Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1025665 NEW OTHER GRANTS St. Pierre, M. Monteau,Curtis STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT Community Gardening Project
1025526 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mulvaney, D. Mulvaney,Donald AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Sustainable, Efficient, Profitable Beef Production Future
1025506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kollanoor Johny, A. Kollanoor Johny,Anup UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Development of an affordable, adaptable, and accessible Master of Science program in poultry production and health for non-traditional students
1025502 NEW OTHER GRANTS Emanuel, R. Emanuel,Ryan NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Environmental Justice for Future Leaders in Forestry and Environmental Resources
1025496 NEW OTHER GRANTS Diaz, J. M. Diaz,John M UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Expanding Diversity and Collaboration in Agricultural Education and Communication to Enhance Solutions in Agriculture and Natural Resources
1025489 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rohr, J. Rohr,Jason UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME IN Training under-represented and cross-disciplinary graduate scholars in agricultural biosecurity and data science
1025488 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hoey, L. M. Hoey,Lesli Michelle UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Transformative Food Systems Fellows Program: Democratizing Planning and Enabling Public Health
1025461 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Diversifying the Plant Breeding Workforce: New Ideas to Meet New Challenges
1025391 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hoback, W. Hoback,Wyatt OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK PATHS: Partnerships for Agrosecurity Training, Health, and Science
1025388 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ramoni, M. O. Ramoni,Monsuru O NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Computed Axial Lithography for Rapid Bioprinting of Cultured Meat
1025383 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fresnedo-Ramirez, J. Fresnedo-Ramirez,Jonathan OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Trans-omics assisted plant breeding for enhanced nutrition
1025374 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dupuis, V. Dupuis,Virgil SALISH KOOTENAI COLLEGE MT Grassland Restoration and Pollinator Conservation on Tribal Lands Degraded by Annual Invasive Grasses
1025346 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jayachandran, K. Jayachandran,Krishnaswamy FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FL USA-ED Fellows at Florida International University
1025313 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jacobsen, K. L. Jacobsen,Krista L. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Strengthening Plant Production Though an Interdisciplinary Food Systems Graduate Training Program
1025270 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cooke, R. Cooke,Reinaldo TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Generating Expertise To Optimize Beef Production In Tropical/Subtropical Environments
1025256 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anyangwe, I. A. Anyangwe,Irene Ane NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Dispersed Uranium Tailings And Their Influence On The Bacterial Community Of Contiguous Navajo Nation Agricultural Soils
1025227 NEW OTHER GRANTS Aduviri, A. Aduviri,Amas OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR CAMP to CAS Alliance: MSP Preparation for USDA Workforce-ready Careers
1025223 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dudley, E. Dudley,Edward PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Training Food Microbiologists toward Data Science Fluency and Code Competency
1025222 NEW OTHER GRANTS Godden, S. M. Godden,Sandra Michele UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Fulfilling National Needs in Dairy Production Systems
1025206 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jones, D. Jones,Daniela NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Cultivating A Resilient Workforce By Integrating A Culturally Competent Community Of Scholarship & Data Science in Food & Agricultural Research
1025189 NEW OTHER GRANTS Isengildina-Massa, O. Isengildina-Massa,Olga VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Integrated Graduate Training in Commodity Markets: A Managed Fund Approach
1025187 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kropp, J. D. Kropp,Jaclyn Donna UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Enhancing Diversity in Food and Resource Economics - Creating a World of Opportunity for Tomorrow’s Leaders
1025177 NEW OTHER GRANTS Melotto, M. Melotto,Maeli UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Science to Practice Leadership Training in the Soil-Plant Health Continuum
1025173 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hodges, T. Hodges,Tanya UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Yumans United through Microbiology, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Social Sciences - Mentorship, Awareness, Networking, Opportunities, leading to Success (YUMANS-MANOS)
1025172 NEW OTHER GRANTS Saraswat, D. Saraswat,Dharmendra PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN DSABE: Graduate Training in “Data Science for Agricultural and Biological Engineering (DSABE)
1025165 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lindner, J. R. Lindner,James R. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Reclaiming the Story of Agriculture Fellows Program: Preparing the Next Generation of Agricultural Education and Communication Leaders
1025164 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ramanathan, R. Ramanathan,Ranjith OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Multi-disciplinary approach to train next-generation food and animal science leaders in integrated omics
1025163 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, K. Kim,Kee-Hong PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Food Science Approach to Enhancing Gut Health
1025161 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lukas, S. B. Lukas,Scott B OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Growing Opportunities: Engaging Graduate Students in Agricultural Science through Novel Experiential Learning Approaches