Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0192888 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kemp, J. D. Kemp, J. D. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Alternatives to Pesticides through Biotechnology
0204042 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Maier, D. E. Maier, D. E. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Demonstration Trials of Food Grains Ozonation -- A New Chemical-Free Stored Product Pest Control Technology
0214003 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Taylor, M. J. Taylor, M. J. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Cover Crops, Bio-fumigants, and Forages used in Rotation with Organic Vegetables and Bio-Fuel Crops
0191919 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lumpkin, T. Lumpkin, T. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA International Cooperation for Agricultural Research in Central Asia and the Caucasus
0209530 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Norsworthy, J. K. Norsworthy, J. K. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Use of Brassicaceae Cover Crops and Other Integrated Weed Management Strategies for Control of Nutsedge Species in High-Risk Crops
0219724 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wei, C. Aubry, C. P. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Alternative Uses for Tobacco, 2009
0207918 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kelly, N. M. Takata, M. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Spatial-Temporal Investigation of Establishment and Spread of Sudden Oak Death in Hardwood Forest
0219150 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kott, R. W. Kott, R. W. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Montana Sheep Institute-2009
0195884 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gallandt, E. R. Gallandt, E. R. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Threshold-Based Cover Cropping Strategies for Weed Management
0218627 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Sylvia, D. M. Sylvia,David PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Improving Sustainable Agriculture Through On-Farm Research and Demonstration
0229911 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Soderlund, D. M. Soderlund,David M. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Northeast Region Center for the IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management Program
0195232 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Miller, M. G. MILLER, M. G. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Minor Use Pesticide Research - Western Region IR-4
0215124 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cavalieri, R. P. Cavalieri, R. P. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Grass Seed Crop Systems for Sustainable Ag., ID, OR, WA
0222880 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Golino, D. Golino, D. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, OAKLAND CA 2010 Viticulture Consortium-West
0196036 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Harvey-Berino, J. Harvey-Berino, J. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Special Research Grant for Child Obesity and Nutrition
0222213 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hayes, P. Hayes, P. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Regional Barley Gene Mapping Project
0221617 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Newton, G. R. Newton, G. R. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Biological Role of the H-Type 1 Antigen in Mediating Conceptus-Endometrial Interactions
0201028 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Almeida, R. P. Almeida, R. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Epidemiology of Banana Bunchy Top Disease in Hawaii
0200197 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Otwell, W. S. Otwell,Walter Steven UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Implementing Post Harvest Treatments in Commerce of Florida Oysters
0199645 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cope, W. G. Cope, W. G. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Assessing Pesticides and Other Environmental Hazards in Rural Agricultural Settings
0188874 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Haas, J. D. Decker, D. J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Program Development in Human Nutritional Genomics at Cornell University
0206414 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hein, G. L. Hein, G. L. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Predicting Wheat Curl Mite Movement and Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus Spread
0198313 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Godfrey, R. W. Godfrey, R. W. UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI Performance of lambs sired by Dorper and St. Croix White hair sheep in the tropics
0204371 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Auyong, J. Auyong, J. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR The Molluscan Broodstock Program
0203783 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Flick, G. J. Flick, G. J. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Fish and Shellfish Technologies, 2005
0213817 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Huang, F. Huang, F. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Enhancing Sustainable Use of Transgenic Bt-Corn Through Resistance Management for the Mid-Southern Region of the United States
0203187 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bowser, P. Bowser, P. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Minor Use Animal Drug Program: Northeast Region
0208272 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Paull, R. E. Paull, R. E. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Varietal Variation in Papaya Fruit Softening and Its Inheritance
0207560 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Koenig, R. T. Koenig, R. T. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA STEEP, Water Quality in the Pacific Northwest