Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1010255 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bevilacqua, E, . Bevilacqua, ED. STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for Vegetation Monitoring
1010256 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Dahle, G. Dahle, G. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Using Digital Image Correlation to Understand Loading and Tissue Deformation in Urban Trees
1010279 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Hassett, J, P. Hassett, JO, P. STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Contribution of Biomass Burning to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon and Aerosol Concentration in Air Wet Deposition
1010281 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Horton, TH, . Horton, TH. STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Increasing Success of Pitch Pine Restoration Through Soil Microbe Management
1010284 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Arano, K. Gazal, KA. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Marcellus Shale Drilling in West Virginia: Impacts on Forest Products Industry and Private Forest Landowners' Behavior
1010289 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Fahey, RO, . Fahey, RO, . UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Evaluating the effects of forest management on development of canopy structural complexity and light use efficiency
1010302 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Liang, J. Dahle, G. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Integrating Biological Conservation into Sustainable Forestry Based on Nationwide Analysis of Productivity-Biodiversity Relationship
1010322 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Zollner, PA, . Zollner, PA. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Influence of human activity upon wildlife behavior and demography
1010323 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Fei, SO, . Fei, SO. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A regional-scale study of invasive plant impacts on forest ecosystem
1010387 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Minocha, S, . Minocha, SU. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Designing Poplar and Willow Plants for Increased Nitrogen and Carbon Assimilation and Biomass Yield
1010394 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bennett, GO, . Rubinoff, DA. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Diversity and Impact of Hawaiian Bark Beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and their Fungal Associations on the Health of Hawaiian Forests
1010434 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Yarie, J. Valentine, D. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Understanding Key Environmental Factors for Design of an Adaptive Management Plan for the Boreal Forest in Interior Alaska
1010441 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wang, G. Wang, G. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC South Carolinaâ¿¿s Future Forest: Silvicultural, Economic, and Operational Analysis of Forest Management Alternatives Impacting Sustainable Forestry
1010485 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Catanzaro, PA. Catanzaro, PA, F. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Deciding the Future of the Land: The Estate Planning Decisions of Family Forest Owners
1010515 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Beier, P, . Beier, PA. NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Using geodiversity to prioritize sites for species representation
1010519 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Lockwood, J, . Lockwood, JU, L. RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Does setting aside forest in open space protection ensure persistence of native birds?
1010564 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Copenheaver, CA, A. Copenheaver, CA, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Application of Proxy Records for Reconstructing Forest Disturbance History
1010595 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Smith, AL, . Smith, AL, . UNIV OF IDAHO ID Understanding vulnerability of whitebark pine in eastern Idaho and furthering forestry graduate education on tribal lands
1010619 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Crow, SU, . Crow, SU, E.. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Interactive Feedbacks of Climate, Mineralogy and Afforestation on Soil Carbon: A Tropical Deep Soil Warming Experiment
1010629 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Olson, MA, . TAPPE, PH. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Silvicultural Practices for Addressing Contemporary Challenges to Sustainable Forestry
1010634 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Conner, W. Conner, W. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Long-Term Responses of Coastal Freshwater Forested Wetland Ecosystems to Climate Change
1010651 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Leahy, J. Leahy, JE, E.. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Conservation Behavior Adoption: Theory Development & Applications in Maine
1010653 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Smallidge, PE. Smallidge, PE. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Forest Vegetation Management Protocols that Support Forest Regeneration
1010675 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gunn, JO, . Gunn, JO, . UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Invasive plant impacts on New Hampshire forest ecosystem services.
1010712 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Masters, RO, . Prater, JA. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Northern Highlands Ecosystem Responses to Thinning and Fire Frequency
1010723 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Anderson McIntyre, LA, . Anderson McIntyre, LA. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Unplug or Plugging in? Understanding Visitor Connections to Technology on Remote and Urban-Proximate Forests
1010730 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Demchik, M. Demchik, M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Is Operator-Select, Every Fifth-Row Thinning Viable for Red Pine Thinning in Wisconsin?
1010731 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Demchik, M. Demchik, M. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Exploring Factors Related to Dark Heart of Hard Maple in Wisconsin
1010737 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wraith, JO, . Bekkerman, AN. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH UNH Administrative Proposal for McIntire-Stennis Program Management to Facilitate Research in Mandated McIntire Stennis Forest Research Areas 1 through 7
1010804 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bishop, TR, . Bishop, TR. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Squeezed from all sides: Urbanization, invasive species, and climate change threaten function of riparian forest buffers