Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0200574 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zimmerman, D. D. Zimmerman, D. D. PRAXIS STRATEGY GROUP ND Facilitating Rural-Urban Trade and Technology Flows
0213538 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zimmerman, D. D. Zimmerman, D. D. PRAXIS STRATEGY GROUP ND Heartland Infrastructure Development Bank
0196425 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zimmerman, D. Zimmerman, D. PRAXIS STRATEGY GROUP ND Facilitating Rural-Urban Trade and Technology Flows
0233614 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zhu, J. Zhu,Jinming GrassRoots Biotechnology, Inc. NC Genome- Wide Association Studies of Root System Architecture Governing Agronomic Productivity in Sorghum
0211070 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zhu, P. X. Zhu, P. X. CREATV MICROTECH, INC. MD Sample Preparation Chip for PCR Detection of Waterborne and Foodborne Pathogens
0202980 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zhang, P. Zhang, P. E. United Environment & Energy, LLC NY A New Process for Biodiesel Production Based on Waste Cooking Oils and Heterogeneous Catalysts
0221852 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zanghellini, A. Zanghellini,Alexandre Arzeda Corp. WA Production of Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone (MEK) from Renewable Feedstock
0211012 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT yuan, H. Yuan, H. KONA BAY MARINE RESOURCES, INC. HI Development of a novel, cold-tolerant, disease-resistant line of Pacific white shrimp
1023278 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT You, K. You,Kyusuk Geo-Spider, Inc FL Advancing Over the Top Citrus Harvesting Equipment: On-board Fruit Yield and Quality Monitor
0215678 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Yonemura, R. K. Yonemura,Rodney IQF DREAM, LLC HI Improved Method of Processing Papayas for Food Safety and Quality
0199750 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Yeager, N. G. Yeager, N. G. Artifex Equipment, Inc. CA A New Method for Drying Wet Books Using Super Absorbent Polymers as Desiccant
1022630 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Xiong, X. Xiong,Xiaochao INTEGRATED LIPID BIOFUELS LLC WA SBIR Phase I: Converting Organic Waste to Biopolymer by Synergizing Anaerobic Digestion and Synthetic Biology
0199732 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wyban, J. A. Wyban, J. A. HIGH HEALTH AQUACULTURE, INC. HI Selective Breeding Marine Shrimp for Low Salinity Culture
1000443 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Austin, D. Witkowski, II,Charles AMDX TN Metadata assisted Management of Diabetes in Rural Health Disparity Communities
1022734 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arnold, M. Witchey,Bryan INSULIGHTS.COM, INC. IA Electric fence alarm system for agricultural managers.
1022554 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wiltbank, L. B. Wiltbank,Lisa B SCIENSS BIOTECHNOLOGY LLC WI Production of Recombinant Gonadotropins to Increase Fertility in Beef Cattle
0222782 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Willis, J. E. Willis,Jan E. CRONUS, LLC MD Formulation of Biodegradable Nursery Pots from Poultry Feather Keratin Cronus, LLC
1024675 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Williams, C. Williams,Christopher INTELLISENSE SYSTEMS, INC. CA Fire Weather Observation Sensor (FWOS) System
1022569 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wilkerson, J. Wilkerson,John EDEN CONCEPTS LLC TN A Portable Precision Fluid Planter For Pre-Germinated Vegetable Seeds
0199711 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnson, W. L. White, M. A. Apple Acres Farm, Inc. ME Diversification Toward Cooperative Processing of Innovative Value-Added Apple Product
0196433 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Whitbeck, G. L. Whitbeck, G. L. Soy Pectin, Inc. AR Soy Pectin, Nutraceutical and Food Additive of the Future
0204440 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Heyman, J. Wendy Vogt LUNA INNOVATIONS, INC. VA High Resolution Acoustic Groundwater Flow Monitor
1022817 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wells, D. Wells,Derek EXOPOLYMER, INC. CA Production and Performance Analysis of Next Generation Hydrocolloids for the Healthcare, Personal Care, and Food Markets
1024505 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Weissman, J. Weissman,Jeffrey Precision Combustion, Inc. CT Effective Reduction of Ammonia in Poultry Facilities
1022798 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wegehaupt, H. Wegehaupt,Henry PROVENDER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC SD Automated Livestock Feeding System for Improved Sustainability and Profitability of Small Farms
1012579 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wang, Q. K. Wang,Qingwu 2W ITECH LLC CA Fast field trace detection of herbicides in water
0203120 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Walton, B. Walton, Brian States Pride, LLC SD Cultural Tourism: Marketing of Culturally Authentic Places and Products Along America's Backroads
1007091 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Walsh, M. A. Walsh,Myles Alex E PAINT COMPANY MA Development of Non-toxic, Bio-Based Antifouling Treatments for the Aquaculture Industry
0203052 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wallet, B. C. Wallet, B. C. Automated Decisions, LLC MI Detection And Monitoring Of Imported Fire Ants Using Remotely Sensed Imagery