Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029389 NEW OTHER GRANTS Upham, T. Upham,Thea FARM FRESH RHODE ISLAND RI Cultivating Regional Growth: Expanding the New England Nutrition Incentive System
1009885 NEW OTHER GRANTS Urquhart, K. Urquhart,Kristy SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN HIGHLANDS CONSERVANCY NC Farm Pathway:Integrating Farmer Training with Land Access
1029154 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vallad, G. E. Vallad,Gary Edward UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL TomSPOT - an integrated toolbox for managing tomato bacterial diseases in North America.
1024050 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vallette, L. Vallette,Liz PLANT IT FORWARD TX Plant It Forward Farmer Development Initiative: Advanced Training & Technical Assistance for Refugee and Immigrant Urban Farmers in Houston, TX
1026042 NEW OTHER GRANTS Valliyodan, B. Valliyodan,Babu LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Building Research, Extension and Outreach/Education capacity to Establish Industrial Hemp Production in the Midwest
1029039 NEW OTHER GRANTS Van Deynze, A. Van Deynze,Allen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Diversifying the Professional Workforce in California Agriculture
1027501 NEW OTHER GRANTS Van Dis, K. Van Dis,Katrina HIGH DESERT FOOD & FARM ALLIANCE OR Increasing Food Security in Central Oregon
1028894 NEW OTHER GRANTS Van Dis, K. Van Dis,Katrina HIGH DESERT FOOD & FARM ALLIANCE OR Using Fresh Produce to Improve the Health of SNAP Participants in Central Oregon
1031266 NEW OTHER GRANTS Varnell, H. Varnell,Hannah WELLFARM VETERINARY CONSULTANTS PLLC VA VA006_Wellfarm Vets: Herd Health for Rural Resiliency
1029612 NEW OTHER GRANTS Varrallo, N. Varrallo,Natalie PREBLE STREET ME Preble Street Food Security Hub
1027079 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vasco-Correa, J. Vasco-Correa,Juliana PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Training Professionals in BioRenewable Systems for a Sustainable Future
1031388 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vasquez, B. E. Vasquez,Bob Edward TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX CAMINOS For Success
1030744 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vega, L. Vega,Leticia BARRY UNIVERSITY, INC. FL Barry University CRAFT Scholars -- Cultivating Resilience Through Agriculture and Food Training
1023364 NEW OTHER GRANTS Velasco, J. Velasco,Jonathan COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY-PUEBLO CO Development of the Industrial Hemp Education, Agriculture, and Research (InHEAR) Program
1029156 NEW OTHER GRANTS Velayudhan, B. Velayudhan,Binu UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA NAHLN (National Animal Health Laboratory Network) Level 1 Laboratory For The Food And Agriculture Defense Initiative
1031149 NEW OTHER GRANTS Velayudhan, B. T. Velayudhan,Binu T UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA NAHLN: National Animal Health Laboratory Network Level 1 for the Food and Agriculture Defense Initiative
1023299 NEW OTHER GRANTS Velez-Hernandez, M. E. Velez-Hernandez,Maria E. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX AgriCULTURE: Agriculture Connections to USDA: Lifestyle and Training of Undergraduates through Real world Experiences in Texas and Puerto Rico
1031037 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vena, A. Vena,Aubrey CAMBRIA VETERINARY CARE PA Cambria Veterinary Care Veterinary Services Grant Program RPE Shortage Area PA235
1028734 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vermeer, M. Vermeer,Megan YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF METROPOLITAN CHATTANOOGA TN The Regional Food Coalition planning grant will focus on impacting food insecurity in the region by addressing the needs for collecting baseline data on the current food environment.
1026959 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vickerman, L. Vickerman,Larry DENVER BOTANIC GARDENS, INC. CO The Veterans Farm Program at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms
1027344 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vieira de Paula Mora, S. Vieira de Paula Mora,Silvana UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Dispersal and reproductive potential of Helicoverpa zea in Bt and non-Bt crops and implications for Insecticide Resistance Management regulations
1028667 NEW OTHER GRANTS Villa, F. A. Villa,Francisco A NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Science in Agriculture By Navigating to Degrees in Yuma: Learning, Opportunities, Assistance, and Mentorship
0203871 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vincent, S. Stacy Vincent Nelson County Agriculture Department KY Innovative Technology: 21st Century Classrooms
1028925 NEW OTHER GRANTS Virk-Baker, M. O`Shea,Geoffrey RESEARCH FOUNDATION FOR THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, THE NY Together We Grow: A Multi-Sectoral Stakeholder Model for Community Food Garden & Healthy Eating Initiative in a Rural Food Desert
1026764 NEW OTHER GRANTS VITERI, D. VITERI,DIEGO UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Establishment of pollen/seed preservation facilities for important crops in Puerto Rico
1029207 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vu, A. T. Vu,Amy Trang UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Leveling Up: Providing Innovative Tools and Resources for Beekeepers to Improve Business Success
1027307 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wages, S. A. Wages,Sharon A. M. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Engaging Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Grower Educational Needs for Safe Fruit & Vegetable Production in HI & CA
1030920 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wagner, N. Wagner,Nicole TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX FOCUSSED - Farm Operations And Cultivation For University Students - Soil and Education Development
1028756 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wait, J. Wait,Jude SOUTHWEST WASHINGTON LULAC FOUNDATION WA Regional Food Sovereignty Plan Development Led by Communities of Color