Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0210221 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Wells, K. L. Wells, K. L. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Community Youth Connections
0231174 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Field, W. Field,William PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN National AgrAbility Project
0223570 TERMINATED 3D GRANT VanKirk, J. R. VanKirk, J. R. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Management of the Southern RIPM Grants Process FY2011
0221384 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Mastergeorge, A. Mastergeorge,Ann UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ CYFAR Sustainability Community Project: Strengthening Families
0218071 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Woods, B. A. Woods,Barbara Ann IOWA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION IA Children, Youth and Families At-Risk Liaison
1013806 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Prather, T. G. Dugger,Patrick UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Tennessee AgrAbility Project
1002503 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Jacobsen, B. J. Jacobsen,Barry James MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Implementing an IPM Program for Montana
0222636 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Schlub, R. L. Robert Schlub UNIVERSITY OF GUAM COOPERATIVE EXTENSION GU Guam IPM Coordinator w/ Emphasis Area in High Value Crops, Pest Diagnostics, & Partnerships in wide area Pest Monitoring & Reporting Systems
0218458 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Goodell, P. B. Goodell, P. B. UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA CA FY2009 EIPM-CS Coordination Project, CA (UC): IPM for California`s Communities and Agriculture
0217817 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Knight, J. E. Brence,Larry MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE MT Fort Belknap Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program
1006877 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Sanders, L. Dahl-Smith,Sarah UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Healthy Youth Leading the Way in the Virgin Islands
1001140 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Ahmad, A. AHMAD,ASHFAQ UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA IPM in Southeastern Agroecosystems
0229706 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Shirmohammadi, A. Shirmohammadi,Adel UNIV OF MARYLAND MD SARE Outreach 2012
0218251 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Dogan,S,J Dogan,Shannon Jean UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA CA University of California 4-H Sustainable Community Project
0214098 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Schnabel, G. Schnabel, G. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SC Implementation of a Regional Fungicide Resistance Monitoring & Brown Rot Disease Management Program to Sustain Peach Production in the South
0206720 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Remington, M. L. Remington, M. L. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE MT Fort Peck Extension Indian Reservation Program
1003789 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Hamilton, S. F. Turner,Andrew S. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY New York 4-H Youth Community Action Network, Year 3
1000384 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Knight, P. Porter,Wayne MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Extension Program
0226724 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Ratcliffe, S. Ratcliffe,Susan UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS EXTENSION IL FY12 NCR IPM Grants Program Management
0222208 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Whalen, J. Whalen,Joanne M UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE University of Delaware Extension IPM Coordination Proposal
0221588 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Bovitz, L. Bovitz,Laura RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Ninos Fuertes, Communidades Mas Fuertes (Strong Kids, Stronger Communities) Positive Youth Development in Latino Urban Communities
1017149 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Small, M. A. Small,Mark CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Clemson-South Carolina State CYFAR
0210097 TERMINATED 3D GRANT MacNeil, C. A. Caruso, R. A. UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION CA Project PITCH: Partners Investing in Teens' and Children's Health
0228877 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Nelson, B. Nelson,Beth UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development Program (SARE PDP)
0223080 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Allen, C. T. Allen, C. T. TEXAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION TX Texas Extension Integrated Pest Management Program COORDINATION Proposal
0218827 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Shipka, M. P. Shipka, M. P. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK AK Extension IPM Coordination Program
0218010 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Cole, D. L. Cole,Deborah L. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Jersey Roots, Global Reach: 4-H Climate Science Education Program
1011452 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Murphy, D. J. Murphy,Dennis James PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Strengthening the Safety in Agriculture for Youth Program
1001347 TERMINATED 3D GRANT Krushelnycky, P. D. Krushelnycky,Paul D. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Assessment of Secusio extensa for the biological control of fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) in Hawaii