Project Listing

Sponsoring Agency:USDA - NIFA
Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1006943 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Copeland, A. Copeland,Alison UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION MO University of Missouri 4-H Youth Futures Sustainable Community Project
1006899 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Serido, J. Serido,Joyce UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN University of Minnesota (UMN) - Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (FDLTCC) Sustainable Community Project (SCP): Fostering Achievement
1006877 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Sanders, L. Sanders,Lois UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Healthy Youth Leading the Way in the Virgin Islands
1006681 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Kleinman, S. Kleinman,Sarah UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Helping Vermont Youth PROSPER: The University of Vermont Sustainable Community Project
1004986 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Perkins, D. F. Perkins,Daniel Francis PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Penn State Sustainable Community Project
1004760 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Fathallah, F. A. Fathallah,Fadi A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA California AgrAbility Project
1004741 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Straub, R. Straub,Richard UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI AgrAbility of Wisconsin
1004737 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Isaacs, R. Isaacs,Rufus MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Interactions of pest management and conservation plantings: effects of insecticides on bees and natural enemies
1004642 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Brzozowski, R. J. Brzozowski,Richard J UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Maine AgrAbility Project
1004573 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Dalsted, N. Dalsted,Norman COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado AgrAbility Project
1004401 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Riley, M. Riley,Mark UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Nebraska AgrAbillity 2014-2018
1004383 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Bunnell, J. Bunnell,JoLene UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION UT Utah State University Sustainable Community Project - 4-H Science Afterschool
1004371 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Downs, W. Funkenbusch,Karen UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Missouri AgrAbility Project
1004370 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Miller, R. Miller,Rhonda UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT AgrAbility of Utah
1004328 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Rains, G. C. Rains,Glen C UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Agrability in Georgia: Assistive Technology for Farmers with Disabilities
1004283 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Niewolny, K. L. Niewolny,Kimberly L VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA AgrAbility Virginia
1004253 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Hancock, J. Hancock,John UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Kentucky AgrAbility
1004245 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Peterson, R. Peterson,Rick TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Texas AgrAbility
1004217 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Stockdale, T. P. Stockdale,Tom P. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV West Virginia Agrability
1004212 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Thayer, H. E. Thayer,Harry E. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Delaware state University Sustainable Community Project
1004207 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Cassels, A. Cassels,Alicia WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV WVU CYFAR Sustainable Community Project
1004174 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Ouellette, K. L. Ouellette,Kristy L UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Maine Community Central: Integrating 4-H Science and Life Skills with Schools, Communities and Families
1004128 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Lovejoy, S. Lovejoy,Stephen MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Michigan AgrAbility
1004124 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Martin, K. M. Martin,Karen LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Louisiana State University Sustainable Community Project
1004094 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Slocombe, J. W. Slocombe,John W KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Kansas AgrAbility Project
1004033 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Borden, L. Dworkin,Jodi UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN University of Minnesota - Tennessee State University Sustainable Community Project
1003969 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Davison, S. Davison,Stephanie MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Linking Native American youth to agriculture and environmental practices using STEM technologies
1003959 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Brandon, D. Brandon,Dorothy P. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Parent-Child Reading Enhancement Project
1003915 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Samuel, J. Bankston,Joanne KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY U Connect: Universities Connecting with Young People for Educational Success A Multi-State Collaborative