Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031613 NEW 3D GRANT LaValley, K. LaValley,Kenneth UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Technology-Enhanced Cooperative Extension Hub (TECHExt)
1031398 NEW 3D GRANT Miller, R. L. Miller,Rhonda L UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT AgrAbility of Utah
1031173 NEW 3D GRANT Fathallah, F. A. Fathallah,Fadi A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA California AgrAbility Project
1031112 NEW 3D GRANT Niewolny, K. L. Niewolny,Kimberly L VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA AgrAbility Virginia
1031003 NEW 3D GRANT Sparks, E. Sparks,Elizabeth UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ FARMacy: A Prescription for a Healthier Community
1030998 NEW 3D GRANT Cox, R. Cox,Ronald OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Oklahoma State University Sustainable Community Project - The United We Can: Positive Youth Development Program
1030995 NEW 3D GRANT Mull, C. Mull,Casey PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN CYFAR Sustainable Communities Project - Juntos
1030969 NEW 3D GRANT Betz, M. R. Cabral,Kelly OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Promoting And Enhancing Positive Youth Development In Rural Ohio Through Evidence-Based School Programs
1030963 NEW 3D GRANT Brandon, D. P. Brandon,Dorothy P. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Parent-Child Financial Literacy in Progress Program
1030941 NEW 3D GRANT Tzenis, J. Tzenis,Joanna UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN Minnesota and North Dakota joint CYFAR Sustainable Community Project: Ka Joog 4-H Leadership Clubs
1030910 NEW 3D GRANT Kim, Y. Kim,YaeBin UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV University of Nevada, Reno Sustainable Community Project: Enriching Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Kids and Families
1029068 NEW 3D GRANT Deringer, N. Deringer,Nancy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Cultivating Our Future, Respecting Our Qlispé Past
1001304 NEW 3D GRANT Alvarado, A. N. Alvarado,Ada N UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Puerto Rico Pepper weevil (Anthonomus eugenii) education program
0223377 NEW 3D GRANT Parrella, M. Parrella,Michael UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA CA Demonstration and Implementation of Integrated Pest Management in the Production of Bedding and Container Color Plants
0213876 NEW 3D GRANT Armel, G. R. Armel, G. R. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Development of a Pocket Guide for the Identification and Control of Invasive Weeds in the Southern Region
0212178 NEW 3D GRANT Xia, Y. Stinner, R. E. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Support for the National IPM Reporting System (Performance Planning and Reporting System - PPRS)
0207753 NEW 3D GRANT Hogan, M. Hogan, M. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH 2006 NACAA AMPIC Sustainable Agriculture Professional Development