Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0208067 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Robison, D. J. Robison, D. J. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Integrated Biotechnological and Genetic Systems for Enhanced Forest Productivity and Health
0192862 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Phillips, T. Phillips, T. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Replacement of Organophosphates as Stored Grain Protectants and for Use in Food Processing
0219225 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kelly, J. D. Kelly, J. D. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Improving the Sustainable Production of Specialty Crops
0207288 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lamont, S. J. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Midwest Poultry Research Program
0191882 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kluender, R. A. Kluender, R. A. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Arkansas Forest Resources Center: A Continuing Program, Phase IX
0218681 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Muriana, P. Muriana, P. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Food Safety: Farm to Table
0190857 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Whalon, M. E. Whalon, M. E. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Implementation of an IPM Decision Support System for Plum Curculio in Processed Cherries
0215331 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Fierer, N. Fierer,Noah UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO CO Collaborative Research: How Are Archael Diversity, Abundance, and Function Regulated in Agroecosystems
0223206 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Buss, E. A. Buss, E. A. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Developing, Demonstrating and Disseminating Cultural Control Recommendations for Chinch Bugs
0214664 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Chin, B. A. Chin, B. A. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Detection and Food Safety, AL
0222322 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Altpeter, F. Altpeter, F. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Developing Non-invasive, Genetically Improved Genotypes of the Biofuel and Forage Crop Napiergrass
0187212 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Schuster, D. J. Schuster, D. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Integrated Management of the Pepper Weevil in the Caribbean Basin
0188083 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Landis, D. A. Landis, D. A. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Assessing the Relationships Among Cover Crops, Weed Seed Predators and Weed Communities
0221671 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Heinrichs, A. J. Unger, R. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Identifying Efficient Dairy Heifer Operations in Pennsylvania Using Data Envelopment Analysis
0199489 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Schmidt, F. E. Sawyer, W. R. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Research and Outreach for Local Decision Making Activities in Vermont
0197928 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bezdicek, D. F. Bezdicek, D. F. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA STEEP: Water Quality in the Pacific Northwest
1000882 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Guedot, C. Guedot,Christelle UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Developing and delivering sustainable SWD management solutions for North Central region berry growers
0185207 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kelly, J. D. Kelly, J. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Improving the sustainable production of speciality crops
0188271 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stiegert, K. Stiegert, K. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI The Organization, Regulation and Performance of the U.S. Food System
0196002 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Culver, V. P. Culver, V. P. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS The Delta Project: Socioeconomic Development of the Mississippi Delta
0203537 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Mutschler, M. A. Decker, D. J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Field Testing of Resistant Tomato Lines to Control Late Blight and Early Blight in Conventional and Organic Growing Systems
0202933 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hurburgh, C. R. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Food Chain Economic Analysis - Part III
0201003 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bannister, M. E. Bannister, M. E. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Tree-crop Diversity and Enterprise Development Through Agroforestry: A Participatory Survey and GIS-based Analysis in the Virgin Islands
0208411 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Nkedi-Kizza, P. Nkedi-Kizza, P. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Sorption and Transformation of Pesticides in Carbonatic Soils from Florida and Puerto Rico
0200095 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hopper, G. M. Hopper, G. M. FOREST AND WILDLIFE RES CENTER MS Wood Utilization Research Program 2004
0207692 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ventura, S. Ventura, S. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Geographic Information Systems Project - Consortium for Rural Geospatial Innovations in America
0192292 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Engle, C. R. Engle, C. R. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Evaluating Alternative Strategies for Profit-Making on Arkansas Fish Farms
0207115 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bowser, P. Bowser, P. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Minor Use Animal Drug Program: Northeast Region
0191695 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kaneene, J. B. Kaneene, J. B. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Bovine Tuberculosis: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Pathogenesis