Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0205608 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hill Duin, A. Lorenz, K. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Fostering Multicultural Diversity with College of Agri., Food & Environmental Sciences Scholarships Through Student Learning Comm. Cohorts
0196150 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hill, W. A. Hill, W. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL 62nd Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC)
0203655 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hirschi, M. C. Hirschi, M. C. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Developing Land-Grant Scholars in Agricultural Systems and Natural Resources Engineering for the 21st Century
0207084 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hlebakos, J. Brianna Aliabadi MT. SAN JACINTO COLLEGE CA Ensuring Success of Underrepresented Students in Environmental Science through Project-based Experiential Learning
0210680 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hodges, N. N. Hodges, N. N. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA NC Collaborative Development of Global Fiber, Fabric, and Related Products Industry based Problem-Solving Modules for Undergraduate Curricula
0199937 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hoenig, S. Hoenig, S. THE NEGEV FOUNDATION OH Ohio - Israel Agriculture Initiative
0206923 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Holder, T. L. Tammy Holder Crowder College MO Increasing Diversity in Agriculture Majors
0203369 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Holman, S. L. Holman, S. L. Rend Lake College IL Southern Illinois Technology & Aquaculture (SITA)
0195826 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Holmes, J. Holmes, J. Virginia Highlands Community College VA Expanding Educational Opportunities in Agribusiness and Aquaculture in Southwestern Virginia
0196897 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hopper, K. Hopper, K. BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Health Promotion and 4-H/Youth Development Initiative
0204128 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Houk, E. Eric Houk CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-STANISLAUS CA Underrepresented Students in Agricultural Studies: Strengthening the 2+2 Transfer Model Through Recruitment and Retention
0210337 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Houk, E. E. Houk, E. E. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-STANISLAUS CA Preparing Underrepresented Students for Careers in Agriculture through Recruitment, Experiential Learning, and Community Service
0204796 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Howard, P. Perry Howard NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Enhancing Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation Rates in a Nationally Accredited Landscape Architecture Program
0203623 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hughes, E. K. Gallagher, M. L. EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY NC Leadership Training Through Community Based Experiential Learning
0195808 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hunewill, R. Hunewill, R. Smith Valley High School NV Backpack Natural Science
0202792 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hurley, W. L. Hurley, W. L. UNIV OF ILLINOIS IL Enhancing Internationalization of Teaching, Research, and Extension Programs Through a Student-Centered Learning Abroad Program
0197912 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hymon-Parker, S. Hymon-Parker, S. UNIV OF MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE MD Development of an Undergraduate Research Program in Human Sciences
0214230 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hynes, J. W. Hynes, J. W. SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY TX Forging Partnerships and Building Global Competence Between U.S. & Malian Faculty in Agricultural Science Education
0204821 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Igbokwe, P. E. Igbokwe, P. E. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Preparing Students for High-Tech Jobs in Biotechnology By Investing in Hands-On Training in Tissue Culture and Transformation Technology
0196231 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Irudayaraj, J. Irudayaraj, J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Nanoscale Education for Agriculture and Food Based Curricula
0205252 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Irudayaraj, J. M. Irudayaraj, J. M. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Nanoscale Education for Agricultural and Food Based Curricula
0197958 TERMINATED SERD GRANT JAGANNADHAM, G. JAGANNADHAM, G. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Technologies for Improving Teaching Agriscience, Environmental and Natural Sciences
0210408 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jastrzembski, J. P. Jastrzembski, J. P. ALLEGANY COLLEGE OF MARYLAND MD Enhancing Forestry Education Through Articulation, Graduation, and Economic Development
0207764 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Javed, K. R. Javed, K. R. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Comprehensive Program to Expose K-16 Students, Particularly Underrepresented Student Populations, to Natural Resource and Environmental E...
0206395 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jin, B. Jin, B. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Building U. S. Competitiveness in Natural-Fiber and Related Industries by Preparing Students and Small Business Leaders for Global Markets
0204528 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, C. Johnson, C. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Drumbeats: Place Appropriate Careers and Higher Education Preparation for Alaska Native Students
0210892 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, C. R. Johnson, C. R. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Healthy Animals Healthy Communities
0203398 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, T. W. Johnson, T. W. GERALDINE HIGH SCHOOL AL Implementing A 2 + 2 + 2 Arrangement Through Horticulture
0210406 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Johnson, T. W. Johnson,Terry Wayne GERALDINE HIGH SCHOOL AL "Connecting with Outside Resources to make High School Horticulture Instruction More Job-Related"