Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020868 REVISED HATCH da Silva, VA, . da Silva, VA, . UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Parental practices supporting positive eating behaviors during independent eating occasions among early adolescent children
0219429 REVISED HATCH Abawi, GE. Abawi, GE, S.. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Plant-Parasitic Nematode Management as a Component of Sustainable Soil Health Programs in Horticultural and Field Crop Production Systems
1005838 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Abdelrahim, GA, . Abdelrahim, GA. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Evaluating the Potential for Small Ruminant Production in Silvopasture and Open Pasture Grazing Systems in North Alabama
1014444 REVISED HATCH Acimovic, SR, . Acimovic, SR, . N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Biological Control in Pest Management Systems of Plants
1018339 REVISED HATCH Adams, AM, . Adams, AM. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Understanding seasonal influences on inflammation and insulin dysregulation using an oral sugar test in horses with endocrine disorders
0084634 REVISED HATCH Aga, D. Aga, D. AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS Multistate Research Coordination, Western Region
0065065 REVISED HATCH Askew, G. R. Agudelo, PA, . CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Multistate Research Coordination, Southern Region
1016266 REVISED HATCH Ahn, SO, . Ahn, SO, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Developing Bead-based Assays for Viable Foodborne Pathogen Detection
1014561 REVISED HATCH Aiken, R, . Aiken, R, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Regulation of Photosynthetic Processes
1016360 REVISED HATCH Akins, MA, . AKINS, MA, S. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Management Systems to Improve the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Enterprises.
1014293 REVISED HATCH Alcaine, SA, DA. Alcaine, SA. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Phage-based Visualization of Listeria Contamination in Dairy Products for Improved Food Safety
1012778 REVISED HATCH Alexander, BR, M.. Alexander, BR, M.. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Reproductive Performance in Domestic Ruminants
1012877 REVISED HATCH Ali, SH, . Ali, SH, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Increasing resilience of small grains against pathogens in South Dakota
1015460 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Allen, AR, L. Allen, AR, L.. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Developing a Cost Effective Activated Gypsum Amendment that Reduces Ammonia Emission from Poultry Litter Bedding
1002424 REVISED HATCH Sciumbato, G. Allen, TO, . MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Strategies for the Management of Foliar and Seedling Diseases and Nematodes of Cotton, Soybeans, Wheat and Corn in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta.
1010726 REVISED HATCH Norton, G. Alwang, JE, R. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Impact Analyses and Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research (NC1034)
1014385 REVISED HATCH Amachawadi, RA, . Amachawadi, RA, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Antimicrobial Resistance
1017353 REVISED HATCH Amengual-Terrasa, JA, . Amengual-Terrasa, JA, . UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Nutrient Bioavailability--Phytonutrients and Beyond
1017705 REVISED HATCH An, LI. An, LI. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Statistical and Computational Methods for Investigating the Role of Microbiome in Agricultural Animals' Health and Disease
1012795 REVISED HATCH Anand, SA. Anand, SA. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Process interventions for enhancing microbial quality, safety, and nutrition of dairy foods.
1002308 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Anasuri, SA, . Anasuri, SA, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Effects of Mass Media on Overweight and Obesity Among Young Adults
1021151 REVISED HATCH Anderson, G, . Anderson, G, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD A novel approach to reducing air contaminate release from swine confinement buildings and an advanced diaphragm design model for buildings
1014443 REVISED HATCH Marcus, CR, . Anderson, K, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Impact of Environmental Chemicals: Bridging the spectrum of environmental toxicity by assessing exposures, distribution, and molecular mechanisms of effects of chemicals
1011282 REVISED RREA Andrei, AD, . Andrei, AD, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Conservation of Biological Diversity on Small Missouri Farms
1023327 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Anele, UC, YO. Anele, UC, Y.. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Multidisciplinary approach to improving gut health and feed efficiency in ruminants
1013187 REVISED HATCH Annor, GE, . Annor, GE, . UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Understanding cereal starch architecture and its relation to functional behavior and impact on human health.
0030151 REVISED HATCH Allen, R. Antin, PA, . UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Multistate Research Coordination, Western Region
0030152 REVISED HATCH Burgess, SH, . Antin, PA, . UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ General Administration of Federal-Grant Fund Research
1017842 REVISED HATCH Ramirez-Ramirez, HU, A. Appuhamy Jayasooriya, RA, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows
1014112 REVISED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Grabosky, JA, . Arbab, NA, . RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Spatially Explicit Forest Ecological Assessment (SEFEA) Decision Support Tool to Aid in Forest Management and Land Use Planning: New Jersey as a Model