Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027782 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Su, J. Su,Jianzhong UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON TX Developing an Alliance for Training and Apprenticeship in Climate-Smart Agriculture (DATA-Ag)
1020848 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT ENGELBERTH, JU, EW. ENGELBERTH, J, E. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Seed Grant: Green leaf volatile regulation of carbohydrate metabolism as a key element in cold protection.
1029940 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Renthal, R. D. Renthal,Robert D UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Nanoparticle sensors for pheromones from insect agricultural pests
1030972 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kapoor, V. Kapoor,Vikram UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Interaction of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles with Nitrifying Bacteria in Soil
1031162 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Tabassum, S. Tabassum,Shawana UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT TYLER, THE TX Smart Sensor-Suite For Monitoring Field Volatile Organic Compound And Ion Fluxes Toward Nitrogen Stress Management In Cotton Plants
1028115 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Hernandez, D. Hernandez,Daphne UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER AT HOUSTON, THE TX Houston-area Opportunities for Undergraduate Student Training in Obesity & Nutrition (HOUSTON) Academy 2.0
1028098 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Pereira, E. Pereira,Engil UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Pathways to NRCS and Academic Careers to Civil Engineering and Agriculture Students (PANACEAS)
1028990 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Vargas-Hernandez, N. Vargas-Hernandez,Noe UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Freshwater Prawn Production: Solving the National Problem of Prawn Postlarvae (Seed) Availability through Engineering and Automation
1030437 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Almeida, R. Almeida,Rafael UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Co-locating irrigation and solar power infrastructure to bolster freshwater sustainability in a semi-arid agricultural region
1032309 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Mustard, J. A. Mustard,Julie Ann UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Initial characterization of floral resources used by pollinators in Tamaulipan thornscrub to inform habitat restoration
1030757 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Turner, K. A. Turner,Katerina Ariel UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO, THE OH The Function Of Centriole Protein POC1B In The Rabbit Sperm
1026379 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT PETERSEN, C. PETERSEN,CHRISSA University of Utah UT Strawberry and cardiovascular health
1030039 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Pyne, A. Pyne,Ashley University of Utah UT A Novel Food-Specific Antibody Assay to Measure Foods Triggers in Eosinophilic Esophagitis
1030493 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT WEIDHAAS, J. WEIDHAAS,JENNIFER University of Utah UT PARTNERSHIP: Elucidating soil health impacts from contaminants of emerging concern in municipal biosolids used for agriculture
1032598 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT ROUNDY, S. ROUNDY,SHADRACH University of Utah UT Robotic Platform for Precision Irrigation Management using Passive Zero-maintenance, Long-life, Buried Sensors
1032826 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT CLARK, R. M. CLARK,RICHARD MICHAEL University of Utah UT Mechanisms of adaptation to cereals by generalist and specialist mite herbivores
1021650 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kostell, S. E. Kostell,Steven E UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Agricultural Transition through Transformative Practices in Rural Economies with FACT
1025977 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Lewins, S. A. Lewins,Scott A. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Training and High-Impact Research Internships through Vermont Extension
1026829 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zia, A. Zia,Asim UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Predicting Livestock Disease Transmission Dynamics under Alternate Biosecurity Risk Management Interventions and Behavioral Responses of Livestock Producers
1027688 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kleinman, S. L. Kleinman,Sarah L. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT AgroTek Innovation
1027849 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT McKay, S. D. Von Wettberg,Eric UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Establishing a Pan-Epigenome for Cattle and Sheep
1027977 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chen, Y. H. Chen,Yolanda H. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Evaluating the role of epigenetics in the evolution of insecticide resistance
1027985 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Niles, M. T. Niles,Meredith Theresa UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Rural experiences with food insecurity and health during COVID-19 and strategies for future resilience
1028121 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Darby, H. M. Darby,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Integrating Cover Crops in Corn Silage Production Systems to Meet Agronomic and Conservation Goals
1028318 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Smith, J. M. Smith,Julia M. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT A systems approach to securing the New England milk supply in the event of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak
1029641 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Frolik, J. L. Frolik,Jeff L. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT SitS: Wireless Soil Sensing and Advanced Data-Driven Analysis for Post-Wildfire Hazards and Recovery in Mountainous Landscapes
1029941 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Darby, H. M. Darby,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Hemp Fiber: Building Farmer Capacity to Meet the Opportunities and Challenges of a New Market
1030586 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Neher, D. Neher,Deborah UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Companion cropping Stropharia mushrooms with hemp for nutrient recovery and economic return
1030852 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kolodinsky, J. M. Conner,David S. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT PARTNERSHIP: Investigating market opportunities for novel hemp based products
1030864 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Etter, A. J. Etter,Andrea J UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Investigating the Role Of Poultry as a Pathogen Vector in Multi-Species Animal Agritourism Settings