Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0200242 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bosland, P. W. Bosland, P. W. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM PATHWAYS - A Model for Increasing Native American Undergraduates' Interest in Food and Agriculture Science Careers
0204999 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Carter, J. Carter, J. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Outdoor Forestry Classroom/Laboratory to Enhance Teaching and Training
0214120 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pushkarskaya, H. N. Pushkarskaya,Helen UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY On-line math modules
0206995 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bartlett, P. C. Bartlett,Paul C. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI On-Line DVM-MS Degree Program in Food Safety
0203299 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Agnew, W. agnew, W. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND On the Fringe of Survival: How the Wild Environment Gives Native Berries the Edge for Protection of Tribal Peoples' Health
0199937 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hoenig, S. Hoenig, S. THE NEGEV FOUNDATION OH Ohio - Israel Agriculture Initiative
0204019 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Henry, L. R. Henry, L. R. OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE SD Oglala Lakota College Education Equity Grant
0190829 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Falk, C. L. Falk, C. L. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Oasis Food Guild -- A Student-Managed Project for Community Supported Agriculture
0204020 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gipp, J. Gipp, J. HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Nutrition and Exercise: What Every Health, Sport and Exercise Science Educator Should Know, a Two-Part Series
0207090 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Burd, R. Burd,Randy UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Nutrigenomics for the Study of Disease Prevention and Intervention
0200519 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Agnew, W. W. Agnew, W. W. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND Nutrient Analysis and Acceptability Testing of Selected Traditional Native American Foods
0200265 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hafer, J. Hafer, J. CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT Northern Cheyenne Trichomonas Fetus Awareness and Management Project
0210963 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Thompson, Y. Thompson, Y. CHIEF DULL KNIFE COLLEGE MT Northern Cheyenne reservation youth and family economic/personal development through financial education and interpersonal skills training.
0195744 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Miller, A. Miller, A. NORTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OK Northeastern State University Multicultural Scholars Program
0204058 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Webster, E. W. Webster, E. W. NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE NICC Food and Ag Sciences: Enhanced Ag Sciences and Innovative Nutrition & Health
0200333 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Winters, T. Winters, T. West Hills College Coalinga CA New Pedagogies for Teaching Agriculture to Retain Hispanic Students
0210251 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Byrd, D. G. Byrd, D. G. THE SCHOOL BOARD OF POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA FL New Generation Professionals
0200296 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Fenwick, J. R. Fenwick, J. R. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO National Seed Science Distance Education Program
0203654 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Tuggle, C. K. Tuggle, C. K. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA National Needs Training Grant in Animal Molecular Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics
0203754 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kerr, W. L. Kerr, W. L. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA National Needs Graduate Fellowship: Functional Foods and Human Health
0203681 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Grumet, R. Grumet, R. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI National Needs Fellowship Program in Plant Molecular Biology: Plant Biotechnology with a Global Perspective
0200293 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wiedmann, M. Wiedmann, M. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY National Multidisciplinary Food Science Summer Research Program
0210683 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Amass, S. F. Amass,Sandra Faye PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN National Model Training Program for Veterinary Homeland Security
0213743 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Barrick, R. K. Barrick, R. K. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL National Food and Agricultural Sciences Teaching Awards Program
0213769 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Culbertson, J. W. Culbertson,Judy CALIFORNIA FOUNDATION FOR AGRIC IN THE CLASSROOM CA National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference
0196231 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Irudayaraj, J. Irudayaraj, J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Nanoscale Education for Agriculture and Food Based Curricula
0205252 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Irudayaraj, J. M. Irudayaraj, J. M. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Nanoscale Education for Agricultural and Food Based Curricula
0213782 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perey, J. Perey, J. YAVAPAI COLLEGE AZ Multimedia Development Center for Agribusiness Curriculum Enhancement
0204814 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Shahbazi, A. Shahbazi, A. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Multidisciplinary, Multi-Campus, Videoconferencing Course Development: Bioprocess Engineering