Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0195123 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Flocchini, R. G. Flocchini, R. G. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Agricultural Sources of Ozone Precursors
0207038 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lamb, G. C. Hansen, G. R. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Feed Efficiency in Cattle
0192747 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Morris, J. R. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Institute of Food Science and Engineering
0206677 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Jaworski, J. G. Jan Jaworski DONALD DANFORTH PLANT SCIENCE CENTER MO Genetically Enhanced Plants for Micro-Nutrients and Bio-renewable Oils
0214810 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kelly, N. M. Kelly, N. M. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Distributed Participatory Sensing for Early Detection, Monitoring and Management of Sudden Oak Death
0191822 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kennedy, G. G. Kennedy, G. G. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Identification and Mitigation of Overwintering Sources of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Infecting Vegetable Crops
0199818 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hill, C. L. Hill, C. L. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Advanced Spatial Technologies for Agriculture
0204517 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rouse, R. E. Rouse, R. E. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Adaptation of Low-Chill Peaches to Tropical and Subtropical Regions
0214369 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Sweeten, J. M. Sweeten, J. M. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Air Quality: Reducing Emissions from Cattle Feedlots and Dairies (TX and KS)
0198866 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gilreath, J. P. Gilreath, J. P. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Improving efficacy of drip irrigation-applied methyl bromide alternatives in polyethylene mulched crops in sandy soils
0213901 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Dale, B. E. Dale, B. E. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of Biobased Chemicals and Materials from Agricultural Raw Materials
0197164 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bowman, J. G. Bowman, J. G. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Feed Barley for Rangeland Cattle
0221389 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Huhnke,R,L Huhnke,Raymond L. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Biomass-Based Energy Research, OK & MS
0208432 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Brewbaker, J. L. Brewbaker, J. L. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Identification of Disease-resistance QTLs in Maize using CTAHR's 125 Near-isogenic Lines
0195778 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rathge, R. Rathge, R. NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY ND Regional Center for Rural Development in North Dakota-2003 Special Grant
0219567 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Elzo, M. A. Elzo, M. A. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Tropical and subtropical beef production: Genetic and genomic evaluation for feed efficiency
0188332 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bosland, P. W. Bosland, P. W. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Prevention of Soilborne Disease in Irrigated Agriculture
0219015 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hatfield, P. Hatfield, P. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Using Sheep in No-Till Wheat-Pea/Hay Barley-Fallow Rotation to Control Weeds; Comparisons with Minimum Tillage and Complete Tillage Systems
1003427 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Tjeerdema, R. Tjeerdema,Ronald UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Western Region IR-4 Center
0218512 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Chin, B. A. Chin, B. A. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Detection and Food Safety, AL
0227156 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT VanKirk, J. R. VanKirk,James R. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Development and Maintenance of the Expert Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Decision Support System
0190022 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cavalieri, R. P. Cavalieri, R. P. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Grass Seed Cropping Systems for a Sustainable Agriculture
0222628 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Blake, T. Blake,Thomas MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Barley for Rural Development, ID, MT
0222120 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Krupke, C. H. Krupke, C. H. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Developing Management Plans for Glyphosate-Tolerant Bt Corn: Does Volunteer Corn Present Short and Long-Term Risks for Corn Rootworm Managem
0202589 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Freeman, D. Freeman, D. NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Intelligent quality sensor for food safety
0200914 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cavalieri, R. P. Cavalieri, R. P. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Grass Seed Cropping Systems for a Sustainable Agriculture, ID, OR, and WA
0206876 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Holm, D. G. Holm, D. G. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Potato Breeding and Cultivar Development in the Southwest
0192214 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Schmidt, F. E. Donnan, C. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Technology and Data Training and Outreach in Rural Vermont
0205224 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Richard, T. L. Richard, T. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Integrated Strategies for Reducing Gas Emissions from Dairy Farms
0204252 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Otwell, W. S. Otwell,Walter Steven UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Refining the Post Harvest Processes (PHP) for Raw Oysters in Florida