Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026165 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Aboubakr, H. Aboubakr,Hamada FRONTLINE BIOTECHNOLOGIES INC. MN A Sorbent Technology for eDNA Collection and Concentration for Aquaculture Pathogen Detection
0213630 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Akiona, W. K. Akiona, W. K. OMNIGREEN RENEWABLES, LLC HI An Integrated BioGas-Solar Dehydration System: Increasing Sustainability Through Value-Added Agriculture
1025858 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Allnutt, F. T. Allnutt,F C Thomas Thomas NULODE LLC MD Oral vaccine delivery for control of Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV)
0196390 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Anderson, E. D. Anderson, E. D. MAINE BIOTEK, INC. ME Preparation of an IHN Virus Whole Killed Vaccine: Retention of Neutralizing Epitope Integrity of the IHN Virus Glycoprotein During Viral...
0225190 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Anderson, S. K. Anderson,Scott K Acclima, Inc ID Soil profile water content sensing system based on TDR
0206505 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Blanchard, A. N. Andre Blanchard VENTURE INNOVATIONS, INC. (THE VENTURE GROUP) LA The Hermetia System (Commercial Potential of the Black Soldier Fly: A cost Effective and Value Added Solution to Manure Management
0196301 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Applewhite, L. Applewhite, L. APPLIED FOOD TECHNOLOGIES LLC FL Species Identification of Catfish by a Discriminating PCR-Based Diagnostic
0221759 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Applewhite, L. D. Applewhite, L. D. APPLIED FOOD TECHNOLOGIES FL Traceability of Shrimp Utilizing Trace Elemental Analysis
0210179 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Applewhite, L. D. Applewhite, LeeAnn APPLIED FOOD TECHNOLOGIES FL Species Identification of Red Snapper by a Discriminating PCR-Based Diagnostic
1026248 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arhancet, G. Arhancet,Grace NANOSUR LLC FL Development of efficacious ribonucleic acid-based formulations for the control of gypsy moth
0196922 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arney, J. D. Arney, J. D. FOREST BIOMETRICS MT Maintaining and Using the Forest Biometrics Research Database
0206541 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ashraf, A. Ashraf, A. CENTRAL SIGNAL LLC WI An Innovative Cost-Effective Active Warning System for Improved Safety at Rural Railroad Crossings
0210956 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Balog, R. S. Balog, R. S. SMARTSPARK ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. IL Power Supply for Remote Unattended Electrical Loads
0199710 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Batt, C. A. BATT, C. A. Illuminaria NY Development of the NanoDETECT Hand-Held PCR-Based Biosensor
0210081 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Baxter, J. Baxter,Jeff BAXTER LAND COMPANY, INC. AR Improving Hybrid Catfish Production Efficiency Through Early Out of Season Broodstock Conditioning
0217777 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Baxter, J. J. Baxter,Jeff BAXTER LAND COMPANY, INC. AR Commercial-Scale Implementation of Blue-Catfish Germplasm for Hybrid Production
0206433 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Beavers, R. L. Beavers, R. L. SLEEPY HOLLOW FARM GA Goldenseal, Germplasm Improvement through Micropropagation
1025790 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ozturk, G. Bendiks,Zachary CARRISAN TECHNOLOGIES INC. CA Antimicrobial Surface Coating to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Produce by Pathogens on Crop Harvesting and Food Processing Equipment
0210099 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Benedict, L. Benedict, L. EERGC CORPORATION CA Use of Cow Manure in Cement Kilns
1020172 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bickman, S. R. Bickman,Sarah Rachel MBIO DIAGNOSTICS, INC. CO Rapid, Multiplexed Detection of Algal Toxins in Shellfish and Seawater
0206537 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bikson, B. Bikson, B. POROGEN CORPORATION MA Biofuel Production by Continuous Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Ferementation Coupled with Membrane Separation
1022571 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bloomfield, C. Bloomfield,Celia FARM LEATHER LLC CO Short Term Hide Preservation for Small and Medium Sized Meat Processors
0207538 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Talukdar, K. Bohnenberger, G. HARRIS ACOUSTIC PRODUCTS CORPORATION MA Acoustic Cavitation Technology for Drinking Water Treatment in Small Rural Utilities
1023857 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Boyd, K. Boyd,Kimberly HAMPTON ROADS ACADEMY FOR RESEARCH TRAINING AND SERVICES, LLC VA COVID-19 Rapid Response: Utilizing Food Strategies and Obesity Prevention Measures with Under-served Youth
1024569 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bradley, C. Bradley,Clifford MONTANA BIOAGRICULTURE INC. MT Curvularia: Fungal Symbiosis for Drought Protection in Wheat
1023898 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Brockgreitens, J. Brockgreitens,John CLAROS TECHNOLOGIES INC. MN COVID-19 Rapid Response: Antiviral Coating for the Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in Food Manufacturing and Livestock Production
1022606 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Budak, H. Budak,Hikmet MONTANA BIOAGRICULTURE INC. MT Endophytic entomopathogenic fungi for control of wheat stem sawfly and Fusarium head blight
1022851 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Buelow, R. Buelow,Roger JUST GREENS, LLC NY Ratooning for Increased Yield and Reduced Waste
0221806 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Burke, D. A. Burke, D. A. Environmental Energy and Engineering Company WA Ammonia Recovery and Biomethane Production from Concentrated Manure
1020165 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Cai, J. Cai,Jason NOVOREACH TECHNOLOGIES LLC MI Novel Adsorbent Materials for Wastewater Treatment