Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026187 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Ramirez, A. Mooyottu, SH. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Resolving swine-human neonatal C. difficile infection paradox and its field application
1026015 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Mohamed, AB, . Mohamed, AB. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Characterization of wild Aeromonas hydrophila in Alabama natural water resourses
1024626 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Diel, DI, . Diel, DI, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Defining the role African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) virion proteins to effector host immune responses
1022204 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Murthy, AS, K. Murthy, AS, K. MIDWESTERN UNIVERSITY AZ Characterization of Interactions of Protective Chlamydia-specific CD4 T Cells with Pathogenic CD8 T Cells After Genital Chlamydia Infection
1022126 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Leal Yepes, FR, . Leal Yepes, FR. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Effects of receiving two initial feedings of colostrum on growth and health of Holstein calves
1022099 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Mosley, YU, . Mosley, YU. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Investigation of the high herd prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) in dairy farms in the southeast region of the United States
1017287 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Gentry-Weeks, CL, . Gentry-Weeks, CL, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO A Nanofiber Composite Wound Dressing for Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of Bacterial Infections
1015998 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Mulenga, AL, . Mulenga, AL. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Development of novel vaccine candidates to prevent the re-emergence of Bovine Babesiosis in the US
1015980 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Whitfield-Cargile, CA, . Whitfield-Cargile, CA. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Host-Microbiome Interactions Following NSAID Administration in Horses Goals and Objectives
1014789 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH de Mello, AM, . de Mello, AM. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Effects Of Milk Replacer, Carbohydrate-Based, And Fat-Based Diets On Health Parameters And Growth Performance Of Calves Raised In Warm And Dry Seasons
1014587 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH McFadden, TH, B.. McFadden, TH, B.. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Identifying and alleviating environmental stressors that impair health and immune function of dairy cattle
1014207 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Pitta, DI. PITTA, DI, W. UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Understanding the shifts in fecal microbiome in neonatal calves with diarrhea
1013794 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Parsons, TH, . Parsons, TH, . UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Sow Microbiome: Potential indicator of animal health and welfare
1013676 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Credille, BR, CH. Credille, BR, CH. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Investigations on bovine health and production
1010367 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH August, AV, . August, AV, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Coupled Transcriptomic Analysis of Host/Pathogen Interaction between Theileria Annulata and B Lymphotcytes
1004640 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Menino, A, . Menino, A, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Matrix Metalloproteinases as plasma indicators of bovine cystic ovarian disease
1002549 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Zhu, G. Zhu, G. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Cryptosporidium parvum fermentation enzymes as drug targets
1000697 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Bicalho, RO. Bicalho, RO. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Dynamics of milk microbiota during and after experimental and natural infection with major mastitis pathogens
0233036 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Brown, M. B. Brown, MA, B. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Mycoplasma Infections of Food and Fiber Animals: Development of Nonvertebrate Insect Models for Assessment of Mycoplasma Virulence Potential
0229573 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Lupiani, B. Lupiani, B. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Evaluation of a serotype 1 Mareks disease virus (MDV) as vector vaccine to control infectious bursal disease (IBD) in chickens
0229317 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Pitta, DI. PITTA, DI, W. UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Metagenomic analysis of the rumen microbiome in dairy cows with postpartum metabolic disorders during transition from calving to lactation
0228819 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Criscitiello, M. Criscitiello, M, F. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Bovine humoral immune response utilizing ultralong CDR3 antibodies
0228817 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Ball, J. Ball, JU, M. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Characterization of Bovine and Porcine Rotavirus Reassortants
0228803 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Seabury, C. Seabury, CH, M.. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX The Role of TLR Variation in Differential Shedding of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis for Dairy Cattle.
0222749 REVISED ANIMAL HEALTH Keeler, CA. Keeler, CA, L. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Pathogenomics of Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus