Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026092 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH SUNYER, OR, . SUNYER, OR, . UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Induction of immune responses in newly found semi-organized lymphoid structures of teleost fish
1026066 NEW HATCH Oh, EU, . Oh, EU, . PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Development of microbial platform capable of fermenting non-conventional substrates for high yield production of value-added chemicals from agricultural and forestry residues
1026046 NEW HATCH Hopkins, SK, . Hopkins, SK, . NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Predicting and detecting density threshold tipping points in disease systems
1026027 NEW HATCH Greenham, KA, . Greenham, KA, . UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Investigating the role of nectar glucosinolates in pollinator attraction in Brassica crops
1026015 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Mohamed, AB, . Mohamed, AB, . TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Characterization of wild Aeromonas hydrophila in Alabama natural water resourses
1026003 NEW HATCH Mateescu, RA, . Mateescu, RA, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Genetics of thermotolerance in beef cattle
1025989 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS Abrams, JE, . Abrams, JE, . UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Policy and Governance Innovations for Integrating Production, Conservation, and Restoration in Mixed-ownership Landscapes
1025975 NEW HATCH Belarmino, EM, . Belarmino, EM, . UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Understanding factors associated with plant-based diets among rural Americans
1025971 NEW HATCH Duff, GL, . Duff, GL, . NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Management Factors to Improve Health and Performance of Beef Calves
1025969 NEW HATCH White, CH, M. White, CH, M. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Improving the Resilience and Ecosystem Service Provisioning of Northeastern US Cropping Systems
1025966 NEW MCINTIRE-STENNIS O`Halloran, TH, . O`Halloran, TH, . CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Longleaf Pine Restoration, Forest Disturbance Recovery, and the Value of Land Conservation in South Carolina
1025965 NEW HATCH Alberini, AN, . Alberini, AN, . UNIV OF MARYLAND MD The Effect of Energy Efficiency and Energy Input Price on Energy Consumption
1025963 NEW HATCH Colla'Kova', E. Colla'Kova', E. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Exploring plant primary and specialized metabolism for metabolic engineering applications
1025957 NEW HATCH Castell-Perez, M, EL. Castell-Perez, M, EL. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Evaluation of Food, Agricultural and Biological Materials for Improved Characterization and Value-Added Utilization
1025956 NEW HATCH Ravelombola, WA, . Ravelombola, WA, . TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Improving Agronomics and Nutritional Values in Legumes (Cowpea, Guar, and lentils) and Organic Barley through Traditional and modern Breeding Approach
1025955 NEW HATCH Stannard, CA, . Stannard, CA, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Improving Safety and Health of Wildland Firefighters Through Personal Protective Clothing (formerly WDC39)
1025949 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Leong, ST, . Leong, ST, . FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL FAMU Livestock and Crop Improvement Program
1025939 NEW HATCH Okello, EM, . Okello, EM, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance in Cow-calf Operations on California Pasture
1025938 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Whittinghill, LE, JA. Whittinghill, LE, JA. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Diversification in Urban Agriculture: Unconventional growing systems and high-value crops.
1025937 NEW HATCH Ricke, ST, . Ricke, ST, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Foodborne Pathogen and Nonpathogen Microbial Ecology in Meat Animal Production
1025928 NEW HATCH Paisley, ST, . Paisley, ST, . UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Sustainable Integrated Crop and Livestock Systems for Southeastern Wyoming
1025927 NEW HATCH Gang, DA, R. Gang, DA, R. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Industrial Hemp Production, Processing, and Marketing in the U.S.
1025922 NEW HATCH Lu, YU, . Lu, YU, . MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Engineering for food safety and quality
1025921 NEW HATCH Van Sandt, AN, T.. Van Sandt, AN, T.. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Social, Economic and Environmental Causes and Consequences of Demographic Change in Rural America
1025918 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bartell, P. A. Bartell,Paul Allen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Photoperiodic Regulation of Reproduction in the Turkey Hen
1025916 NEW HATCH Keeler, CA, L. Keeler, CA, L. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Control of Endemic, Emerging and Re-emerging Poultry Respiratory Diseases in the United States
1025914 NEW HATCH Simon, JA, E.. Simon, JA, E.. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ New Crops, Natural Products and Agricultural Food Ecosystems
1025912 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Higgins, L. Higgins,Lorie UNIV OF IDAHO ID Building and Sustaining Community Connections During and After Disasters: Rapid Response & Recovery Community Assessment Programs
1025909 NEW HATCH Li, XU, . Li, XU, . NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Germplasm Improvement and Genetic Dissection for Grain Yield and Protein Content in Durum Wheat
1025908 NEW HATCH Coussens, PA, . Coussens, PA, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Th17 Immune Responses in Immunopathology of Johnes Disease