture Farms
1020609 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Kawcak, CH, . Kawcak, CH, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO In vivo evaluation of a modified Subchondroplasty technique for the treatment of full-thickness articular cartilage defects in the medial trochlear ridge of the femur: A pilot study in 3 horses
1020051 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Melendez, PE, . Melendez, PE, . UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA The effect of linseed meal as an omega-3 fatty acids rich supplement on immune responses, disease incidence and vaccine responses in young dairy calves
1019449 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Logue, CA, . Logue, CA, . UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Succession of Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli Strains in the Poultry Environment
1019341 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Hoffman, MA, LO. Hoffman, MA, LO. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Determining the effects maternal programming on calf health and immunity during postnatal life
1019206 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Walzem, R. Walzem, R. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Probiotic modulation of appetite to improve breeder pullet welfare
1018595 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH De Andrade E Pires, AL, FR. de Andrade e Pires, AL, FR. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Hepatitis E virus (HEV) prevalence and risk factors in pasture-raised pigs in California
1018538 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Chigerwe, M, . Chigerwe, M, . UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Determination of blood endotoxin concentrations in sick dairy bull calves delivered to calf ranches.
1018409 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Murthy, AS, K. Murthy, AS, K. MIDWESTERN UNIVERSITY AZ The Interaction Between Cryptosporidium parvum and Adaptive Immunity in Calves
1018317 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Murthy, AS, K. Murthy, AS, K. MIDWESTERN UNIVERSITY AZ Comparative Genomics of a Virulent Streptococcus suis Isolate from Cattle: An Approach to Develop Effective Heterologous Subunit Vaccines and Diagnostic Assays
1018255 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Griffon, DO, . Griffon, DO, . WESTERN UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES CA Animal Health and Disease Research Training Program
1018252 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Johnson, JA, . Johnson, JA, . Lincoln Memorial University TN Lipidomics and Metabolomics of Ocular Secretions Collected from Cattle with Moraxella spp. Infection (Pink Eye)
1017944 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Cohen, NO, D.. Cohen, NO, D.. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Loosening the Stranglehold of Streptococcus equi subsp. equi: Elucidating Host Specificity
1017759 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Anthony, N. Orlowski, SA, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Quantitative approach to study avian growth and those factors correlated with growth selection
1017740 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Habing, GR, G. Habing, GR, G. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Understanding vaccine reluctance and antimicrobial use decisions among organic producers
1017737 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Kenney, SC, P. Kenney, SC, P. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Detection of porcine deltacoronavirus in poultry via a luminescent immunoprecipitation system
1017562 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Graves, ME, . Graves, ME, . UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Transdermal Flunixin Pharmacokinetics and Pain Control Following Castration in Goats
1017391 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Mooyottu, SH, . Mooyottu, SH, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Use of carvacrol as a feed antibiotic alternative against gut-dysbiosis and porcine post-weaning enteric colibacillosis
1017289 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Mann, SA, . Mann, SA, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Is Nutrient Deficit a Cause of Inflammatory Dysfunction of Postpartum Dairy Cows through Nutrient-sensing Kinase Signaling Pathways?
1015967 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH De Andrade E Pires, AL, FR. de Andrade e Pires, AL, FR. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Management practices on organic dairy herds in California
1015826 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Pitesky, MA, . Pitesky, MA, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Using qPCR to Understand Up and Down Regulation of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Salmonella Heidelberg Challenged with Commonly Used Antimicrobials
1015800 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Li, XU, . Li, XU, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Survey of antibiotic resistance and the subsequent promotion of judicious use of antibiotics in backyard poultry (BYP)
1015772 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Aly, S. Aly, S. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Estimating the rate of acquisition and loss of antimicrobial resistance within the gut microbiota of preweaned dairy calves
1015753 TERMINATED ANIMAL HEALTH Lehenbauer, T, . Lehenbauer, T, . UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Application and Performance Evaluation of a Risk Assessment Tool for Bovine Respiratory Disease in Pre?weaned Dairy Calves