Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031927 NEW OTHER GRANTS Herath Bandara, S. J. Herath Bandara,Saman Janaranjana WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Enhance student recruitment and retention at WVSU by reducing the knowledge gap in the agribusiness supply chain among interested and underserved groups in West Virginia
1031928 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jung, Y. Jung,Yangjin WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Developing and promoting scientific-proven practices for safer microgreen production
1031941 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chinnannan, K. Chinnannan,Karthik WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Investigations into selenium transport, accumulation, and mitigation mechanisms in watermelon for food safety using genomic technologies
1031942 NEW OTHER GRANTS Huber, D. H. Huber,David H. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV When Rivers Collide: Do Microbiomes Reduce Subcatchment Stressors and Improve Ecosystem Resilience in a Model Regulated Appalachian River?
1031943 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ortiz, C. Ortiz,Carlos WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Comparative and translational genomics in tomato and pepper for developing pre-breeding lines and tool kits for anthracnose resistance
1031944 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tomason, Y. Tomason,Yan WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Breeding high value melons for enhanced flavor, nutraceuticals and disease resistance through interspecific hybridization
1031945 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hankins, G. Hankins,Gerald WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Spatial Transcriptomic Sequencing and Trip-CRISPR Knockout Technologies for Teaching and Exploring the Health Effects of Capsaicin, Turmeric, Blueberries, and Bitter melon using Drosophila
1031946 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sanjaya, S. A. Sanjaya,Sanju Adagoor WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Developing Climate-Resilient High Oil-Yielding Oilseed Crops Through Genetic Engineering Strategies
1029087 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rowen, E. Rowen,Elizabeth WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Liquid, Composted Or Dry-Stacked? Unravelling The Effects Of Manure Treatment On Pests In Organic Field Crops
1029117 NEW OTHER GRANTS Prinzo, L. Prinzo,Lauren WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Building Addiction Resilience in School Communities
1029341 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gazal, K. A. Gazal,Kathryn A. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Promoting Climate Smart-Forestry Through Forest Carbon Management and Sustainable Biomaterials Training
1030939 NEW OTHER GRANTS Shen, C. Shen,Cangliang WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Expand the Current Food Safety Modernization Act Training Program for West Virginia Very Small Local Produce Growers with the Content of Triple-Wash and Related Outreach Activities
1031053 NEW OTHER GRANTS Park, Y. Park,Yong-Lak WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Drone-Assisted Precision IPM to Manage and Prevent Reinvasion of Invasive Plants
1031975 NEW OTHER GRANTS Eggleston, E. Eggleston,Emma WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CORP WV "Farm To You Mobile" Produce Prescription Program: Increasing Access To Local Produce And Nutrition/Cooking Education Via Mobile Outreach
1027358 NEW OTHER GRANTS Powell, P. C. Powell,Penelope C. WESTERN COLORADO FOOD AND AGRICULTURE COUNCIL CO Cultivating Farmers and Ranchers that Thrive: An Innovative Model for Holistic Agriculture Success in the High Dessert West
1030989 NEW OTHER GRANTS Clark, K. Clark,Katherine WESTERN COLORADO UNIVERSITY CO Food Systems, Public Lands and Hunting Program
1028579 NEW OTHER GRANTS Khouryieh, H. Khouryieh,Hanna "John" WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY KY A Multistate Partnership for Improving the Safety of Meat and Poultry at Farmers Markets Through Integrating Teaching, Research, and Extension Activities
1028712 NEW OTHER GRANTS Manzanarez, M. Manzanarez,Magdaleno WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY NM Western New Mexico University (WNMU) and partners seek to develop via a conference an interdisciplinary agriculture curriculum designed specifically for Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).
1031493 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, M. Taylor,Melissa WHEATLAND UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT CA Agriculture Work-Based Learning and Leadership Institute Project
1026881 NEW OTHER GRANTS Whitaker, C. L. Whitaker,Charles L WHITAKER SMALL FARM GROUP INC NC Capacity Building: Experiential On-Farm Training, and Business and Entrepreneurial Academy for Military Veterans
1006142 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pon, J. Pon,Julia WHOLESOME WAVE FOUNDATION CHARITABLE VENTURES, INC. CT Ladder for Growth: A National Network to Build Capacity and Test Innovative Strategies for Healthy Food Incentives
1029315 NEW OTHER GRANTS Perkins, B. Perkins,Benjamin WHOLESOME WAVE FOUNDATION CHARITABLE VENTURES, INC. CT Enhancement of Award Number 2021-70030-35871; Fidelity, Equity, and Dignity in Produce Prescriptions; Participatory design for social justice and healthy food systems
1031485 NEW OTHER GRANTS Duncan, A. Duncan,Alex WHOLESOME WAVE GEORGIA INCORPORATED GA Expansion of the Georgia Fresh for Less Incentive Program
0206678 NEW OTHER GRANTS Williamson, S. J. Scot James Williamson WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE DC 71st North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference
1029213 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hudson, J. Hudson,Jennifer WILLIAMSON HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER, INC WV Fresh Choice Prescription Produce in West Virginia
1028825 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watt, C. E. Watt,Casey Elizabeth WILLOWCREEK ANIMAL HOSPITAL, P.C. ID ID203_Willowcreek Animal Hospital: Veterinary Services for Rural Idaho Producers
1027367 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kinkade, L. Schafer,Joseph WINROCK INTERNATIONAL INST. FOR AGRIC. DEVELOPMENT VA Advancing Organic Agriculture in the Mid-South: Evaluating Systems and Reducing Barriers to Entry
1031629 NEW OTHER GRANTS Enloe, S. Enloe,Stephanie Women, Food and Agriculture Network IA Harvesting Our Potential: Training Beginning Women Farmers Through Mentorship