Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0178752 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Kairo, MO, . Kairo, MO, T. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD ADMINISTRATION OF RESEARCH SUPPORTED BY SECTION 1445, PL 95-113 FUNDS
0222421 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Styles, ER. Nelson, MA, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA An Assessment of Nutrition Knowledge and an Elementary School Nutrition Education Program in Selected Rural Black Belt Counties
0222622 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Ozbay, G. Ozbay, GU. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Monitoring Aquatic Health and Habitat Value of Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Gardening and Restoration through Community Based Oyster Enhancement Efforts
0223919 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Reddy, UM. Reddy, UM. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV LD mapping of fruit traits in combination with transcriptomics of ploidy levels in watermelons to develop high yielding seedless cultivars
0224973 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Williams, A. Williams, A. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Biodiesel Feedstock Determination Using an Electronic Nose and Neural Networks
0228266 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Sharma, G. Sharma, GO. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Application of advances in genomics and proteomics to the improvement of cotton
0229649 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Joshee, NI, . Biswas, BI, K. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Employing Green Technology and Best Management Practices to Mitigate Peach Tree Short Life (PTSL) for Sustainable Peach Production in Georgia
0229866 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Shahbazi, A. Shahbazi, AB. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Development Of An Integrated Green Biorefinery For Green Biomass Utilization
0231385 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Escobar, EN. ESCOBAR, EN, NE. UNIV OF MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE MD Induction & estrus synchronization of sheep & goats during the fall & late spring (seasonal & out-of season) using controlled internal drug release (CIDR) devices on Delmarva.
1000107 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Oh, SA, . Oh, SA, . NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Outdoor Swine Production Management: Relationships Among Stock Selection and Carcass/Meat Quality
1000753 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Joshee, NI, . Joshee, NI, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Molecular Characterization of Wood, Biomass Utilization and Reproductive Biology of Paulownia: A Fast Growing Bioenergy Crop
1000761 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Caples, VI, . Malone, AL, A. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Expanding Facilities Support for Human Capital Development Through Teaching, Research and Extension in the Food and Agricultural Sciences
1001168 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Mahapatra, AJ, K. Mahapatra, AJ, K. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Antimicrobial Efficacy of Pulsed UV-light on Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Chevon Surface
1001194 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Essamuah-Quansah, JO, . Essamuah-Quansah, JO, . TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Assessment of Global Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Crop Productivity and Adaptations by Limited Resource Farmers and Land Owners in the Black Belt Region of Alabama.
1002288 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Davis, DE, . Davis, DE, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Coupled Heat And Water Transfer In Biochar Amended Soils
1002289 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Davis, AR, J. Jackson-Davis, AR. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Investigating the efficacy of natural antimicrobials to inhibit the growth of Salmonella in natural and organic apple cider and apple juice
1002291 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Moss, EL, MO. Moss, EL, MO. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Identification and Enumeration of E. coli and the Impact of Climate Change and Variability to determine the Water Quality in the Flint Creek Watershed (FCW)
1002308 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Anasuri, SA, . Anasuri, SA, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Effects of Mass Media on Overweight and Obesity Among Young Adults
1002852 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Mobini, SY, . Mobini, SY, . FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Evaluation of Emerging Anthelmintics and Non-Chemical Combination Methods for Targeted Selective Treatment of Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Small Ruminants
1002937 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Walker, C, RE. Walker, CA, RE. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Evaluation of Craw-Crab Meal as a Feed Supplement in Organic Pork Production
1003335 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Park, JE, . Park, JE, . UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing Performance Evaluation of Split-Pond Systems
1004057 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Newton, GA, . Newton, GA, . PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Sustainable Goat Production Practices for Texas and the Gulf Coast
1004754 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Diaz, JA, . Kibet , LE, . ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Southern Mississippi Watersheds.
1004777 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Funtikova-White, AL, . Whittaker, WE, LL. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Structural Influences of Economic Conditions in Southwest Mississippi: Challenges of food Insecurity, Changes in Labor Market Conditions and Capacity Building through Education and Training
1005838 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Abdelrahim, GA, . Abdelrahim, GA. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Evaluating the Potential for Small Ruminant Production in Silvopasture and Open Pasture Grazing Systems in North Alabama
1005842 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Herring, JO, . Herring, JO, L.. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Reduction of antimicrobial resistance in poultry product production utilizing probiotics
1006096 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Hankoua, BE, BA. Hankoua, BE, BA. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Developing Novel Bio-energy Grasses with Improved Bio-Processing Characteristics through Biotechnology
1006260 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Overton, AN, . Howell, HE, . ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Food Safety of Aquaponic Products
1006280 REVISED EVANS-ALLEN Cebert, ER, . Cebert, ER. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Circles of Sustainability: Integration of Food and Renewable Energy