Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0178752 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Kairo, MO, . Kairo, MO, T. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD ADMINISTRATION OF RESEARCH SUPPORTED BY SECTION 1445, PL 95-113 FUNDS
1018491 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Joshee, NI, . Joshee, NI, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Agri-Biotechnology to strengthen green economy: Specialty Crops and Product Development
0222421 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Styles, ER. Nelson, MA, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA An Assessment of Nutrition Knowledge and an Elementary School Nutrition Education Program in Selected Rural Black Belt Counties
1013058 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Boateng, JU, A. Boateng, JU. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL An Integrated Study on Solanum Alkaloids in Selected Novelty Potato Cultivars
1023413 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Kang, HY, . Kang, HY, . NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Anti-obesity Effect of the Food Byproduct and its Application
1001168 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Mahapatra, AJ, K. Mahapatra, AJ, K. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Antimicrobial Efficacy of Pulsed UV-light on Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Chevon Surface
0228266 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Sharma, G. Sharma, GO. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Application of advances in genomics and proteomics to the improvement of cotton
1004754 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Diaz, JA, . Kibet , LE, . ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Southern Mississippi Watersheds.
1001194 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Essamuah-Quansah, JO, . Essamuah-Quansah, JO, . TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Assessment of Global Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Crop Productivity and Adaptations by Limited Resource Farmers and Land Owners in the Black Belt Region of Alabama.
1008999 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Okafor, FL, . Okafor, FL, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Bacterial Community Structure and Biochemical Transformation of Phosphorus in poultry litter biochar-amended highly weathered soil
1007362 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Corley, M. Corley, M. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Bio-Active Forages and Internal Parasite Control: Impact on Small Ruminants 2.
0224973 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Williams, A. Williams, A. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Biodiesel Feedstock Determination Using an Electronic Nose and Neural Networks
1006280 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Cebert, ER, . Cebert, ER, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Circles of Sustainability: Integration of Food and Renewable Energy
1002288 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Davis, DE, . Davis, DE, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Coupled Heat And Water Transfer In Biochar Amended Soils
1009701 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Singh, MA, . Singh, MA, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Cryopreservation, nuclear transfer, and in vitro embryo production in livestock
1014382 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Young, AL, . Young, AL, . KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Determinants of Effective Marketing of Hemp-Based Apparel and Home Furnishings In Kentucky
1015460 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Allen, AR, L. Allen, AR, L.. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Developing a Cost Effective Activated Gypsum Amendment that Reduces Ammonia Emission from Poultry Litter Bedding
1014433 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Gyawali, BU, RA. Gyawali, BU, RA. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Developing Decision Support Systems (DSS) for Agroecosystems Management and Sustainability
1006096 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Hankoua, BE, BA. Hankoua, BE, BA. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Developing Novel Bio-energy Grasses with Improved Bio-Processing Characteristics through Biotechnology
1011505 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Dhir, SA, KU. Dhir, SA, KU. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Developing Transgenic Alfalfa Plants for Edible Vaccine Production
0229866 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Shahbazi, A. Shahbazi, AB. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Development Of An Integrated Green Biorefinery For Green Biomass Utilization
1016197 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Volkis, VI, . Volkis, VI, V. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Development of Aronia Mitchurinii as a specialty crop alternative for the Delmarva Region.
1011668 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Sripathi, VE, . Sripathi, VE, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Development of Epigentic Reources for Reniform Nematode Tolerant and Susceptible Genotypes of Cotton
1015093 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Ekanem, EN, . Ekanem, EN, P. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Economic Impacts of Tennessee’s Local Food Markets
1008963 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Liu, XU, . Liu, XU, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Effective Risk Management Strategies for Small-Scale Farms
1002308 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Anasuri, SA, . Anasuri, SA, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Effects of Mass Media on Overweight and Obesity Among Young Adults
1011635 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Yuan, QU, . Yuan, QU, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Effects of tillage and residue managements on soil microbial community, carbon dioxide effluxes and soil physical properties in a biofuel sorghum feedstock
0229649 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Joshee, NI, . Biswas, BI, K. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Employing Green Technology and Best Management Practices to Mitigate Peach Tree Short Life (PTSL) for Sustainable Peach Production in Georgia
1003335 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Park, JE, . Park, JE, . UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing Performance Evaluation of Split-Pond Systems