Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1023211 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Gutensohn, M. Gutensohn,Michael WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Characterization of the terpene-cannabinoid metabolic network and its genetic regulation in industrial hemp
1023113 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT French, E. French,Elizabeth PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Molecular Basis Of Microbiome-Mediated Defense Against Aphid Herbivory In Tomato
1023111 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Belenky, P. Belenky,Peter BROWN UNIVERSITY IN PROVIDENCE IN STATE OF RI AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS RI Mitigating antibiotic-induced microbiome disruption with whole grains
1023089 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT McIntyre, K. E. McIntyre,Kathryn E COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Understanding Cytokinin-Induced Priming of Plant Defense in Brassica napus
1023062 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT O Malley, M. R. O Malley,Megan R OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Investigating the genetic basis of Pseudomonas syringae attachment to host plant surfaces
1023051 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Reza, M. Reza,M. Toufiq FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INC. FL Development and Optimization of Mild Hydrothermal Preprocessing for High Ash Biomass into Pelletized Biorefinery Feedstocks
1023001 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Maurer, J. J. Maurer,John J. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Using a microbiome approach to reducing the resistome in poultry litter amended soils
1022981 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Brown, C. T. Brown,C Titus UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Tools and resources for cattle pagenomics
1022973 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ellestad, L. Ellestad,Laura UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Maximizing metabolic efficiency of commercial broiler chickens in the absence of antibiotics
1022967 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Poland, J. A. Poland,Jesse A. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Unlocking Genetic Diversity of Wheat Wild Relative Aegilops Speltoides.
1022958 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hamilton, C. Hamilton,Corri UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Characterizing the xylem environment during Ralstonia solanacearum infection of susceptible and resistant hosts
1022948 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Leach, A. Leach,Ashley PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Integrating bees into modern IPM: revising pest management approaches in a pollinator-dependent crop
1022939 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zhang, G. Zhang,Guolong OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Epigenetic Regulation of Host Defense Peptide Synthesis
1022921 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Saunders, M. W. Saunders,Marietta Wheaton The Society for In Vitro Biology NC Utilizing plant regeneration and genetic engineering technologies for accelerated breeding in annual and perennial crop species
1022897 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bell, N. Bell,Natasha EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY NC Potential of Woody Substrate-based Bioreactors to Remediate Plant Pathogens in Agricultural Runoff for Onsite Water Reuse
1022893 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Gray, H. L. Gray,Hannah L THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN TX Quantifying Herbivore-Mediated Plant-Pollinator Interactions For Resilient Melon Production
1022888 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bennett, B. J. Bennett,Brian J AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Maternal Diet, Trans-Generational Inheritance Of Microbiota And Metsyn
1022882 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Salfer, I. J. Salfer,Isaac James SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD The Role Of Circadian Rhythms In Modulating Glucose Homeostasis Of Dairy Cows
1022880 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Liang, X. Liang,Xin-Zhong UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Improving Agricultural Water Use and Nutrient Management to Sustain Food and Energy Crops Production in the Corn Belt
1022876 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lee, K. Lee,Kichoon OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Improvement of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in poultry
1022870 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kenney, S. Kenney,Scott OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH PARTNERSHIP: Functional genomics approach in livestock to delineate host factors critical for emerging virus replication
1022864 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Dickson, R. Dickson,Ryan UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Outsmarting food and waterborne pathogens for the safe production of leafy greens in recirculating hydroponic systems
1022860 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bauchspies, W. Bauchspies,Wenda MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Conference: Social Implications of Emerging Technologies in Agriculture
1022853 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Biase, F. Biase,Fernando VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Identification of gene expression profiles in peripheral white blood cells predictive of heifer pregnancy success
1022850 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Moody, E. Moody,Eric MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE VT How will reduced nitrogen loading affect temperate lake ecosystems rich in phosphorus?
1022848 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Coleman, M. D. Coleman,Mark D. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Nutrient leaching potential from western forests growing at maximum productivity along a time series of water reclamation facilities
1022838 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Berning, J. Berning,Joshua COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Food Insecurity Of US Immigrants
1022833 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ward, R. Ward,Ruby UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT American Indian Entrepreneurship for Rural Economic Development
1022832 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lowe-Power, T. Lowe-Power,Tiffany UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA The biological role of bacterial membrane vesicles in adhesion and cell-to-cell signaling for vascular plant pathogens
1022828 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Taxis, T. Taxis,Tasia MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Establishing a comprehensive approach for eradication of BLV: Reducing BLV incidence in young stock while removing super-shedders from the milking herd