Project Listing

Sponsoring Agency:USDA - NIFA
Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0231706 EXTENDED HATCH Klaine, S. J. Klaine, S. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Emerging materials: environmental applications, risk and education
0231703 EXTENDED HATCH Cooksey, K. Cooksey, K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Development and implementation of antimicrobial food packaging to improve food safety and quality of minimally processed fresh produce and ready-to-eat meats
0231702 EXTENDED HATCH McNealy, T. L. McNealy, T. L. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Understanding nanoparticle-microbial biofilm interactions as a means to reduce and prevent exposure to infectious disease
0231472 EXTENDED HATCH Duckett, S. K. Duckett, S. K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Modifying lipogenesis in adipose tissues of meat producing animals
0231382 EXTENDED HATCH Liang, H. Liang, H. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Enhancing fungal disease resistance in poplar with molecular genetic approaches
0231377 EXTENDED HATCH Greene, A. K. Greene, A. K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Validation of the time/temperature required for the thermal destruction of pathogenic bacteria in rendered animal products
0230977 EXTENDED HATCH Temesvari, L. A. Temesvari, L. A. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Lipid rafts and signaling in the human protozoan parasite, Entamoeba histolytica
0230832 EXTENDED HATCH Luo, H. Luo, H. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Identifying novel microRNAs and their target genes involved in plant response to abiotic stress in turfgrass
0229970 EXTENDED HATCH Hue, N. V. Hue, N. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Improving nitrogen use efficiency in sustainable agriculture with focus on local organic N sources
0228759 EXTENDED HATCH Smith, D. G. Smith., D. G. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Prevalence of rota virus, corona virus, cryptosporidium and E. coli (F-5) in SC dairy and beef calves two months of age or younger
0226378 EXTENDED HATCH Frugoli, J. A. Frugoli, J. A. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Nutrients and nodulation in an annual medic proposed as a new forage crop for South Carolina
0226220 EXTENDED HATCH Isleib, TH. Isleib, TH. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Peanut Variety Quality Evaluation Program
0225681 EXTENDED HATCH Culbreath, A. K. Culbreath, A. K. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Epidemiology and management of foliar diseases of peanut
0222134 EXTENDED HATCH Centner, T. J. Centner, T. J. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Laws and Regulations Affecting Agriculture: Environmental Requirements and Responses to Challenges Presented to the Agricultural Sector
0221952 EXTENDED HATCH Deom, C. M. Deom, C. M. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Biological and Molecular Characterization of the Geminivirus C4 Oncoprotein
0220913 EXTENDED HATCH Bradley, T. Bradley, T. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI The Effect of Overexpression of Follistatin on Growth and Muscle of Trout
0220643 EXTENDED HATCH Bird, CA. Bird, CA. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low-income families
0220605 EXTENDED HATCH Mauel, M. Mauel, M. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Improvement and Sustainability of Channel-Blue Hybrid Catfish Embryo Production and Performance
0219967 EXTENDED HATCH Alali, W. Q. Alali, W. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Quantitative assessment of Salmonella in organic and conventional integrated poultry production systems
0219560 EXTENDED HATCH Just, R. Just, R. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Conceptual Development for Economic Analysis of Agricultural and Resource Policy
0218407 EXTENDED HATCH Richards, L. Richards, L. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low-income families
0218379 EXTENDED HATCH Maier, R. Maier, R. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Kartchner Caverns: Impact of Tourism on Cave Microbial Communities
0218107 EXTENDED HATCH Jordan, J. Jordan, J. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Time Preferences and Student Performance: Aiding Schools in Human Capital Formation
0217892 EXTENDED HATCH Cannon, J. L. Cannon, J. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Novel methods for the concentration, recovery and inactivation of foodborne viruses in water, on foods, and on the hands of foodworkers
0217632 EXTENDED HATCH Cook, M. Cook, M. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Management Systems to Improve the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Enterprises (Rev. NC-1119)
0217502 EXTENDED HATCH De Vries, AL. De Vries, AL. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Management Systems to Improve the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Enterprises (Rev. NC-1119)
0217235 EXTENDED HATCH Pegg, R. Pegg, R. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Nutrients and Bioactives of Georgia Commodities
0217016 EXTENDED HATCH Burpee, L. Burpee, L. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Integrated Management of Turfgrass Diseases in Georgia
0216704 EXTENDED HATCH Thompson, A. Thompson, A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA The role of iron redox fluctuations in shaping soil biogeochemical processes