Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0198641 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Huber, D. J. Huber, D. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Shelf life extension of intact and fresh cut tropical fruit with 1- methylcyclopropene
0203815 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gomes, W. R. Webster, R. K. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CA Pierce's Disease, CA (2005)
0213831 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Dabson, B. Dabson, B. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Rural Policies Institute, NE, IA, MO
0196931 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kerley, M. Kerley, M. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Beef Technology Transfer
0208310 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT McNeel, J. F. McNeel, J. F. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Improved Quality and Utilization of Upland Hardwoods in the Appalachian Region
0195673 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Jones, C. A. Jones, C. A. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation in the Rio Grande Basin
0219459 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Duncan, L. Duncan,Larry UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL IPM Strategies for High Density, Intensively Managed Citrus Orchards.
0188261 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Burke, M. J. Burke, M. J. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research Program
0207614 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gray, D. J. Gray, D. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Disease-Resistant Grapevines for the Caribbean Region
0195159 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Richardson, J. W. Richardson, J. W. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Regional Implications of Farm Programs on Crop Farms
0218896 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Regnier, E. E. Regnier,Emilie Elisabeth OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Renewable Mulches for Integrated Weed Management in Small-Scale Crop Production
0218475 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hutchinson, B. Hutchinson, B. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ International Arid Lands Consortium, UofAZ
0226199 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gao, W. Gao,Wei COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Global Change/USDA Ultraviolet Radiation Monitoring and Research Program
0189203 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gardiner, D. T. Gardiner, D. T. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Alternative Crops for Arid Lands
0214853 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ventura, S. Ventura, S. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Geographic Information Systems Project - Consortium for Rural Geospatial Innovations
0199852 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Sullivan, C. V. Craig Sullivan NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Finfish Aquaculture: Improved Cultivars, Farming Practices, and Production Systems
0222504 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Abbott, A. G. Abbott, A. G. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Translational genomics for control of Peach Tree Short Life in the Southeastern US
0221933 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stewart, C. N. Stewart, C. N. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Phytosensors for Crop Security, Precision Agriculture, and Early Detection
0221485 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Nagaraja, T. G. Nagaraja,Tiruvoor G KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Ecology of E. coli O157:H7 in Beef Cow-Calf Operations from Ranch to Feedlot
0200800 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Varga, G. A. Varga, G. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Reducing Ammonia Emissions from Dairy Farms Evaluating Whole Farm Strategies
1006674 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wise, J. Wise,John MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Interregional Research Project No. 4 Minor Crop Pest Management for the North Central Region
0205030 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Browning, H. W. Browning, H. W. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Management of the Root Weevil, Diaprepes Abbreviatus
0204133 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Engle, C. R. Engle, C. R. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Improving Production Performance in Warmwater Aquaculture
0203516 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT SALMAN, M. D. SALMAN, M. D. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Enhancement of the Program for Economically Important Infectious Animal Diseases
0210638 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stout, M. J. Stout, M. J. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Improving the Management Program for the Rice Water Weevil in Areas of Rice-Crawfish Co-Cultivation
0196235 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Floros, J. D. Floros, J. D. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Detecting, Tracking and Controlling Hazards in Milk and Dairy Products
0202911 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kastner, C. Kastner, C. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Animal Science Food Safety Consortium--Kansas State University
0208093 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Borthakur, D. Borthakur, D. UNIV OF HAWAII HI The Invasiveness of the Noxious Weed Gorse (Ulex europaeus L.) influenced by Symbiosis in Agricultural and Natural Habitats of Hawai'i
0195380 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hammerschmidt, R. Hammerschmidt, R. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Controlling Armillaria Root Rot of Cherry
0207291 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Paterson, J. A. Paterson, J. A. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Montana Beef Network: An Integrated Total Quality Management Approach for Age, Source, and Process Verified Beef Production