Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1028246 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yang, Y. Yang,Yubin TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX A Digital Rice Selection System that Integrates UAV Imaging, Machine Learning, and Multi-Trait Decision-Making
1000663 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Pascual, D. W. Pascual,David W. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL "Brucellosis Vaccines for Livestock"
1025028 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Ashworth, D. J. Men,Yujie UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA "Dissemination and risk of anthropogenically induced antibiotic resistance in the agricultural environment"
0221012 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Tillman, B. L. Tillman, B. L. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL "Enhancing Resistance to Leaf Spot Diseases in Peanut"
1023634 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chappell, T. Chappell,Thomas TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX "FACT: Big data analytics to harmonize disease and pest management with agricultural logistics"
1002650 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Simon, M. F. Simon,Marion F. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY "Farm Diversification for Strengthening of Small Farms in Kentucky"
1002314 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Colby, S. Colby,Sarah UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN "Get Fruved:" A peer-led, train-the-trainer social marketing intervention to increase fruit and vegetable intake and prevent childhood obesi
1011414 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rubenstein, E. D. Rubenstein,Eric D UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA "TREASURE" SAE: Teacher Rejuvenation for Enhancing Agriscience Students' Utilization of Real-world Experiences
1027512 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Prokopy, L. Prokopy,Linda PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN #DiverseCornBelt: Resilient Intensification through Diversity in Midwestern Agriculture
1029579 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Young, J. A. Young,Jeffery A UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY #Extension Help – KY Extension’s Response to Eastern Kentucky Floods
1019166 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Larson, J. Larson,Julie UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO CO (Seed-)banking on a sustainable future: Rangeland resilience to climate variability through stored response diversity
1028332 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kesheimer, K. A. Kesheimer,Katelyn Ann AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL 10th Annual International IPM Symposium, Implementing IPM Across Disciplines and Borders Conference Grant
0219769 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Wells, S. Wells, S. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN 10th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis Conference Grant
1012230 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Prather, R. S. Prather,Randall S UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO 10th International Conference on Pig Reproduction
1031775 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zmora, N. Zmora,Nilli UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY MD 10th International Symposium on Fish Endocrinology
1003224 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Fulton, R. Fulton,Richard MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI 10th International Symposium on Marek's Disease and Avian Herpesviruses Conference Grant
0220812 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Wolpert, T. Wolpert, T. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR 10th US-Japan Seminar: Genome-Enabled Integration of Research in Plant-Pathogen Systems
1003024 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Wing, R. A. Wing,Rod A UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ 12th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics
1024204 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Caton, J. S. Caton,Joel S NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND 12th International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine
1010301 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Van Deynze, A. Van Deynze,Allen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA 13th Solanaceae Conference, SolGenomics: Advances and Applications
1032005 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Garcia, M. Garcia,Maricarmen UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA 14th International Symposium on Marek`s Disease and Avian Herpesviruses
1031164 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hatten, J. A. Hatten,Jeffery A OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR 14th North American Forest Soils Conference: Managing Forest Soil Systems
1022274 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Horback, K. M. Horback,Kristina Marie UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA 14th North American Regional ISAE
0219008 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Peters, J. W. Peters, J. W. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT 16th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation in Big Sky, Montana, June 14-19, 2009
1019698 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Innes, R. Innes,Roger W. INDIANA UNIVERSITY IN 18 International Congress on Plant-Micobe Interactions Travel Awards
1029800 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Blue-Terry, M. A. Blue-Terry,Misty A. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC 1890 Youth Innovators Empowering Agriculture Across America (YEA)
1032053 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lockett, B. Lockett,Brione TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN 1890`s Multistate Conference
1012145 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Thompson, A. Thompson,Alton NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC 18th Biennial Research Symposium, Association of 1890 Research Directors (ARD)
1028432 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Gavazzi, S. M. Gavazzi,Stephen Michael OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH 1994-1862 Land-Grant Institutional Partnerships Conference 2022
1005264 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Cramer, S. Cramer,Stephen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA 19th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation - Request for Conference Grant Support