Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030631 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Steinbach, S. Steinbach,Sandro NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Workshop on Transforming Agricultural Global Value Chains
1030560 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chen, J. Chen,Juhong VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Improving the limit of norovirus detection in food matrices using engineered yeasts to concentrate and purify viral particles
1030559 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Singh, S. Singh,Seema GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCES, INC RI 2023 Biomass to Biobased Chemicals and Materials Gordon Research Conference
1030460 TERMINATED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Simms, G. Simms,Greg LUNA LABS USA LLC VA On Demand Nitrate Production for Fertilizers
1030212 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Liu, J. Liu,John SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY NY Understanding Hybrid Incompatibility and Reproductive Isolation of Channel Catfish and Blue Catfish
1029937 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Davenport, K. M. Davenport,Kimberly M UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO A single cell chromatin accessibility atlas of the developing bovine placenta
1029738 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT ROSA, G. J. ROSA,GUILHERME J M GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCES, INC RI 2023 Quantitative Genetics and Genomics Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar
1029696 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Thaler, J. Thaler,Jennifer GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCES, INC RI 2023 Plant-Herbivore Interaction Gordon Research Conference and Seminar
1029650 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hager, E. Hager,Erin JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY MD Approaches to Enhancing Wellness Policy Implementation in Schools to Promote Healthy Behaviors and Prevent Obesity
1029605 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Army 4-H Military Partnership Outreach and Support
1029579 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Young, J. A. Young,Jeffery A UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY #Extension Help – KY Extension’s Response to Eastern Kentucky Floods
1029511 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McKinley, S. McKinley,Steven PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Military Teen Adventure Camp
1029394 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Roston, R. Roston,Rebecca GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCES, INC RI 2023 Plant Lipids: Structure, Metabolism and Function GRC & GRS
1029378 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Real Bird, S. G. Old Coyote,Shaleen LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Promoting Agriculture Capacity and Equity in the Crow Reservation
1029362 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT O`Connor, L. O`Connor,Lauren Agricultural Research Service PA Developing a Research Roadmap about processed foods, food processing, and human health in the context of the US food system
1029333 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Falkowski, T. B. Falkowski,Tomasz Bartosz NEW MEXICO HIGHLANDS UNIVERSITY NM Using Combustion Elemental Analysis to Quantify Carbon and Nitrogen Content of Residues from Forest, Range, and Agricultural Management
1029285 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Riddle, L. M. Riddle,Lee M NEXGEN FARMING INSTITUTE, INC GA Hands-On Facility Development Project - Preparing and developing a haven for training beginning farmers
1029276 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ometto, P. Ometto,Paola California State University - San Marcos CA G.R.O.W.E.R.Generate Real Opportunities through Earth?s Resources Apprenticeship Program Planning Grant Proposal
1029267 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sloven, J. Sloven,Jonah SWEET HOLLOW FARM LLC ID Sweet Hollow Farm Apprenticeship for High Altitude Market Farmers and Regional Educators
1029250 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brodersen, B. Loy,John Dustin UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE NAHLN: Level 1 Cooperative Agreement for FY2022
1029169 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Guedot, C. Guedot,Christelle UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Killing them softly: defining the future of insect mating disruption in specialty crops
1029158 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Langellotto, G. A. Langellotto,Gail Ann OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Growing a U.S. Native Plant Nursery Network to Sustainably Meet the Demand for Native Plants in Ornamental Landscapes
1029157 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pillatzki, A. Pillatzki,Angela E SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD NAHLN: Cooperative project with Animal Disease Research & Diagnostics Laboratory (ADRDL) as a Level 1 Laboratory for FY2022.
1029156 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Velayudhan, B. Velayudhan,Binu UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA NAHLN (National Animal Health Laboratory Network) Level 1 Laboratory For The Food And Agriculture Defense Initiative
1029142 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Helmers, M. J. Helmers,Matthew Justin IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Advancing Drainage to Meet a Changing Climate: 11th International Drainage Symposium
1029129 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rovira, A. Rovira,Albert UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN NAHLN MN FY22 Level 1 Member Lab Agreement
1029122 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dodd, K. Dodd,Kimberly MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) Level 1 Laboratory: Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
1029121 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lowenstein, D. Lowenstein,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Protecting Pollinators in Urban Landscapes Conference Grant
1029079 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Elvinger, F. Elvinger,Francois CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY NAHLN 2022 National Animal Health Laboratory Network, Level 1