Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196402 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Prokop, A. Prokop, A. Rhizoma Corporation AL Foam Fractionation of the Sweet Potato into High-Value Products
1024024 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT cox, P. cox,paul MAGIC MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, LLC AL COVID-19 Rapid Response: TELE Case Assessment Response Engine ICU (TELECARE-ICU)
0196433 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Whitbeck, G. L. Whitbeck, G. L. Soy Pectin, Inc. AR Soy Pectin, Nutraceutical and Food Additive of the Future
0200853 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Whitbeck, G. L. Gordon L. Whitbeck A&A Laboratories, Inc. AR Soy Pectin, Nutraceutical and Food Additive of the Future
0210081 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Baxter, J. Baxter,Jeff BAXTER LAND COMPANY, INC. AR Improving Hybrid Catfish Production Efficiency Through Early Out of Season Broodstock Conditioning
0210235 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Radin, D. N. David Radin BIOSTRATEGIES, LLC AR Plant-based BioProduction of Chicken IL-12 Adjuvant for Bird Flu Vaccines
0217777 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Baxter, J. J. Baxter,Jeff BAXTER LAND COMPANY, INC. AR Commercial-Scale Implementation of Blue-Catfish Germplasm for Hybrid Production
1023974 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dozier, D. Dozier,Danielle GSS GROUP 'A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY' AR Optimizing the CWDT Complete System to Increase Production Capacity of Small to Mid-Size Hydroponic Farmers By Utilizing Greenhouse "Dead-Space"
1025837 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Thakur, A. Thakur,Aayush CONNECT DYNAMICS, INC. AR Feasibility of Relay Trucking Model to Benefit Rural Workforce
0196183 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Stagg, S. W. Stagg, S. W. Thorpe Seeop Corporation AZ Skywatch Firefighting Integrated Communication System
0196224 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hooper, J. E. Hooper, J. E. PIMA RESEARCH COMPANY AZ The Use of Sulfur for the Control of Varroa
1010918 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT McCallum, C. M. McCallum,Claire Margaret ARCADIA BIOSCIENCES, INC AZ Increasing Wheat Yield by Enhancing Plant Architecture
1019550 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Fox, W. S. Fox,Wanda S TEACH SHARP LLC AZ Using Renewable Energy to Make Tilapia Production Financially Viable for Small Farms
1020522 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ehsani, M. Ehsani,Mohammad QUAKEWRAP, INC. AZ InfinitPipeĀ®: On-Site Manufactured Joint-Less Pipe
1025893 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ryng, H. Ryng,Henry INXSOL LLC AZ PracticeCom Training for Rural Communities` Emergency Workers
1026052 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Field III, R. L. Field III,Richard Lee NANOFLEX POWER CORPORATION AZ Organic Photovoltaic Powered, Wireless Sensor And Automation System For Indoor Agriculture
0196180 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maget, H. Maget, H. M & R Consulting Services dba Med-e-Cell CA Dispenser for the Zero-Order Controlled Release of Pheromone Blends
0196192 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Manker, D. C. Manker, D. C. AGRAQUEST, INC. CA A Volatile Antibiotic Producing Fungus for Control of Soil-Borne and Postharvest Diseases
0196544 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Klimpel, K. Klimpel, K. Aqua Bounty Farms, Inc. CA Reproductive Confinement of Channel Catfish with Transgenic Sterilization
0196944 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mather, C. M. Etches, R. J. ORIGEN THERAPEUTICS CA Production of High-Grade Germline Chimeras for Genetic Manipulation of Chickens
0199506 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chen, S. Shawn Chen Ibis Therapeutics CA A New Technology for the Rapid Detection and Quantification of Microorganisms in Food
0199684 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Fidric, B. G. Steve Sanders Picarro, Inc. CA Ultrasensitive Ethylene Sensors for Horticultural Product Protection
0199750 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Yeager, N. G. Yeager, N. G. Artifex Equipment, Inc. CA A New Method for Drying Wet Books Using Super Absorbent Polymers as Desiccant
0200578 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Patel, C. K. Patel, C. K. PRANALYTICA, INC. CA Laser-Based Sensors for Monitoring Livestock Ammonia Emissions
0200777 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Manker, D. C. Denise C. Manker AGRAQUEST, INC. CA Development of a Volatile Antibiotic Producing Fungus for Control of Soil-borne and Postharvest Diseases
0203021 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Maget, H. J. Maget, H. J. MED-E-CELL CA Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Gererator for Mosquito Surveillance
0203071 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Eldridge, G. R. Eldridge, G. R. Sequoia Sciences, Inc. CA Novel Nematicides Exist as Minor Components in Plants
0206472 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT O'Brien, F. J. O'Brien, F. J. SYSTEM SCIENCE APPLICATIONS CA An Analysis System for Operations and Environmental Impact of Offshore Tuna Farms
0206566 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kung, I. Olivia Huang INTELLIGENT OPTICAL SYSTEMS, INC. CA Synthetic Influenza Detection with Real-Time Results and Extended Shelf-Life
0210099 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Benedict, L. Benedict, L. EERGC CORPORATION CA Use of Cow Manure in Cement Kilns