Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0226199 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gao, W. Gao,Wei COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Global Change/USDA Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring and Research Program
0226230 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gugino, B. Gugino,Beth PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Integrated Management of Late Blight in Tomato Using Genetic Resistance and Reduced Risk Fungicides and BLITECAST
0226231 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Porter, G. Porter,Gregory UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Potato Breeding and Variety Development for Improved Quality and Pest Resistance in the Eastern United States
0226320 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kennedy, G. G. Kennedy,George G. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Feeding deterrents as reduced risk tools for managing thrips, thrips-borne tomato spotted wilt virus and whitefly on fruiting vegetables
0226327 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stone, A. Stone,Alexandra G OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Integrating Biological Control of White Mold into Conventional and Organic Vegetable Rotations
0226370 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wang, K. Wang,Koon-Hui UNIV OF HAWAII HI An integrated disease management program for banana industries in the Pacific Islands
0226379 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Teel, P. Teel,Pete TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Alternative IPM Practices for the Detection and Management of Ectoparasite Burdens in Cattle Systems
0226442 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Thompson, A. L. Thompson,Asunta Lee NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Development of multipurpose potato cultivars with enhanced quality, disease and pest resistance - North Central Region, 2011
0226478 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Nyrop, J. P. Nyrop,Jan P. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Habitat and Resource Management to Enhance Biological Control in Greenhouses
0226498 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rao, S. Rao,Sujaya OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Development of integrated approaches for clover crown borer management
0226502 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Perring, T. Perring,Thomas UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Development of an IPM program for the invasive Bagrada bug in southwest desert vegetable production systems
0226641 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Culver, C. Culver,Carolynn UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Minimizing Impacts to Urban, Agricultural and Natural Water Systems: Evaluating Biocontrol Agents for Invasive Eurasian Mussels
0226705 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Louws, F. J. Louws,Frank NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Integrated Management of Colletotrichum and Phytophthora Crown Rot of Strawberry in the Southeast
0226706 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Tjeerdema, R. Tjeerdema,Ronald UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Management of Regional Integrated Pest Management Competitive Grants Program - Western Region
0226720 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ratcliffe, S. Ratcliffe,Susan UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL FY12 NCRIPM Grants Program Management
0227156 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT VanKirk, J. R. VanKirk,James R. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Development and Maintenance of the Expert Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Decision Support System
0227320 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Walker, N. Walker,Nathan OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK The effect of fertilization and low-risk fungicide/herbicide programs on diseases and weeds common in amenity bermudagrass
0229177 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Baron, J. J. Baron,Jerry J RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management Program
0229387 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ojiambo, P. Ojiambo,Peter NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Predicting in-season infection risk of cucurbit downy mildew and validation of a downy mildew forecasting system
0229405 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT LeBoldus, J. LeBoldus,Jared NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Integrated Pest Management of Septoria Canker on Hybrid Poplar Farms in the North Central Region
0229412 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wheeler, T. A. Wheeler,Terry A. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Economic analysis to optimize management decisions for Verticillium wilt of cotton
0229433 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT SRINIVASAN, R. SRINIVASAN,RAJAGOPALBAB UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Integration of peanut genotypes with high levels of field resistance to Tomato spotted wilt virus with other spotted wilt management tactics
0229479 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Casagrande, R. A. Casagrande,Richard A UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Implementing Swallow-wort Biocontrol
0229486 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Jenkins, N. E. Jenkins,Nina Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Towards implementation of a novel fungal biopesticide for IPM of bed bugs
0229563 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Murphy, J. F. Murphy,John Francis AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Integration of inter-row living ground cover and plant growth promoting formulations to reduce losses by insect-borne plant viruses
0229577 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Tjeerdema, R. Tjeerdema,Ronald UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Western Region IR-4 Center
0229602 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Michel, A. P. Michel,Andrew P OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Potential for Insect Resistance Management Strategies in Retaining Soybean Aphid Susceptibility to Host-Plant Resistant Soybean
0229612 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gao, W. Gao,Wei COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Global Change/Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring and Research Program
0229628 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cowles, R. S. Cowles,Richard Steven CONNECTICUT AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION CT Spotted wing drosophila management
0229630 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Norsworthy, J. K. Norsworthy,Jason Keith UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Integrated Strategies for Sustainable Herbicide Resistance Mitigation and Management in Barnyardgrass in Midsouth Rice