Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1007798 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Abasht, B. Abasht,Behnam UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Genome Wide Identification and Functional Validation of Genes causing Susceptibility to Wooden Breast in Commercial Broiler Chickens
0215428 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abdollahi, K. Abdollahi, K. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Enhancing the Teaching Capacity of Urban Forestry Program at Southern University and A&M College
0217807 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Abdullah, M. Abdullah, M. INSECTIGEN, INC. GA Development of BtBooster Synergist for Beetle-Active Bt
0210167 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Abell, E. Abell, E. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Begin Education Early and Healthy: Strengthening Rural Alabama Families
1011047 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abney, M. R. Abney,Mark R UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Development of Risk Assessment and Monitoring Tools for Peanut Burrower Bug in Southeastern US Peanut Production Systems
0196592 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abrahamsen, M. Abrahamsen, M. UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN Research Training of Veterinary Students in Microbial and Animal Health Genomics
0225922 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Abreo, C. Abreo,Christina Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana, Inc LA The Farmer Incubator Program as a component of the Community Food Security System for Latino Families in Orleans Parish
0193747 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Acheson, D. W. Acheson, D. W. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MD The National Pediatric Diarrhea Surveillance Study
0204367 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adams, B. J. Byron Adams BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY UT Molecular Phylogeny of the Tylenchomorpha: Establishing an Evolutionary Framework for the Study of Plant Parasitic Nematodes
0201411 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adams, B. L. Adams, B. L. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship: A Program to Develop Agribusiness Entrepreneurs
1013519 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adams, C. Adams,Curtis TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Introducing organic to producers of grain-only and pasture-grain wheat cropping systems of northern Texas.
1012105 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adams, D. Adams,Damian UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Ecosystem service tradeoffs, landowner incentives, and optimal policy design to promote sustainable Longleaf Pine agroecosystems
1017156 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adhikari, A. Adhikari,Achyut LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Develop hands-on training to evaluate and reduce microbial food safety risk associated with agriculture water
1019670 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adkins, K. A. Adkins,Kevin A. EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY INC FL FACT: Fusing Satellite and Drone Data with GIS to Create New Analytical Decision Support Tools for Varying Farm Types
1012092 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Adler, L. S. Adler,Lynn S UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Sunflowers as treatment and preventative for bumble and honey bee pathogens
1008830 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Aga, D. Aga,Dan AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Developing Distance Education in Food & Agriculture Related Sciences at the American Samoa Community College
1016585 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Agarwal, S. Agarwal,Sandip VURONYX TECHNOLOGIES LLC MA Biobased BPA-Free Epoxy Coatings for Food and Beverage Applications
1012001 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Aguilar, F. Knapp,Benjamin UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Socio-economic and Environmental Implications of Growth in Woody Biomass use for Biopower
1013886 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahmad, A. Sial,Ashfaq Ahmad UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Implementation of Systems-based IPM Programs in Georgia Agroecosystems
1016454 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahmad, A. Sial,Ashfaq Ahmad UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Furthering the development and implementation of systems-based organic management strategies for spotted wing drosophila
0212030 EXTENDED EVANS-ALLEN Ahmed, M. Phillips, R. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Investigations on DNA Damage in Diabetes Involving Glycoxidation Reactions
1015018 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahmed, S. Ahmed,Selena MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Advancing an Inclusive Food Systems Curriculum based on a Signature Pedagogy
1016884 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahmedna, M. Ahmedna,Mohamed NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Enhancement of Teaching, Research and Extension Facilities at North Carolina A&T State University
1022770 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ahrens, T. Ahrens,Toby NORTHERN SPENT GRAINS LLC ME Puffed Spent Grains: Low-Calorie, High-Protein Snacks from Brewers' Spent Grains
1012071 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ahuja, S. Dweik,Majed LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Increased Body Mass Index Resulting in Decreased Oral Fat Sensitivity: Implications on Biomarkers of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (Insulin, Glucose, Leptin, and CD36)
1015000 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Akdeniz, N. Akdeniz,Neslihan UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Biosecure animal mortality composting for reducing release risk of pathogens and ARGs
1014022 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Akers, C. R. Akers,Christopher Ryan MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS National Youth Preparedness Initiative: Preparing Teens; Preparing Comunities - Phase 2
1017055 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Akers, C. R. Akers,Christopher Ryan MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS National Youth Preparedness Initiative: Preparing Teens: Preparing Communities - Phase 3 Expansion
1007788 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Akers, R. M. Akers,Robert M VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Impact of Pre-Weaning Nutrition on Endocrine Induction of Mammary Development in Dairy Heifers
0229989 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Akey, B. Dubovi,Edward CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY National Animal Health Laboratory Network: NY