Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029611 NEW OTHER GRANTS Burns, J. Burns,Jeremy 'AINA HO'OKUPU O KILAUEA HI Kauai Local Food Systems Supporting Vulnerable Populations
1028696 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nelson, S. Nelson,Sarah 18 REASONS CA Nourishing Pregnancy Project
0197604 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ladanye, J. Ladanye, J. Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Implementing and Assessing the Environmental Technology Curriculum at Fort Belknap College
0201117 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ladanye, J. Ladanye, J. Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Improving Student Persistence in Natural Resources
1028935 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kinsey, D. Kinsey,Dan Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Improving Access, Learning and Achievement in Aaniiih Nakoda Ecology
1029377 NEW OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Morales,Manuel Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program-Capacity Grant
1026604 NEW OTHER GRANTS Buser, Z. Buser,Zena ADAMS STATE UNIVERSITY CO HSI Education Program: Experiential Education in Agriculture and Food Studies at Adams State University
1024392 NEW OTHER GRANTS Summers, K. Summers,Kaely ADELANTE MUJERES OR Nourish the Community: Connecting Communities of Color to Healthy Eating
1029909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cremer, J. T. Cremer,Jay Theodore ADELPHI TECHNOLOGY INC CA Automated Air Monitoring, Disinfection and Purification System for Small and Mid-Size Poultry Processing Facilities
1029921 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hansen, B. Hansen,Brian AEROPHASE INC CO Bio-Aerosol Protection for Worker Safety and Food Safety in Meat and Poultry Processing
1023725 NEW OTHER GRANTS Montgomery-Rodgers, L. Montgomery-Rodgers,Lincoln AGRARIAN VETERINARY SERVICES, LLC VA Enhancing Food Animal Veterinary Services in VA-204
0188614 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tipping, P. W. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE FL Biological Control of Salvinia molesta and S. minima in the Southeastern United States
0216041 NEW OTHER GRANTS Finkenstadt, V. F. Finkenstadt,Victoria AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Agricultural polymers for corrosion inhibition
0219706 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gray, S. M. Gray,Stewart M Agricultural Research Service PA Development of comprehensive strategies to manage Potato Virus Y in potato and eradicate the tuber necrotic variants.
1020108 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dowd, P. Dowd,Patrick AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Potential for genes targeted toward plant pathogen control to interfere with natural and applied pathogens affecting insect pests
1023539 NEW OTHER GRANTS Scott, P. Scott,Paul AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Breeding corn to enable organic seed production
1023902 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sattler, S. Sattler,Scott AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE SD Biological barriers to prevent gene flow in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) for bioenergy and forage uses
1026624 NEW OTHER GRANTS Simon, P. Simon,Philipp AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Carrot Improvement for Organic Agriculture: Leveraging On-Farm and Below Ground Networks
1027493 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ranger, C. M. Ranger,Christopher M. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Ecology and Integrated Management of Ambrosia Beetles in Eastern US Orchard and Ornamental Tree Crops
1027536 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wu, V. C. Wu,Vivian C.H. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Prevention of Pathogen Contamination in Agriculture Water in the Lettuce Production Continuum
1029058 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mirsky, S. B. Mirsky,Steven B Agricultural Research Service PA Building resilient organic weed management systems with precision smart sprayer technologies
1029239 NEW OTHER GRANTS Simon, P. Simon,Philipp AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Applying advanced phenotypic and genomic tools to improve flavor, nutrition, and production traits in carrot
1029336 NEW OTHER GRANTS Heck, M. Heck,Michelle Agricultural Research Service PA SP: Molecular strategies to block psyllid transmission of the HLB pathogen
1027230 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fortenberry, G. Fortenberry,Gayle AGRICULTURE & COMMERCE, MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF MS The Mississippi Agriculture Mental Health Assistance Project will expand and strengthen the mental health, physical health and support system for farmers and their families.
1020268 NEW OTHER GRANTS Harkleroad, N. J. Harkleroad,Nathan J. AGRICULTURE & LAND-BASED TRAINING ASSOCIATION (ALBA) CA LIFT OFF+ to Business Readiness
1028714 NEW OTHER GRANTS Harkleroad, N. Harkleroad,Nathan AGRICULTURE & LAND-BASED TRAINING ASSOCIATION (ALBA) CA Latino Immigrant-owned Farms Training in Food Safety (LIFT)
1027209 NEW OTHER GRANTS Shattuck, W. Shattuck,William AGRICULTURE & MARKETS, NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF NY 2021 USDA NIFA FRSAN - Addressing Farm Stress in NY through Multifaceted Methodologies
1027039 NEW OTHER GRANTS Olson, K. Olson,Kelsey AGRICULTURE, KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF KS Kansas Department of Agriculture Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN) - SDA Project
1027735 NEW OTHER GRANTS Atwood, L. Atwood,Leah AGROECOLOGY COMMONS CA Building Beginning Farmer Resilience through Hybrid Participatory Education, Urban-Rural Networks, Mentorship, and Incubation