Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1016280 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Tesfaye, SA, . Tesfaye, SA, . LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Evaluating the use of High Spatial Resolution Satellite imagery for Mapping Emerald Ash Borer Infestation in Wayne County, Missourito
1016889 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Toth, SA, . Toth, SA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Lagrangian Pricing of Climate Uncertainty in Discount Premiums for Spatially Explicit Forest Planning Models
1016932 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kane, VA, . Kane, VA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Improving Forest Management and Conservation with Airborne LiDAR Data Across Western Oregon
1017006 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Johnson, BR, . Johnson, BR, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Seeing the forest through the soil: Do soil chemical and physical characteristics explain variance in the response of Pinus ponderosa growth to climate?
1017026 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Harvey, BR, J. Harvey, BR, J. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Effective duration of fuels treatments on resistance to severe wildfire and postfire resilience in interior Pacific Northwest forests
1017041 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Green, HY, . Green, HY, . STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Role of Comammox Bacteria in Northeast Forest Nitrogen Cycling
1017043 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Mirowsky, JA, . Mirowsky, JA, . STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Measuring air pollutant and noise variability at several locations around Syracuse, NY
1017106 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gough, HE, . Gough, HE, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Forest ecosystems services in urban and peri-urban settings for removal of emerging contaminants from roadway run-off
1017110 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Jenks, J, . Jenks, J, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Evaluating effects of disease status on habitat selection of bighorn sheep
1017135 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wheiler, KE, . Wheiler, KE, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Reducing Uncertainty and Enhancing Management Decisions in the U.S. Wood Products Industry: Developing an Interactive, Multi-Source, Wood Products Global Trade Database
1017425 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Biging, G. Biging, G. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY CA Using remote sensing to map the spatial-temporal patterns of forest disturbance and recovery history
1017864 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lamp, WI, . Lamp, WI, . UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Stylet morphology of the invasive spotted lanternfly: Implications for host tree associations and tree damage
1017930 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wang, Y, . Wang, Y, . UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Design and Implementation of a Geospatial Decision Support System for Managing State? Owned Forests in Rhode Island
1018042 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Dickinson, YV, L.. Dickinson, YV, L.. MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Gathering Giizhik (Northern White Cedar) in a Changing Landscape
1018124 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kang, SE, . Kang, SE, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A global resource supporting the identification and control of a pathogen group that threatens forest ecosystems
1018125 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Eissenstat, DA, M.. Eissenstat, DA, M.. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Impacts of Spotted Lanternfly on Tree Health in Pennsylvania Forests
1018126 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Hoover, KE, . Hoover, KE, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Detection and Impacts of Spotted Lanternfly on Tree Health in Pennsylvania Forests
1018176 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Leites, LA, P. Leites, LA, P. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Biological and economic assessment of spotted lanternfly impact on tree growth, forest productivity, and carbon storage.
1018181 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kreye, JE, . Kreye, JE, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Fuels, flammability, and fire impacts from changing landscapes and invasive species
1018422 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wason, JA, . Wason, JA, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Tree physiological responses to novel future climate conditions
1018424 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Rahimzadeh-Bajgiran, PA, . Rahimzadeh-Bajgiran, PA, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Improvement of current spruce budworm defoliation classification model using remote sensing technology
1018591 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Choi, DA, . Choi, DA, . PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Developing Efficient Remote Sensing Techniques for Protecting Forest Resources from Disease, Pests, and Stresses
1018798 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lonsinger, RO, . Lonsinger, RO, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Evaluating the influence of land cover and landscape features on the population structure and connectivity of bobcats in South Dakota to inform management
1018931 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Greene, DA, . Greene, DA, . HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Masting in white and Engelmann spruce
1018959 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gezan, S. Gezan, S. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL (MC) Incorporating Genetics into a Slash Pine Growth and Yield Model
1019187 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Ettl, G. Ettl, G. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Land-Based Carbon Mitigation: Generating Knowledge to Support Strategies for Reducing Atmospheric Carbon-related Greenhouse Gases while Improving Forest Health and Preparing Communities for Climate Change
1019386 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bettis, JE, . Bettis, JE, . VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Educational Needs of Black Small Farm Forest Landowners
1019873 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Berrill, PA, . Berrill, PA, . UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Forest Ecosystem Responses to Disturbance and Rehabilitation in Mixed Stands
1020771 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Pradhanang, SO, . Pradhanang, SO, M. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Developing decision making tools to maintain flow regimes and mitigate floods in forested watersheds
1021459 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Rutherford, AL, . Rutherford, AL, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA LSU Agricultural Center School of Renewable Natural Resources Administrative Project for McIntire – Stennis Research Program