Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0207985 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Martyn, H. A. Quinn,Brigid K. LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Cultural Standards Curriculum Development
0208638 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schmitt, R. J. Schmitt, R. J. LIVINGSTON CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL KY Enhanced Landscape Design for the 21st Century
0199879 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Crook, G. L. Glenda Crook Lodi High School WI Agricultural Education Outdoor Learning Environments Extension Program
0200339 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Frattalone, D. Creason, P. J. Long Beach City College CA Providing Latinos with Agriculture and Nursery Technology Success (PLANTS)
0204059 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hackeling, J. H. Hackeling, J. H. Los Angeles Valley College CA Water Improvement by the Next Generation of Scientists - WINGS
0203463 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Woolbaugh, W. H. Walter H. Woolbaugh Manhattan Public Schools MT Discovery-Based Secondary Opportunities: Facilitating Global Student-to-Student and Teacher-to-Scientist Teaching/Learning
0195814 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Leifeld, A. Leifeld, A. Mead High School NE Mead Agriculture Sciences Magnet High School
0196109 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez, A. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, INTER-AMERICAN CAMPUS FL Strengthening Curriculum and Recruiting Hispanic Students
0204016 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Smart, J. G. Smart, J. G. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, NORTH CAMPUS FL Agricultural Career Exploration (ACE)
0207087 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Maxwell, N. K. Nancy Kalikow Maxwell MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, NORTH CAMPUS FL Library Gateway Project (LGP)
0200143 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Weber-Nielsen, M. S. Weber-Nielsen, M. S. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Novel Dairy Management Learning Experience for Undergraduates:The Dairy Challenge
0200533 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Zanella, A. J. ZANELLA, A. J. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Design and Development of Structural Elements for a Web-based Course in Animal Welfare
0202763 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Yokoyama, M. T. Yokoyama, M. T. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Improving Livestock Production in Mali: Partnership to Strengthen International Collaborations in Research and Education
0202787 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chamblee, M. T. Chamblee, M. T. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Enhancing Undergraduate Diversity in Agriculture and Natural Resources
0203681 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Grumet, R. Grumet, R. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI National Needs Fellowship Program in Plant Molecular Biology: Plant Biotechnology with a Global Perspective
0203692 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kramer, D. Christoffel, R. A. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of a Natural Resources Field Institute: Shaping Future Professionals Through Experiential Learning and Teaching
0206386 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Loveridge, S. Loveridge, S. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Enhancing Agricultural-Based Economic Development in Rural Communities: A Partnership to Internationalize Teaching, Research and Extension
0206995 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bartlett, P. C. Bartlett,Paul C. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI On-Line DVM-MS Degree Program in Food Safety
0199870 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Aurand, E. Edwin Aurand Mifflin Juniata Career and Technology Center PA Defining Core Competencies/Knowledges for General Food and Agricultural Sciences: Linking Industry Needs with Secondary Education Curriculum
0195810 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Reinschmiedt, L. L. Reinschmiedt, L. L. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS A Multicultural Scholars Program in Horticulture and the Plant Sciences - Training Through Experiential Learning
0204966 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Olson, D. Olson, D. S. Missouri Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture MO Web-Based Agriculture Classes - MO
0209015 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Olson, D. S. Olson, D. S. Missouri Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture MO WEATHERBUG: Connecting Agriculture and Weather
0196229 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Frick, M. Frick, M. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Transitioning to Excellence in Agricultural and Natural Resource Baccalaureate Education
0200475 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Dunkel, F. V. Dr. Florence Dunkel, F. V. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Discovery-Based Undergraduate Opportunities: Facilitating Farmer-to-Farmer Teaching and Learning
0204012 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bauder, J. W. Bauder, J. W. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Stream Side Science - An Online Approach to Field-based Education
0206385 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Peterson, N. Peterson,Norman Jay MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Global Climate Change and Implications for Agriculture: An International Undergraduate Research Seminar
0206865 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rettler, P. Rettler Peter MORAINE PARK TECHNICAL COLLEGE WI Meeting Wisconsin Student Needs Through Creation of On-line Veterinary Technician Program
0207084 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hlebakos, J. Brianna Aliabadi MT. SAN JACINTO COLLEGE CA Ensuring Success of Underrepresented Students in Environmental Science through Project-based Experiential Learning
0206857 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Armstrong, J. M. Armstrong, J. M. MUSCATINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE IA Veterinary Technician Program for Eastern Iowa
0200739 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Balok, C. Balok, C. NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Induction of Ovarian Senescence in Feral Canine and Feline Populations