Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027682 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Preslar, A. T. Preslar,Adam Truett HAZEL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC IL Extended Release Delivery of Volatile Essential Oils to Control Fungal Pests Post-Harvest
1027654 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Simonpietri, M. Simonpietri,Marie-Joelle SIMONPIETRI ENTERPRISES LLC HI Reducing Cost of Cellulosic Jet Fuel Made from Woody Biomass
1027652 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maleckas-Bunker, C. Maleckas-Bunker,Chandra Ridge Quest Inc. MI Tangler OFM, Advanced Mating Disruption that Provides for Rapid and Cost Effective Application
1027635 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ulmasov, T. Ulmasov,Tim ARVEGENIX LLC MO Development of disease-resistant pennycress as a novel cover crop
1027623 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jayaraman, A. Jayaraman,Ambalavan TDA RESEARCH, INC. CO Novel System to Reduce Air Pollution from Poultry Production Systems
1027609 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Buelow, R. Buelow,Roger JUST GREENS, LLC NY Ratooning for Increased Yield and Reduced Waste
1027604 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Peterson, R. J. Peterson,Raymond John GRANITE POINT VENTURES LLC MD AI Approach to Curing Deformed wing virus in Honey Bees
1027503 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Vozhdayev, G. Vozhdayev,George PURE BIOMASS LLC MN TriPAR Algae Cultivation Technology for Value Added Co-products from WWT Effluent
1027362 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Khlop, S. Khlop,Sergey SUNCATCH LTD CO Scalable concentrated solar-thermal system to increase efficiency and utilize on-farm renewable energy sources (COVID-19 Rapid Response)
1027336 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Genung, S. Genung,Shawn STONY CREEK COLORS, INC. TN Phase II: Novel Extraction and Processing Method for Year-round Production of Natural Indigo Dye
1027332 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Banfield, M. Banfield,Michael SPRINGSTAR, INC. WA Tick Surveillance and Mass Capture Trap
1027313 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wells, D. Wells,Derek EXOPOLYMER, INC. CA Next Generation Biopolymers for High Value Markets
1027311 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cox, P. Cox,Paul MAGIC MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, LLC AL COVID-19 Rapid Response: TELE Case Assessment Response Engine ICU (TELECARE-ICU)
1027288 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Vargochik, A. Vargochik,Amanda SINNOVATEK, INC. NC Clean, cost-effective technology to recover and stabilize phytoactive fruit compounds from waste streams.
1027275 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Locke, E. Locke,Edward MORPHIX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. VA Chemical Dose Indicator for Tomato and Cantaloupe
1027234 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arhancet, G. Arhancet,Grace NANOSUR LLC FL Development of efficacious RNAi-based baits for RIFA control
1027232 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Resnick, J. Resnick,Joshua PARALLEL FLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA SBIR Phase 2: Reducing Wildfire Risk with Large Scale Prescribed Fire Drones
1027221 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Herring, C. D. Herring,Christopher D ENCHI CORPORATION MA Development of C-CBP to enable cash-positive conversion of corn stover to biofuels co-located at a corn ethanol mill
1027219 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT MAFRA-NETO, A. MAFRA-NETO,AGENOR ISCA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA Ambro Repel: A semiochemical repellent for invasive ambrosia beetles
1027216 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dossey, A. T. Dossey,Aaron T UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL New Opportunity for Small Farmers: Automated Mealworm Farming to Improve Food Security in the Face of Pandemics / COVID-19
1027208 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bruno, J. G. Bruno,John Gordon NANOHMICS INC TX An Aptamer-Quantum Dot-Based Lateral Flow Test Strip for Cyclospora Detection
1027195 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Witchey, B. Witchey,Bryan INSULIGHTS.COM, INC. IA Electric fence alarm system for agricultural managers
1027182 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Congrove, M. S. Congrove,Michael Spohn OYSTER SEED HOLDINGS, INC. VA Stabilizing and expanding bivalve shellfish seed supply: The mobile oyster hatchery
1027177 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Morris, S. Morris,Spencer AGCREDIT CONSULTING, LLC NE Development of an agricultural digital lending platform for frontier and remote areas.
1027157 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Redmond, S. Redmond,Sarah SPRINGTIDE SEAWEED, LLC ME Development of Seaweed Farming Systems for New Nori and Dulse Aquaculture Crops.
1027152 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Semick, K. Semick,Kami FOOD4ALL INCORPORATED OR Producer Led Virtual Food Hub Pilot Project
1027135 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Reifenrath, W. Reifenrath,William STRATACOR CA Development of a Fatty Acid Emulsifiable Concentrate Formulation as a Biopesticide for Livestock Fly Control
1026361 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ledebuhr, M. Ledebuhr,Mark APPLICATION INSIGHT, LLC MI Reduced drift and enhanced precision spray nozzles for aerial application using improved surface aerodynamics.
1026291 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Stager, A. Stager,Adam TRIC ROBOTICS LLC DE Development of an autonomous vehicle for application of a non-chemical, alternative technology addressing disease and pest control
1026250 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Harbour, T. Harbour,Tom HANGAR ALPHA LLC NY Near-real-time potential control location and strategy planning tool for wildland fire management