Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0199507 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kagan, A. Kagan, A. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Produce Pricing - Phase IV
0211010 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Garcia-Pichel, F. Garcia-Pichel, F. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Functional Constraints in Microscale Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling by Biological Soil Crusts
1014901 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Berkel, C. Berkel,Cady ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ The Family Check-Up for Health: A Family-Centered Health Maintenance Approach to Improve Nutrition and Prevent Obesity in Early Childhood
1022294 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hamilton, K. Hamilton,Kerry ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Accelerating Water and Nutrient Recycling: Evaluating risk trade-offs to develop best management practices for nontraditional agricultural waste stream use
1022533 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Grebitus, C. Grebitus,Carola - ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Strengthening U.S. Beef Export Markets: Analysis of Consumer Willingness to Pay and Import Demand
1022655 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Richards, T. J. Richards,Timothy ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Food Banks, Food Retailing, and Food Security
1022972 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Dobson, Z. Dobson,Zachary ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Structural Insight Of The Photosynthetic Proteins From An Extremeophile Cyanobacteria For The Design Of Highly Productive Crops
1025086 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Mishra, A. K. Mishra,Ashok ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Using Field Level Soil Quality Data for Crop Insurance: A Big Data Simulation and Credibility Approach to Improve Crop Insurance Pricing and Agricultural Land Sustainability Practice
1025170 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chenarides, L. -. Richards,Timothy ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Dollar Store Entry, Food Prices, and Food Security
1026526 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chenarides, L. -. Chenarides,Lauren - ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Evidence-Based Policymaking for Applied Economists
1029792 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Grebitus, C. Grebitus,Carola ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ A Workshop on Survey Design & Experimental Methods in Applied and Agricultural Economics
1031551 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yellavajjala, R. Yellavajjala,Ravi ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY AZ Low-Cost And Sustainable Corrosion Mitigation Products Derived From Agricultural Feedstocks
1005170 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Studebaker, G. Studebaker,Glenn ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR 2014 Arkansas Extension Implementation Program
1029146 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mader, B. Mader,Bryan ARKANSAS AGRIC EXTENSION SERVICE AR Extension Health Ambassadors: A Community-Based Volunteer Health Education Training Program For Improving Health In Rural Arkansas Communities
1027188 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Studebaker, G. Studebaker,Glenn ARKANSAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AR 2021 Arkansas Extension Implementation Project
1015318 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hood, E. E. Hood,Elizabeth E. ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Mechanism of Recombinant Protein Accumulation in Maize Seed
1017085 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bouldin, J. L. Bouldin,Jennifer L. ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Native bee community composition in Mississippi Delta soybean fields and their effect on yield
1022508 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Shew, A. M. Latour,Mickey Adams ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Improving Crop Residue Burning and Management Recommendations in the Arkansas Delta Region
1027989 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Wijeratne, A. Wijeratne,Asela ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Investigating functional changes in soybean root microbiome during Phytophthora sojae colonization
1028753 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wijeratne, A. Wijeratne,Asela ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY AR Effect Of DNA Methylation On Soybean-Phytopthora sojae Interaction
0206608 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Plewa, J. S. Dan Mueth ARRYX, INC. IL Holographic Optical Cell Manipulation for Automated Development of Improved Yeast Strains for Ethanol Production
1015406 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Cheng, H. H. Cheng,Hans H ARS-USDA GA Genomic screens to identify regulatory elements with causative polymorphisms accounting for Marek’s disease genetic resistance in chicken
1016498 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Adkins, S. Adkins,Scott ARS-USDA GA Development of Preseason Risk Prediction Models to Facilitate Areawide Pest Management of Whitefly-transmitted Viruses of Vegetables in the Southeastern U.S.
0221901 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Johnsen, P. B. Peter B. Johnsen Arvens Technology Inc. IL Pennycress:"A wonder weed to wonder fuel:Developing Commercial Farming Practices for Pennycress"
0205440 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Richardson, D. Patricia Solis ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS DC My Community, Our Earth Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development: Gulf States, Greater Caribbean and Central America Initiative
1022698 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bernier, R. Bernier,Raymond A ATLANTIC CORPORATION ME Development of a Dairy Manufacturing and Processing Solutions Tool for Farms and Value-Added Producers
1030505 EXTENDED SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Dagan, M. S. Dagan,Morann Sonia ATOLLA TECH LLC NY A new method for real-time tracking of pollinators – quantifying honeybee and native bee activity
1000912 EXTENDED 3D GRANT Fadamiro, H. Y. Fadamiro,Henry Y. AUBURN UNIV., ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM AL Statewide Extension IPM Coordination Program for Auburn University and Alabama Cooperative Extension System for 2013-2016
0196666 EXTENDED NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Broughton, R. Broughton, R. M. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Added-Value Products from Poultry Feather Fiber and Protein