Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0188614 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tipping, P. W. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE FL Biological Control of Salvinia molesta and S. minima in the Southeastern United States
1029176 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dellorto-Blackwell, C. Aaberg,Nathan LAND CONNECTION FOUNDATION, THE IL Land Access Solutions for Illinois` Next-Generation Farmers
1028565 NEW OTHER GRANTS Omontese, B. Abdelrahim,Gamal ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Building Capacity in Large Animal Teaching and Research at Alabama A&M University: Performance of Beef Cattle Exposed to Stress
1030436 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abdelrahim, G. Abdelrahim,Gamal Eden ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Experiential Learning in Animal Bio-Health Sciences: Processing, Formulating and Feeding Sustainable Animal Feed
1030936 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abee, M. Abee,Michele BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY INC KY Bellarmine Farm Community Food Project
1030352 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abrahamsen, F. Abrahamsen,Frank TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Adding Value to Weaned Beef Calves Belonging to Small and Limited Resource Producers in the Black Belt of Alabama
1029343 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abuelo Sebio, A. Abuelo Sebio,Angel MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Strengthening Dairy Health Through Multidisciplinary Doctoral Training of Veterinary Scientists
1031032 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abuelo Sebio, A. Abuelo Sebio,Angel MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Recruiting and Retaining the Future Veterinary Agricultural Workforce through an Online Certificate in Bovine Health Management
1030964 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acevedo, F. E. Acevedo,Flor Edith PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Development of action thresholds for managing spotted lanternfly in vineyards
1028841 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acimovic, S. Acimovic,Srdan VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Creating Next-Gen controls for fire blight cankers, blossom and shoot blight with copper, PGR-s, plant activators and anti-biofilm enzymes.
1031507 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acimovic, S. Acimovic,Srdan VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA An all-stage fire blight control: remote sensing, DNA, enzyme and plant activator technologies for cankers, blossom blight and shoot blight
1029123 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acuna-Guzman, S. F. Acuna-Guzman,Salvador F. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO EXTENSION PR Strengthening Puerto Rico’s Scientific Capabilities in Water Erosion and Sediment Transport Research
1031324 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acuna-Guzman, S. F. Acuna-Guzman,Salvador F. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Empowering Future Professionals: A Multidisciplinary Approach toward Agriculture 4.0 Career Readiness in Puerto Rico
1026120 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adams, B. L. Adams,Barbara L SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Agricultural and Entrepreneurial Leadership: An Integrated Model to Enhance the Sustainability of Small Agricultural Producers in South Carolina
1031487 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adams, H. Adams,Heidi LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY LA Women in the Woods – Increasing Female Participation in the Forestry Profession via Mentorship, Community Outreach, and Experiential Learning
1027562 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hunter, J. Adams,Sarah INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. UT IRC SLC Youth, Agriculture, Livestock And Leadership Program For New Americans In Utah (Y’ALL) Project
1030395 NEW OTHER GRANTS Addesso, K. Addesso,Karla TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Identification of pest and disease resistant crapemyrtle cultivars for nursery production
1031965 NEW OTHER GRANTS Addo, K. Addo,Kwaku PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX An Integrated Approach to Advance Education and Research Activities in Climate Smart Agriculture to Support New NRES Degree Programs
1031932 NEW OTHER GRANTS Aderibigbe, A. Aderibigbe,Ayodeji FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Impact Of Diet Type and Production System on Poultry Performance, Gut Health and Welfare
1031153 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adhikari, T. Adhikari,Tika NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Linking Non-Fumigation and Microbiome Innovations for Strawberry Soilborne Disease Management to Sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture.
1031065 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adkins, P. R. Adkins,Pamela R. F. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Business Fundamentals for Veterinary Practice Startup and Ownership in Rural Communities
1028624 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adu-Addai, B. Adu-Addai,Benjamin TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Impact of a combination of polyclonal chicken anti-SpA immunoglobulin Y (IgY), cholecalciferol, and peptide RP on Staphylococcus aureus mastitis using a mouse model
1025227 NEW OTHER GRANTS Aduviri, A. Aduviri,Amas OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR CAMP to CAS Alliance: MSP Preparation for USDA Workforce-ready Careers
1030369 NEW OTHER GRANTS Agarwal, M. -. Agarwal,Meenakshi - FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Capacity in Functional Genomics to Augment Sugar Metabolism for Improving Muscadine Grape Product Characteristics and Sustainability
0200366 NEW OTHER GRANTS Agnew, W. Agnew, W. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND Tribal College Financial Empowerment Initiative
1026561 NEW OTHER GRANTS Agudelo, P. Agudelo,Paula CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Training Under-represented Minority Scholars in Sustainable Management of Plant Diseases
0218017 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ahlschwede, S. Ahlschwede, S. UNITED METHODIST MINISTRIES NE Big Rural Garden Community Food Project
1032497 NEW OTHER GRANTS Akbari, O. Akbari,Omar UNIV OF CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO CA Development of technologies and practices to monitor and minimize the risk of genetic technologies for the control of agricultural pests.
1029080 NEW OTHER GRANTS Akers, C. R. Akers,Christopher Ryan MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS National Youth Preparedness Initiative: Preparing Teens; Preparing Communities - Phase 4 & Final Expansion
1029382 NEW OTHER GRANTS Aksenov, A. Aksenov,Alexander UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT SP: A method for generating an optimally attractive scent for Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) biocontrol