Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031490 NEW OTHER GRANTS Newman, E. A. Newman,Elizabeth A UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Western Rural Development Center 23
1031497 NEW OTHER GRANTS Borghi, M. Borghi,Monica UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Harnessing blueberry flower chemistry and morphology to boost pollination and bee health
0195819 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moore, L. D. Moore, L. D. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA The Recruitment and Retention of Outstanding Under-Represented Undergraduate Students
0208110 NEW OTHER GRANTS Miller, G. W. Miller, G. W. WATEREUSE ASSOCIATION VA Specialty Conference on Agricultural Reuse
0217072 NEW OTHER GRANTS Reaves, D. W. Dixie Watts Reaves VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Virginia Tech AEEMS for Success!
0219313 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hairston, J. Hairston, J. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Small Farm Outreach and Technical Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in Virginia
1021847 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, C. Kim,Chyer VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Preparing for the Future: Building Capacity for Food Safety Compliance at Farmers` Markets
1023280 NEW OTHER GRANTS Scherer, H. H. Scherer,Hannah H VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Initiating the rural cyberbiosecurity workforce pipeline through empowering agricultural educators and supporting middle school girls
1023535 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hong, C. Hong,Chuanxue VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Improving boxwood blight mitigation through innovation, economic analysis and education
1023955 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Addressing the Impact of Covid-19 on Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
1024329 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li, S. Li,Song VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Acquisition of long read, high-throughput sequencing device for food and agriculture research at Virginia Tech
1025189 NEW OTHER GRANTS Isengildina-Massa, O. Isengildina-Massa,Olga VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Integrated Graduate Training in Commodity Markets: A Managed Fund Approach
1026067 NEW OTHER GRANTS Githinji, L. Githinji,Leonard VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Optimized micro-farms as a potential solution to food insecurity in urban neighborhoods
1026089 NEW OTHER GRANTS Siddiqui, R. A. Siddiqui,Rafat A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Evaluation of ginger varieties for promoting its cultivation and consumption for preventing obesity
1026496 NEW OTHER GRANTS Knowlton, K. F. Bedore,Jessica Suagee VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA MSP Veterinary Scholars in Production and Regulatory Medicine
1026819 NEW OTHER GRANTS Westfall-Rudd, D. M. Westfall-Rudd,Donna M VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Native Student Retention Through Experiential Learning and Culturally Competent Mentoring Program
1027034 NEW OTHER GRANTS Best, M. Best,Maureen LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL AGRICULTURE PROJECT, INCORPORATED VA "COVID Relief 2018-70025-28156 Virginia Fresh Match: A Food Systems Approach to Expand Nutrition Incentives"
1027075 NEW OTHER GRANTS Harris, B. S. Harris,Bom Spina OLD DOMINION VETERINARY SERVICES, LLC VA Expand and Enhance Critical Food Animal Veterinary Services to Shortage Region VA215
1027239 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grasinger, D. Grasinger,Dylanna U.S. COMMITTEE FOR REFUGEES AND IMMIGRANTS, INC. VA Flagship Farms/Landing Ground Program for Beginning Refugee and Immigrant Farmers
1027367 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kinkade, L. Schafer,Joseph WINROCK INTERNATIONAL INST. FOR AGRIC. DEVELOPMENT VA Advancing Organic Agriculture in the Mid-South: Evaluating Systems and Reducing Barriers to Entry
1027415 NEW OTHER GRANTS Flessner, M. L. Flessner,Michael Luke VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Turning the combine from a weed seed spreader into a weed seed predator
1027468 NEW OTHER GRANTS McKinnie, M. R. McKinnie,Marion R. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA 1890 Scholarships Program: Next Generation of Food and Agricultural Scholars
1027469 NEW OTHER GRANTS McKinnie, M. R. McKinnie,Marion R. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA 1890 Scholarships Program: Next Generation of Food and Agricultural Scholars
1028463 NEW OTHER GRANTS McKinnie, M. R. McKinnie,Marion R. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA 1890 Scholarships Program: Next Generation of Food and Agricultural Scholars
1028546 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boyd, J. Boyd,John NATIONAL BLACK FARMERS ASSOCIATION INC VA American Rescue Plan Technical Assistance Investment Program - National Black Farmers Association
1028615 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yousuf, A. B. Yousuf,Adnan B. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Dietary management to mitigate methane emission from goats by feeding tannin containing sorghum diets: energy and feed conversion
1028659 NEW OTHER GRANTS Greenewalt, S. Greenewalt,Stasia LOCAL FOOD HUB, INC. VA Strengthening Produce Safety Rule Understanding and Compliance through Real-Life Applications for Local Food Growers in Virginia.
1028841 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acimovic, S. Acimovic,Srdan VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Creating Next-Gen controls for fire blight cankers, blossom and shoot blight with copper, PGR-s, plant activators and anti-biofilm enzymes.
1028895 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boggs, P. Boggs,Portia LOCAL FOOD HUB, INC. VA Expanding Fresh Farmacy and Introducing Farmers Market Incentive
1028952 NEW OTHER GRANTS Torres Quezada, E. Torres Quezada,Emmanuel VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Integrated Pest and Water Management Practices to Improve Tomato and Strawberry Crop Health