Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026319 NEW HATCH Jahn, C. Jahn, C. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Identification of metabolic, morphological, and physiological factors that influence sorghum whole?plant pre-flowering drought
1026318 NEW HATCH Leach, JA. Leach, JA. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Understanding combined biotic and abiotic stress responses in plants
1026317 NEW HATCH Bell, CH. Bell, CH. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Influence of Cannabidiol on Glucose Tolerance and The Gut Microbiota
1026316 NEW HATCH Fenster, CH. Fenster, CH. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Effects of landscape composition and configuration on pollinator diversity and abundance on the Prairie Coteau ecosystem
1026313 NEW HATCH Rafferty, NI. Rafferty, NI. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Investigating the effects of climate change on pollination services
1026310 NEW HATCH Ellis, VI, . Ellis, VI, . UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Biology, Ecology & Management of Emerging Disease Vectors
1026303 NEW HATCH Hu, X. Hu, X. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Understanding the biological aspects for strategically managing important household and structural pests in Alabama
1026298 NEW HATCH Acuff, JE. Acuff, JE. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Control of foodborne pathogens in processed, ready-to-eat, and low-water activity foods and ingredients
1026297 NEW HATCH Frey, SE, D.. Frey, SE, D.. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Root and fungal contributions to soil organic matter formation and stabilization
1026290 NEW HATCH Kominsky, DO. Kominsky, DO. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Inhibition of CD73 as a modulator of Salmonella virulence and potential therapy for Salmonella-induced calf scours
1026289 NEW HATCH Pfeiffer, MO. Pfeiffer, MO. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Increased Efficiency of Sheep Production
1026281 NEW HATCH Gu, ZH, . Gu, ZH, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD New Biorefinery: Value added products from biomass and biotechnology of sustainable agriculture
1026280 NEW HATCH Arsenault, RY. Arsenault, RY. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Genetic Bases for Resistance and Immunity to Avian Diseases
1026279 NEW HATCH Kreye, JE. Kreye, JE. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Evaluating demand for fire as a forest management tool and better understanding the impacts of fire exclusion on fire behavior and forest vegetation
1026278 NEW HATCH Ehrhardt, RI. Ehrhardt, RI. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI “Improving the management of highly productive sheep to optimize lamb production efficiency and minimize its environmental impact”
1026273 NEW HATCH Chen, CH. Chen, CH. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Agronomic Research for Profitability and Conservation in Eastern Montana
1026272 NEW HATCH Snapp, SI. Snapp, SI. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Integration of diversity with tillage for sustainable field crop production on coarse soils
1026271 NEW HATCH Menendez, HE. Menendez, HE. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Management and Environmental Factors Affecting Nitrogen Cycling and Use Efficiency in Forage-Based Livestock Production Systems
1026270 NEW HATCH Nelson, ER. Nelson, ER. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Development of reagents and assays for diagnosis of emerging viral diseases impacting animal agriculture
1026269 NEW HATCH Roberts, RO. Roberts, RO. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Investigating the genes and molecular mechanisms involved in resistance and susceptibility to Wheat streak mosaic virus in wheat
1026265 NEW HATCH Wang, YU. Wang, YU. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Development of a Flavoromics Platform for Monitoring and Improving of Fruit Quality through Pre- and Post- Harvest Interventions
1026261 NEW HATCH Bergholz, TE. Bergholz, TE. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Phenotypic and genotypic assessment of features facilitating persistence of foodborne pathogens in food systems
1026259 NEW HATCH South, PA, F. South, PA, F. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Dynamic photorespiration: Molecular studies for improved understanding of diurnal and seasonal variation in photorespiration metabolism of agronomic and horticultural crops in Louisiana.
1026255 NEW HATCH Allen, JE, S. Allen, JE, S. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Integrating Multi-Level Remote and Intelligent River© Hardware Platform Based Direct Sensing for Understanding Agricultural and Forest Land and Water Relationships in South Carolina River Basins
1026254 NEW HATCH Washington-Allen, RO. Washington-Allen, RO. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Management and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources and Associated Information
1026253 NEW HATCH Meyer, AL, M. Meyer, AL, M. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Optimizing and Characterizing Sustainable Beef Cattle Production in Forage Based Systems on Western Rangelands
1026237 NEW HATCH Devkota, PR. Devkota, PR. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Cover Crops for Sustainable Southern Agroecosystems
1026236 NEW HATCH Zhen, SH, . Zhen, SH, . TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Improving Yield, Quality, and Profitability of Food Crop Production in Greenhouses and Indoor Farms
1026234 NEW HATCH Boyer, CH. Boyer, CH. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Sustainable Practices, Economic Contributions, Consumer Behavior, and Labor Management in the U.S. Environmental Horticulture Industry
1026233 NEW HATCH Vieira-Neto, AC. Vieira-Neto, AC. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows