Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0204014 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kunz, M. A. Kunz, M. A. ST. PHILIP'S COLLEGE TX Culinary Arts Student Achievement
0210389 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kunz, M. A. Kunz, M. A. ST. PHILIP'S COLLEGE TX Proyecto Alimento II: Success in Food & Nutrition-Recruit, Retain, Transfer of Hispanic Students from 2 to 4 year Nutrition Degree Program
0200338 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Saberbein, G. Saberbein, Gustavo St. Augustine College IL The Chef's Path to Success
0204025 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sells, A. B. Sells, A. B. SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE NM Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute's Research and Demonstration Farm: Curriculum Integration and Development
0201249 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Chin, K. L. Kit L. Chin SOUTHERN UNIV & A&M COLLEGE LA The Use of Motivational Speakers and Scientific Exposures Summer Program as a Tool for Student Recruitment
0183182 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wasike, G. N. Wasike, G. N. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Enhancing Teaching and Recruitment in Food and Fiber Sciences Through Computer Technology
0197882 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rawls, W. Rawls, W. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Academy for Strengthening the Curriculum in Agricultural Education
0197937 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gebrelul, S. Gebrelul, S. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Development of FFA Instructional Materials for the Enhancement of Youth Experiences
0197949 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mellion-Patin,D,A Mellion-Patin,Dawn A. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Academy for the Academic Enhancement of High School Students in the Food and Agriculture Sciences
0211571 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Walker, C. R. Walker,Calvin Reuben SOUTHERN UNIV LA Louisiana-Agricultural Research Apprenticeship Program (LA-ARAP)
0200364 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Logvin, M. Marshall Logvin SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Expanding Student Opportunities in Bioscience Careers at a Community College
0210392 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sandoval, R. Ayers,Stacey S. SOUTH MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Undergraduate Biotechnolgy Engagement Track
0195815 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nichols, L. S. Nichols, L. S. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD 2+2+2 Multicultural Scholarships for Native Americans
0196133 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nichols, T. Nichols, T. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Cohort Graduate Program for Tribal College Faculty and Agriculture/Food Systems Professionals
0203633 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Clay, D. E. Clay, D. E. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Information Age Technology for Integrated Agricultural Systems Analysis Curricula
0206380 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rickerl, D. Rickerl, D. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD An Indigenous Model for Internationalization
0214232 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rickerl, D. H. Rickerl, D. H. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Synergies of Indigenous/International Collaboration
0197862 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Londhe, S. R. Londhe, S. R. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Planning for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Program in Agribusiness
0213878 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Szafranski, J. Neelon, S. SMITH VOCATIONAL AND AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL MA Integrating Sustainable and Renewable Resources into Agriculture
0195808 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hunewill, R. Hunewill, R. Smith Valley High School NV Backpack Natural Science
0201145 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Halvorson, G. Halvorson, G. SITTING BULL COLLEGE ND Development of an Equine Program at Sitting Bull College
0201323 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Halvorson, G. Halvorson, G. SITTING BULL COLLEGE ND Leafy Spurge Research at Sitting Bull College
0208192 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Grey Bear, A. Halvorson, G. A. Sitting Bull College ND Enhancement of the Equine Studies Program at Sitting Bull College
0197450 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Lone Fight, W. Lone Fight, W. SISSETON WAHPETON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SD Culinary Arts, Traditional Foods, and Nutrition: Designing a Degree Program for SWC
0201112 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wynia, D. Wynia, D. SISSETON WAHPETON COLLEGE SD Best Agricultural Practices: Combining Traditional Dakota and Modern
0197660 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Benge, M. Benge, M. SINTE GLESKA UNIVERSITY SD Sinte Gleska University Project
0216347 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rose, J. B. Rose, J. B. Shields Valley School District J12-5 MT Montana Secondary Agricultural Education Curriculum Update: Phase II
0195817 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Winston, H. M. Winston, H. M. Shelley School District #60 ID The AG Solutions Model for Secondary Curriculum Enhancement
0210412 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wray, V. Wray,Vince SHELLEY HIGH SCHOOL ID Utilizing Outdoor Classrooms, Community Partnerships, Service Learning and School-based Businessess to Enhance Agriculture Education
0196851 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Harrington, D. R. Harrington, D. R. SHELDON JACKSON COLLEGE AK Enriching Sheldon Jackson College's Fisheries Science and Environmental Science Programs