Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027819 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Crandall, MI, . Crandall, MI, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Keeping forests working: Understanding the context of, barriers to, and impacts of active forest management in the fire-adapted West
1027777 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Krawchuk, ME. Krawchuk, ME. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Biodiversity in early seral forests managed for differing natural resource objectives
1027755 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Brzeski, KR, E. Brzeski, KR, E. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Assessing taxonomy of native, remnant canids in the American southeast and habitat that support native genetics
1027740 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kane, E. Kane, E. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Incorporation of Historic Fire Regime Data in Lowland Conifer Forest Management in Northern Michigan
1027717 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Iwamura, TA, . Iwamura, TA, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Soundscape of Pacific Northwest Old-growth Forest: Measuring forest structure and health in long-term experimental forests
1027695 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Scheffers, BR. Scheffers, BR. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Ecological patterns and processes within temperate forests under global change.
1027694 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lopez-Uribe, MA, MA. Lopez-Uribe, MA, MA. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Effects of fire, deer pressure and plant genetic diversity on the management of early successional habitats, with a focus on Lupinus perennis (blue lupine) and its pollinators
1027683 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Zhang, Y. Zhang, Y. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Small-Scale Forestry: Efficiency, Equity and Ecology
1027680 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Sweetman, JO, . Sweetman, JO, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Evaluating the impacts of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar dispar) outbreaks on forest vernal pool ecosystems
1027679 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kaye, MA, W. Kaye, MA, W. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Managing forests for carbon and climate adaptation
1027678 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Machtinger, ER, TH. Machtinger, ER, TH. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Ticks fighting ticks: Can bite-induced acquired tick resistance change host suitability for tick infestation?
1027677 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Groh, TY, A. Groh, TY, A. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Assessing Biochar as a Soil Amendment to Help Mitigate Effects of Concentrated Flow Paths in Agronomic Systems
1027676 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Hamilton, JI, . Hamilton, JI, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Genomics-driven monitoring of Oregon Ash for gene conservation and development of pre-breeding resources
1027633 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Leshchinsky, BE. Leshchinsky, BE. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Characterizing Controls on Landsliding Rates in Forested Environments
1027625 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bardhan, SO, . Bardhan, SO, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Impact of Timber Stand Improvement and Prescribed Burn on Forest Farming of Non-Timber Forest Products and Soil Ecological Properties
1027619 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Sritharan, SU, . Sritharan, SU, . Central State University OH IMPROVING SILVICULTURE OF OAK IN OHIO
1027615 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Blazier, MI, . Blazier, MI, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Administration of the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program at the University of Arkansas
1027594 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lincoln, NO, K. Lincoln, NO, K. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Agroforestry Management of Breadfruit in Hawai’i
1027593 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Zhang, YA. Zhang, YA. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY TX Geospatial Technology Research and Application for Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation and Management
1027584 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Snyder, VI, A. Snyder, VI, A. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Energy-efficient water vapor condensation technologies for overcoming drought mortality of juvenile trees in reforestation projects.
1027583 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Cobb, RI. Cobb, RI. CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Identification of effective and scalable forest health treatments for coastal California forests: mitigating wildfire and fire-disease interactions
1027582 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Toth, SA. Toth, SA. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Developing a Web-Based Financial Analytical Tool for Small Forest Landowners Facing Swiss Needle Cast-Associated Growth Losses in Coastal Washington State
1027576 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Chen, MI, . Chen, MI, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Synergistic integration of multi-source remote sensing observations to advance understanding carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems
1027575 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Mcwilliams, SC. Mcwilliams, SC. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Integrating Climate Resiliency into Management Strategies for Rhode Island and Southern New England Forests
1027567 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Knighton, JA, . Knighton, JA, . UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Assessing the Impact of the Invasive Emerald Ash Borer on Forest Root Zone Water Residence Times
1027566 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Smallidge, PE. Smallidge, PE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Designing Sustainable Multistory Cropping Systems for Maple Sugarbushes
1027559 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Demchik, M. Demchik, M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Irregular Shelterwood and Fire as Tools for Regenerating Oak Stands for Wildlife Habitat: Re-inventory after 15 Years
1027555 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Surfleet, CH. Surfleet, CH. CAL POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIV CA Watershed and soil response to wildfire at the Swanton Pacific Ranch
1027554 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Young-Robertson, JE. Young-Robertson, JE. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Cooperative Alaska Forest Inventory
1027551 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Xu, XI, . Xu, XI, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Improve Sustainable Forest Production with Forest Biomass Monitoring Using Terrestrial LiDAR Technology