Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0193118 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Tedders, W. L. Tedders, W. L. H&T ALTERNATIVE CONTROLS, LLC GA Application of Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Infected Hosts: A Novel Approach to Biocontrol
0196180 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maget, H. Maget, H. M & R Consulting Services dba Med-e-Cell CA Dispenser for the Zero-Order Controlled Release of Pheromone Blends
0196182 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Colgan, R. Colgan, R. TNC2 INDUSTRIES, INC. ID Small Crawler Tractor for Wildfire Management and Control
0196183 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Stagg, S. W. Stagg, S. W. Thorpe Seeop Corporation AZ Skywatch Firefighting Integrated Communication System
0196184 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Nagle, D. C. Nagle, D. C. Custom Materials, Inc. MD Wood Based Advanced Ceramics Materials
0196191 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Thirugnanam, M. Thirugnanam, M. Pharmagrow, Inc. PA Novel Systemic Nematicides With Potential Insecticidal Properties
0196192 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Manker, D. C. Manker, D. C. AGRAQUEST, INC. CA A Volatile Antibiotic Producing Fungus for Control of Soil-Borne and Postharvest Diseases
0196193 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Moehs, C. Moehs, C. ANAWAH, INC. WA Developing Novel Rice Cultivars With Improved Processing
0196213 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mellon, R. Mellon, R. Phelan Natural Chemicals Co. OH Developing a Natural Nontoxic Replacement for Organophosphate Insecticides in California Nut Crops
0196216 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Laird, R. Laird, R. PRT MARKETING LLC TX Developing Optimum Design Factors and Operational Speeds for the Powered Roll Cotton Gin Stand
0196217 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Tempelman, L. A. Tempelman, L. A. GINER, INC. MA Low-Cost Electrochemical Ethylene Sensor for Agricultural Applications
0196221 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Poche`, R. M. Poche`, R. M. GENESIS LABORATORIES, INC. CO A Novel Rodent Bait to Reduce Lyme Disease Risk
0196222 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cassidy, B. G. Cassidy, B. G. DNA Solutions, Inc. OK Allelic Ladders for Standardization of STR Genotyping of White-Tailed Deer
0196224 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hooper, J. E. Hooper, J. E. PIMA RESEARCH COMPANY AZ The Use of Sulfur for the Control of Varroa
0196292 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Suazo, I. Suazo, I. FASTDITCH, INC. NM Materials Characterization & Manufacturing Development of an Irrigation Ditch Liner System
0196293 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lukasik, J. Lukasik, J. Biological Consulting Services of North Florida, Inc. FL Characterization of Host Specific Molecular Markers in Enterococcus spp. for use in Identifying Sources of Fecal Pollution in Environmental
0196297 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ou, B. Ou, B. Medical Products Mfg, LLC dba Brunswick Lab MA Development of High Through-Put Total Antioxidant Assays for Dietary Antioxidants
0196301 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Applewhite, L. Applewhite, L. APPLIED FOOD TECHNOLOGIES LLC FL Species Identification of Catfish by a Discriminating PCR-Based Diagnostic
0196305 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Clarke, J. M. Clarke, J. M. Nomadics, Inc. OK Polymeric Amplification for Rapid L. Monocytogenes Detection
0196306 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kerr, E. Kerr, E. U.S. Chicory, Inc. NE Extraction of Inulin From Dried Chicory Root
0196308 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Feze, N. Feze, N. ALKAR-RAPIDPAK, INC. WI Integrated System for Surface Pasteurization of Food
0196310 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Nyberg, H. Nyberg, H. New Mountain Innovations CT Helicopter Borne Acoustic Larvicide Mosquito Control for Flooded Agricultural Croplands
0196343 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Schillinger, J. Schillinger, J. HEARTLAND FIELDS, LLC IA Designing a Natural Soy Processing System that Delivers Nutritious Texturized Soy Protein
0196344 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Durfey, T. Durfey, T. EMERALD RANCHES WA Biodiesel Production from Oil Seed Crops Fertilized with Municipal Residuals
0196382 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chapas, R. B. Chapas, R. B. Cara Plastics DE Novel Affordable Composites from Renewable Resources
0196389 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Clouthier, S. Clouthier, S. MAINE BIOTEK, INC. ME Recombinant ISA Virus Vaccine
0196390 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Anderson, E. D. Anderson, E. D. MAINE BIOTEK, INC. ME Preparation of an IHN Virus Whole Killed Vaccine: Retention of Neutralizing Epitope Integrity of the IHN Virus Glycoprotein During Viral...
0196391 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sims, N. A. Sims, N. A. BLACK PEARLS, INC. HI Controlling Pearl Color: Pigment Inhibitors, Promoters and Delivery Systems
0196395 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Parsons, J. Parsons, J. TROUTLODGE, INC. WA Genetic Basis of Growth Improvement in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) Using Plant-Based Diets
0196398 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Lee, E. Lee, E. SUMMIT SEED, INC. IL Low Cost of Processing of Cotton Gin Byproducts for Use as High Value Establishment Mulches for Ornamentals and Grass Seed