Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026251 NEW OTHER GRANTS Marlow, C. B. Marlow,Clayton B MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT FY 2021 Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Host Institution Non-competitive Renewal
1026224 NEW OTHER GRANTS Villafane-Santiago, M. Villafane-Santiago,Marilia UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO IN PONCE PR UPRP Distance Education Service Facilities Improvement Instrumentation Project
1026223 NEW OTHER GRANTS Villafane-Santiago, M. Villafane-Santiago,Marilia UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO IN PONCE PR UPRP Distance Education Service Facilities Improvement Instrumentation Project
1026177 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, X. Chen,Xiongwen ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Identifying the relationship between cone production and timber growth for longleaf pine trees in the southeastern USA
1026172 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bartlett, J. R. Bartlett,Jannette Rose TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integration of Pastured Poultry as part of a Sustainable Farming Enterprise for Local Producers
1026169 NEW OTHER GRANTS Matthews, K. Matthews,Kwame DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Reversing On-Farm Anthelmintic Resistance in Small Ruminant Gastrointestinal Nematodes (GINs)
1026108 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bashir, S. Bashir,Saima Central State University OH Marauder Agricultural Scholarship Program (MASP)-Workforce
1026107 NEW OTHER GRANTS Folck, A. Folck,Alcinda Central State University OH Growing Communities: Establishing incubator farms and farmer`s markets to increase health and economic viability for socially disadvantaged populations
1026099 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li-Byarlay, H. Li-Byarlay,Hongmei Central State University OH Investigate the Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Honey Bees and Pollinators
1026093 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dundore-Arias, J. Dundore-Arias,Jose Pablo CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA FUTURE-Ag: Fostering Undergraduate student Training, Upskilling, and Retention through interdisciplinary Experiential learning in Agricultural sciences
1026089 NEW OTHER GRANTS Siddiqui, R. A. Siddiqui,Rafat A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Evaluation of ginger varieties for promoting its cultivation and consumption for preventing obesity
1026086 NEW OTHER GRANTS Odhiambo, J. F. Odhiambo,John Fredrick FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Partnership to Improve Beef Cow-Calf Development and Management in North Florida: Focusing on Limited-Resource Beef Cow-Calf Producers
1026078 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, G. Chen,Guibing NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Development of a starch-based delivery system for plant-derived bioactive compounds
1026068 NEW OTHER GRANTS Haseeb, M. Haseeb,Muhammad FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Developing FAMU's Capacity on Identification and Management of Economically Important Invasive Pest Insects from Caribbean Countries to Florida
1026067 NEW OTHER GRANTS Githinji, L. Githinji,Leonard VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Optimized micro-farms as a potential solution to food insecurity in urban neighborhoods
1026065 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gao, M. Gao,Ming PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Towards Marker-Assisted Breeding Of Improved Purple-Sweetpotatoes For Processing
1026063 NEW OTHER GRANTS Davis, K. J. Davis,Kimberly J. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Community Resilience To Strengthen To Climate Change And Natural Disasters
1026062 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rahman, M. A. Rahman,Mohammad Atikur FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Establishing Gene Editing Technology to Develop Seedless Muscadine Table Grape
1026044 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nanjundaswamy, A. Nanjundaswamy,Ananda ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Engineering Impact-Resistant Hydrophobic Microcrystalline Cellulose Biocomposites Using Switchgrass, Giant Miscanthus, And DDGS
1026043 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moss, E. Moss,Elizabeth WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV WEST VIRGINIA TREE MINDERS: Online Public Tree Care Certification Program and WVSU Campus Arboretum
1026040 NEW OTHER GRANTS Johnson, M. Johnson,Matthew D. HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Camino al Rancho: Welcoming underrepresented students to agroecological science through innovative educational programming and wildlife conservation internships on California grazed rangelands
1026039 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pitula, J. Pitula,Joseph University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Understanding per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): occurrence, fate and transport in plants and their impact on plant-insect interactions
1026038 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dhekney, S. A. Dhekney,Sadanand A University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Improving Grapevine Resistance to Powdery Mildew Utilizing Genome Editing Technology
1026037 NEW OTHER GRANTS Parveen, S. Parveen,Salina University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Pathogenic Vibrios and Microbiome in On-bottom and Off-bottom Oyster Culture as Affected by Weather Events and Environmental Conditions
1026035 NEW OTHER GRANTS Opiri, J. Opiri,Jane UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Digitalization and Expansion of the Merchandising, Textiles and Design (MTD) Curriculum to prepare students for future careers in Textiles and Apparel Industry
1026033 NEW OTHER GRANTS Castro, L. Castro,Luis CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Establishment of a Fermented Beverages Laboratory for Enhancing Education and Research in Fermentation Science
1026029 NEW OTHER GRANTS Izadyar, A. Izadyar,Anahita ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Development of a Nano-biosensor to Detect Glucose for Diabetics using Recombinant Manganese Peroxidase from Corn Grain
1026026 NEW OTHER GRANTS Olden, F. Olden,farida KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Assessment of Honey Bee Stressors and Apiary Management Practices in Kentucky
1026025 NEW OTHER GRANTS Novelo, N. Novelo,Noel KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Expanding Aquaculture and Healthy Food Choices to Reduce Economic and Health Disparities Affecting Minority and Limited-Resource Stakeholders
1026023 NEW OTHER GRANTS McCall, J. McCall,John UNIVERSITY OF WEST ALABAMA AL Partners for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability