Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0233019 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Halpern, C. Halpern, C. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Defining Desired Future Conditions for Restoration of Fire-Prone Forest Ecosystems: Lessons from the Collaborative Forest Landscapes Restoration Program
0233384 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Asah, S. Asah, S. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Finding Common Ground toward Resolution of a Forest Management Dispute
1005426 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Franklin, JE. Franklin, JE. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Analysis of Spatial Patterning in Natural Douglas-Fir -- Western Hemlock Forests and Applications in Restoration of Managed Forests
1006425 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Butman, DA, . Butman, DA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Potential Soil Carbon Stocks and Turnover across Privately-Operated Forest Stands in the Pacific Northwest: Understanding the Radiocarbon Age, Quality, and Lability of Soil Organic Carbon within Douglas Fir Plantations
1006427 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS DeLuca, TH, H.. Tobin, PA, C.. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Metal Deposition along an Urban-Wildland Gradient in the Puget Sound Region
1006435 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Ganguly, IN, . Ganguly, IN, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Market and Environmental Assessment of Cross-Laminated Timber Production in the Olympic Peninsula: Mid-Rise Non-Residential Construction Application
1006949 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Turnblom, E. Turnblom, E. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Biomass Equations for Coastal Douglas Fir by Stand Density, Age, Relative Dominance, and Location
1009084 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Alvarado-Celestino, E. Alvarado-Celestino, E. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Nisqually Garry Oak Habitat: Cultural and Ecological Considerations for Successful Restoration in the Nisqually Tribal Reservation
1009087 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Bakker, JO. Bakker, JO. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA How do Conclusions about the Effectiveness of Fuels-Reduction Treatments Vary with the Spatial Scale of Observation?
1009088 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Barcinas, FE, P.. Resende, FE, P.. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA A Novel Reactor for Fast Pyrolysis of Beetle-Killed Trees
1009089 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wirsing, A. Wirsing, A. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Modeling the Effects of Forest Management on Snowshoe Hare Population Dynamics in Washington at the Landscape Scale
1009100 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Ettl, GR. Ettl, GR. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Growth and Physiological Response of Native Washington Tree Species to Light and Drought: Informing Sustainable Timber Production
1009491 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS De Resende, FE, P.. Resende, FE, P.. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA High-Value Chemicals and Gasoline Additives from Pyrolysis and Upgrade of Beetle-Killed Trees
1009492 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Tobin, PA, C.. Tobin, PA, C.. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Bigleaf Maple Decline in Western Washington
1009515 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Dichiara, AN, B. Dichiara, AN, B. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Sustainable Development of Nanosorbents by Catalytic Graphitization of Woody Biomass for Water Remediation
1009554 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Prugh, LA, . Prugh, LA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Trophic Relationships of Reintroduced Fishers in the South Cascades
1012773 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Harvey, BR, J. Harvey, BR, J. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Do Stand-Thinning Treatments Promote Resistance and Resilience of Forests to Insects and Fire? Unlocking Insights from Over Seven Decades of USFS Experimental Forest Plots
1012774 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Tobin, PA, C.. Tobin, PA, C.. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Effects of Non-Native Plants on Native Bees in the Pacific Northwest
1012777 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Doty, SH, . Doty, SH, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Arsenic Contamination in the Pacific Northwest: Mechanisms for Endophytic Arsenic Tolerance to Improve the Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soils
1012936 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gustafson, RI, . Gustafson, RI, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Curriculum Development to Improve Integration and Inter-Disciplinary Learning in Two Undergraduate Programs in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington
1016889 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Toth, SA, . Toth, SA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Lagrangian Pricing of Climate Uncertainty in Discount Premiums for Spatially Explicit Forest Planning Models
1016932 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kane, VA, . Kane, VA, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Improving Forest Management and Conservation with Airborne LiDAR Data Across Western Oregon
1017006 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Johnson, BR, . Johnson, BR, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Seeing the forest through the soil: Do soil chemical and physical characteristics explain variance in the response of Pinus ponderosa growth to climate?
1017026 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Harvey, BR, J. Harvey, BR, J. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Effective duration of fuels treatments on resistance to severe wildfire and postfire resilience in interior Pacific Northwest forests
1017106 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gough, HE, . Gough, HE, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Forest ecosystems services in urban and peri-urban settings for removal of emerging contaminants from roadway run-off
1017135 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wheiler, KE, . Wheiler, KE, . UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Reducing Uncertainty and Enhancing Management Decisions in the U.S. Wood Products Industry: Developing an Interactive, Multi-Source, Wood Products Global Trade Database
1017343 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gough, HE, . Gough, HE. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Capacity Building for Advanced Understanding of Microbial Processes in Forest Soils and Waters
1019187 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Ettl, G. Ettl, G. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Land-Based Carbon Mitigation: Generating Knowledge to Support Strategies for Reducing Atmospheric Carbon-related Greenhouse Gases while Improving Forest Health and Preparing Communities for Climate Change
1020382 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Resende, FE, P.. Dichiara, AN, B. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Fuels and Chemicals from Beetle-Killed Trees: Comparing the Economic Viability and Environmental Impact of Products
1020532 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Prugh, LA, . Prugh, LA. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Forest Carnivore Restoration and Mountain Beaver Pest Control in Washington