Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1024339 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ludescher, R. D. Ludescher,Richard D RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ A Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscope for Single Molecule Measurements in Food & Nutrition, Agricultural, and Environmental Research
0223430 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moses, M. Emi Kameyama NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES DC A Sustainability Challenge: Food Security for All
1005910 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Weeks, E. N. Weeks,Emma N. I. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Sustainable IPM Strategy for the Invasive Aquatic Weed Hydrilla
1004699 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS O`Neill, M. P. O`Neill,Michael UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT A Synthesis of the NIFA Water Portfolio (2000-2013)
0223256 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burke, J. M. Burke,Joan M USDA, ARS DALE BUMPERS SMALL FARMS RESEARCH CENTER AR A Systems Approach to Control Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Organic Small Ruminant Production
1004311 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ji, P. Ji,Pingsheng UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A Systems Approach to Improve Disease Management and Production of Watermelon in the Southeastern U.S.
0222518 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Miller, S. A. Miller,Sally A OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH A Systems Approach to Managing Microbial Threats to Greenhouse Tomatoes
0210519 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Doyle, M. Doyle, M. P. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A systems approach to minimize Escherichia coli O157:H7 food safety hazards associated with fresh- and fresh-cut leafy greens
0210222 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tavantzis, S. M. Tavantzis, S. M. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME A Systems Approach to Optimize Organic Crop Production: Enhancing Soil Functionality and Plant Health to Suppress Plant Diseases and Pests
0227144 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS James, J. Sheley,Roger L. AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE OR A systems approach to seedling establishment on degraded rangeland: Managing ecological processes driving recruitment bottlenecks
1010346 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lofton, J. Lofton,Josh OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK A systems based approach to building acres and improving production of winter canola in the southern Great Plains
1007457 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Panigrahi, S. Panigrahi,Suranjan PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A systems-based management practices for enhancing quality and safety of organic produce: Planning Grant
0190130 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mount, J. R. Mount, J. R. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN A Systems-Based Risk Assessment Model for Animal and Plant Production
0219861 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Whiting, M. D. Whiting,Matthew David WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Total Systems Approach to Developing a Sustainable Stem-Free Sweet Cherry Production, Processing, and Marketing System
0197353 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Deutsch, W. G. Deutsch, W. G. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A Transferable Model of Stakeholder Partnerships for Addressing Nutrient Dynamics in Southeastern Watersheds
0193422 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoyle, E. H. Hoyle, E. H. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Tri-State Project to Identify Problem Food Safety Behaviors and Customize Educational Delivery Methods for Improving Them
0225720 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tang, C. Tang,Chuanbing University of South Carolina SC A US-China Joint Program on Forestry Biomass Utilization for Sustainable Materials and Nanotechnologies
0198252 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Swistock, B. R. Swistock, B. R. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A Volunteer Network to Educate Pennsylvania Well Owners
0230689 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Al-Khatib, K. Farrar,James Jay UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, OAKLAND CA A Western IPM Center Led by California, Arizona, and Oregon
1017332 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Farrar, J. J. Baur,Matt UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A Western IPM Center Led by California, Arizona, and Oregon (FY18)
1004344 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Al-Khatib, K. Farrar,James UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A Western IPM Center Led by California, Oregon, and Arizona
0226556 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lilburn, M. S. Lilburn,Michael S OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH A whole farm approach incorporating pasture raised organic poultry and a novel cereal grain (Naked Oats) into an organic rotation
0231159 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jones, V. L. Jones,Vernon L. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK A Working Spanish Language Education Program for Cooperative Extension Personnel
0226425 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Morales,Manuel FORT BELKNAP COLLEGE MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program Capacity Grant
1003923 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Morales,Manuel Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program Capacity Grant
1017132 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Friskics,Scott Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program Capacity Grant
0222193 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, J. R. Stewart, J. R. ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL AARP (Aquaculture Applied Research Projects): High School Aquaculture Research Projects
0219635 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Clatterbuck, W. K. Clatterbuck, W. K. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Absentee Forest Landowner Education Workshops in Metropolitan Areas
0223104 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Patin-Mellion, D. Dawn Mellion-Patin SOUTHERN UNIV LA Academy for the Academic Enhancement of High School Students in the Food and Agricultural Sciences