Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0228274 NEW RREA Sabota, C. M. Sabota, CA, M.. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Expanding Agroforestry, Wildlife and Woodland Crop Educational Resources using a Mobile Learning Lab, Websites, Blogs and Hands-on Training
1011324 NEW RREA Walkingstick, T. Tappe, PH, . ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service RREA Project
1015384 NEW RREA Bunch, CL, . Folck, AL, . Central State University OH Emerald Ash Boere
1011878 NEW RREA Phinney, DE, . Phinney, DE, . CLEMSON UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SC RREA FY 2017-2021 5 Year Plan
1011132 NEW RREA Carroll, JA, . Overlin, AN, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Colorado RREA 2017 - 2021
1011815 NEW RREA Clendaniel, JO, W.. Clendaniel, JO, W. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE The DSU Renewable Resources Extension Act Program
1011379 NEW RREA Richardson, VO, . Richardson, VO, . FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL FAMU’s 2017-2021 RREA Strategic Plan
1011506 NEW RREA Thomas, MA, . Thomas, MA. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Georgia Forestry and Estate Planning Training through Landowner Workshops
1011417 NEW RREA Tanger, SH, . Blazier, MI, AL. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Louisiana State University Natural Resources Extension Program
1011924 NEW RREA Ivan, DA, . Ivan, DA, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Michigan State University Extension RREA 2017-2021 Plan
1011937 NEW RREA Kolb, P, . Kolb, P, . MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Forest Stewardship RRE 2017
1026505 NEW RREA Bardon, RO, E.. Bardon, RO, E.. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC North Carolina RREA Program
1011266 NEW RREA Zeleznik, J. Zeleznik, J. NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Extension programming for sustainable forests and rangeland in North Dakota.
1011212 NEW RREA Elmore, R. Goodman, LA, . OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Prescribed Fire Extension in the Great Plains
1011304 NEW RREA Finley, JA, CR. Houser, CH, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Penn State RREA Program
1021994 NEW RREA Bunch, CL, . Bunch, CL, . PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX RREA Prairie View A&M University
1011442 NEW RREA MacGowan, BR, J. MacGowan, BR, J. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN RREA Program in Indiana
1025622 NEW RREA Grabosky, JA, . Grabosky, JA, . RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Rutgers Forestry Extension Program
1011371 NEW RREA Agbodjan, ED, . Agbodjan, ED, . SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC SC State University 1890 Extension Renewable Resource Act Project
1011748 NEW RREA Abdollahi, KA, K. Abdollahi, KA, K. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Southern University - Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program
1011390 NEW RREA Haile, SO, G. Haile, SO, G. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN TSU five-year RREA project program for the period FY 2017-2021
1011530 NEW RREA Smith, RO, . Smith, RO, . TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Cooperative Extension Program’s Renewable Resources Extension Act Five Year (2017-2021) Plan of Work
1011255 NEW RREA Ricard, R. Ricard, RO. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT University of Connecticut RREA Program
1011724 NEW RREA Friday, J. Friday, JA, B. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Renewable Resources Extension for Hawaii
1011259 NEW RREA Tjaden, R. Hubbard, WI, GA. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Maryland RREA-University of Maryland College Park & University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) 2017-2021
1022782 NEW RREA Zendehdel, KA, . Zendehdel, KA, . UNIV OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DC UDC RREA Urban Forestry Education Project
1011350 NEW RREA Schlutt, FR, . Sparks, JU, T. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Alaska Extension Forestry
1011310 NEW RREA Ruyle, GE, B.. Ruyle, GE, B.. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ University of Arizona RREA Program
1027168 NEW RREA Owens, DA. Owens, DA. UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Extending Integrated Pest Management Knowledge and Practice to Delaware Stakeholders