Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1003514 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Li, C. Li,Changsheng UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Greenhouse gas emissions from paddy rice soils under alternative irrigation management (GreenRice)
0225741 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Cuomo, C. Cuomo,Christina BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. MA Wheat Leaf Rust Genome Sequencing and Comparative Resources for Rust Fungi
0225723 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ma, L. Li-Jun Ma BROAD INSTITUTE, INC. MA Verticillum Comparative Genomes Understanding Pathogencicity and Diversity
0217069 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Woods, D. C. Woods, D. C. THE MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL MA Scavenger Receptor Mediated Cholesterol Precursor Uptake in Granulosa Cells From the Domestic Hen
0216911 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Dobbs, D. Shuey, A. Iowa State University of Science and Technology IA Symposium on Systems Biology: Integrative, Comparative, and Multi-Scale Modeling
0216747 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Trost, S. G. Trost,Stewart OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Promotion of healthy eating and regular physical activity in 2- to 5-year old children attending family child care homes
0215815 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Butko, P. Paffrath, D. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MD Mechanism of Action of the Insecticidal Toxin Cyt1A: Biophysical and Biochemical Approach
0215607 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Porter, M. D. Porter, M. D. University of Utah UT Ultra Sensitive Diagnostic Tests for the early Detection of Johne's Disease.
0215405 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rhoads, D. Rhoads, D. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Retrograde regulation and mitochondrial sHSPs in the heat stress response of plants
0215323 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Nickerson, C. A. Nickerson,Cheryl Anne ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Development of a robust assay for infective noroviruses, for use in food safety diagnostics
0215183 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chambliss, C. K. Chambliss,Kevin BAYLOR UNIV TX Identification and Quantitation of Cellulase and Microbial Inhibitors Resulting from Chemical Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass
0214993 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT MacDonald, J. D. MacDonald, J. D. THE AMERICAN PHYTOPATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY MN National Workshop on Education for the Future of Plant Pathology
0214857 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Spurlock, M. E. Spurlock, M. E. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Fatty acids and inflammation in the adipose tissue of a porcine obesity model
0214795 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Frey, S. D. Serita Frey UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Development and Application of a New Approach for Assessing Microbial Metabolism in Soils
0214644 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Smith, S. M. Smith,Susan M. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology MD 14th Biennial FASEB Summer Research Conferences on Retinoids
0214522 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Moon, R. J. Moon, R. J. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN The 2008 International Conference on Nanotechnology For The Forest Products Industry
0214110 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rushton, P. J. Rushton, P. J. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA VA WRKY transcription factors as tools to improve drought responses
0214004 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Mockler, T. C. Mockler,Todd C. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Variation in diurnal transcriptional networks in rice.
0213999 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT vallet, J. L. Vallet,Jeffrey Lee AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CO International Conference on Pig Reproduction
0213803 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Silva, R. F. Silva, R. F. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL 8th International Marek`s Disease Symposium conference grant
0211511 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bartuska, A. M. DeHart, S. M. FOREST SERVICE DC Forest Management in an Era of Globalization
0211485 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Porter, M. D. Porter,Marc D. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Ultra Sensitive Diagnostic Tests for the early Detection of Johne's Disease
0211422 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Barbazuk, W. B. Barbazuk,William Bradley DONALD DANFORTH PLANT SCIENCE CENTER MO Developing an accurate computer program to identify potential genes in tomato genome sequence
0211232 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Schrick, K. Schrick, K. Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences CA The Role of Sterol Biosynthesis and Signaling in Embryogenesis of Flowering Plants
0211186 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Klasing, K. C. Kirk C. Klasing COMPARATIVE NUTRITION SOCIETY MD Biomarkers of Dietary Intake and Diet Contaminants: A Symposium
0210809 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Angenent, L. T. Angenent, L. T. Washington University MO Mixed Community Bioreactors to Convert (ligno) Cellulosic Feedstocks into the Liquid Biofuel Butanol
0210788 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Thacker, E. L. Thacker, E. L. American Association of Veterinary Immunologists IA Particpant stipends for junior scientists to attend the 8th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium
0210715 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rocheford, T. R. Rocheford, T. R. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Maize Genetics Planning Retreat for PostGenome Era
0210626 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rogers, S. W. Haines,John R. U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY OH Fate and transport of pathogenic microorganisms originating from livestock manures applied to agricultural lands.
0210534 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Wisser, R. J. Wisser, R. J. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Combining Selection Mapping and Association Analysis to Identify Genes Responsible for Quantitative Disease Resistance