Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026186 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Huang, Y. Huang,Yizhi ASPIRING UNIVERSE CORPORATION IL Developing a scalable and economic solution for real-time irrigation decision-making system for center pivots
1026165 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Aboubakr, H. Aboubakr,Hamada FRONTLINE BIOTECHNOLOGIES INC. MN A Sorbent Technology for eDNA Collection and Concentration for Aquaculture Pathogen Detection
1026125 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Roscioli, J. R. Roscioli,Joseph Robert Aerodyne Research, Inc. MA Real-Time Mapping of Hydroxylamine and Other Trace Gases in Soil
1026115 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Silva, J. Silva,Jillian KULTEVAT INC MO Increasing Biomass Of TKS/Kazhak Rubber Dandelion To Increase Yields And Reduce Cost Of TKS Rubber
1026069 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Liachko, I. Liachko,Ivan PHASE GENOMICS, INC. WA Strain-level diagnostics of fungal crop pathogens enabled by fully-phased isolate genomes
1025993 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Simonds, J. Simonds,Jonathan SYMBROSIA, INC. HI Breeding and improvement of red macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis for enhanced yields
1025992 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Salze, G. P. Salze,Guillaume Pierre KNIPBIO, INC MA Off-flavor Mitigation in Atlantic Salmon Grown in RAS via the Use of a Novel Single Cell Protein Based Feed
1025978 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maleckas- Bunker, C. Maleckas- Bunker,Chandra Ridge Quest Inc. MI Tangler Trifecta, Advanced Mating Disruption that Provides for Rapid and Effective Control
1025951 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Giles, D. K. Giles,Durham Kenimer OGIVE TECHNOLOGY CA Dynamically-Controllable Nozzle for Precision Agricultural Spraying
1025943 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carballo, S. M. Carballo,Sergio Madrigal AGROSPHERES INC. VA The AgriCell: A novel, biodegradable delivery technology for enhanced crop protection with minimized environmental toxicity
1025929 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Clarke, D. Clarke,Dawn INSECTAPEL, LLC SC Novel Coatings for Infusion of Fabrics with Cutting-Edge Biobased Insect Repellents
1025919 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zimmerman-Bence, N. Zimmerman-Bence,Ned GOGYUP INC MN Increasing Workforce Participation Through Assistive Technology and Embedded Reading Assistance
1025905 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zheng, S. Zheng,Sophia BLUDOT TECHNOLOGIES INC. CA Managerial System for Rural Jurisdictions to Increase Economic Development Capacity
1025904 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ulmasov, T. Ulmasov,Tim ARVEGENIX LLC MO Development of novel cover crop, CoverCress, as a sustainable plant-based protein source for food applications
1025899 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Webb, B. A. Webb,Bruce Allen LEPIDEXT L.L.C KY A Method to Suppress Bt Resistance in the Corn Earworm
1025893 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ryng, H. Ryng,Henry INXSOL LLC AZ PracticeCom Training for Rural Communities` Emergency Workers
1025892 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Higgins, R. Higgins,Richard ONVECTOR LLC PA Treatment of Non-Traditional Water Sources for Agricultural Irrigation using a Novel Plasma Reactor
1025878 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Latimer, L. N. Latimer,Luke Nathaniel ZESTBIO, INC. CA Enzymatic bioprocessing of pectin-rich agricultural byproducts
1025858 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Allnutt, F. T. Allnutt,F C Thomas Thomas NULODE LLC MD Oral vaccine delivery for control of Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV)
1025841 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Whitmer, C. E. Whitmer,Christopher Eldon PARAMETRIC STUDIO, INC. IA Project-based STEM Education Tools for Distance Learning and Workforce Development in Rural Communities
1025837 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Thakur, A. Thakur,Aayush CONNECT DYNAMICS, INC. AR Feasibility of Relay Trucking Model to Benefit Rural Workforce
1025836 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Fife, J. Fife,Jane 3BAR BIOLOGICS INC. OH Application of Pseudomonas spp. for biocontrol of plant diseases in hydroponic systems
1025833 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chambers, S. A. Chambers,Sandi A. SOUTHERN ESCAPE VANILLERY LLC FL Domestic Vanilla Cultivation: Agrivoltaics, Propagation, And Breeding
1025827 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cowart, J. S. Cowart,John S. SEACOAST SCIENCE, INC. CA A Novel, Lightweight, Ammonia Vapor Detector
1025822 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Park, C. Park,Chan Ho SOIL CULTURE SOLUTIONS, LLC FL Identification of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus effector interactome by proximity labeling coupled with proteomics in citrus
1025819 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hewitt, S. L. Hewitt,Seanna Louise NUPHY, INC. WA Improved Virus Screening of Horticultural Crops Using a Double-stranded RNA Sequencing-Based Approach
1025818 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Weidenbach, R. P. Weidenbach,Ronald P. HAWAII FISH COMPANY HI Novel Manufactured Aquaponic/Hydroponic Raft Design to Address Food Safety Deficiencies and Plant Growth Opportunities
1025817 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jensen, G. L. Jensen,Glen L EMERY ANIMAL HEALTH UT Improving herd reproductive efficiency utilizing artificial intelligence assisted sperm analysis & support apps
1025815 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Peterson, S. S. Peterson,Stephen S PETERSON, STEPHEN CA Developing Osmia ribifloris as a Commercial Pollinator for Blueberries
1025807 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Varshovi, A. Varshovi,Amir GREENTECHNOLOGIES, L.L.C. FL New Reactive Mineral Layer Coating Technology For The Production of Biobased Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers