Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031293 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coen, A. E. Coen,Andrea Earley GUIDESTONE CO Expanding Land Access through Education, Matchmaking, and Network Development
1031294 NEW OTHER GRANTS de Batista, J. de Batista,Jacquelyn ANGELIC ORGANICS LEARNING CENTER IL Weathering Change: Holistic Farm Management Training for Financial and Environmental Resilience
1031295 NEW OTHER GRANTS Willsrud, S. Willsrud,Susan CALYPSO FARM AND ECOLOGY CENTER AK Growing Alaskan Farmers: An agricultural training program for Alaska Native people and their communities
1031296 NEW OTHER GRANTS Xiong, V. Xiong,Vila ASIAN BUSINESS INSTITUTE AND RESOURCE CENTER CA Southeast Asian (SEA) Beginning Farmer Program of Fresno
1031297 NEW OTHER GRANTS Guo, W. Guo,Wenxuan TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Capacity Building for AI-driven Research and Education on UAS Applications in Precision Agriculture
1031299 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mota-Sanchez, D. Mota-Sanchez,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Great Lakes Latina/o Farmers Program
1031300 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gordon, J. Gordon,Jason UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Adoption of climate-smart tree risk assessment in coastal communities
1031301 NEW OTHER GRANTS Storey, A. Storey,Amanda JONES VALLEY URBAN FARM AL Good School Food Expansion
1031302 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, A. M. Smith,Ami Marie WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV WVSU 1890 Facilities Program 2023-2027
1031303 NEW OTHER GRANTS LaVergne, D. LaVergne,Douglas LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO New Meat Science and Industrial Hemp Facilities
1031304 NEW OTHER GRANTS McGowan, B. W. McGowan,Bruce W UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing Research, Extension and Academic Facilities at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (1890 Facilities Grant)
1031308 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ellingsworth, A. Ellingsworth,Alicia THE FARM SCHOOL AT GIBBS ROAD INC KS KC F.A.R.M.E.R.S: Kansas City Farmers and Ranchers for Mentoring, Education, and Resource Sharing Coalition
1031311 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pavlin, S. Pavlin,Susan GLOBAL GROWERS NETWORK INC GA Grower Pathways
1031313 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yang, C. Yang,Ching-Hong UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SYSTEM WI Revolutionizing Organic Fire Blight Management: Harnessing the Power of Novel Biocontrol Bacterium Pseudomonas soli T307
1031314 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stern, L. Stern,Lori MIDWEST ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION SERVICE WI Farmer Advancement Program: Enhanced Mentorship and Business Technical Assistance
1031315 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ricci, L. Ricci,Leah QUIVIRA COALITION NM Creating and Sustaining New Agrarians in the West: apprenticeship, training, and technical assistance for beginning ranchers and farmers on large-acreage operations
1031317 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Extending the Scope of SCOPE: Sharing tools and expanding partnerships for organic cultivar development
1031318 NEW OTHER GRANTS D`Souza, G. D`Souza,Gerard PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX 1890 Facilities Grant Program (FY23-27)
1031319 NEW OTHER GRANTS MARUTANI, M. N. MARUTANI,MARI N UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Strengthening research capability in micro-imagery and next generation DNA sequencing for plant taxonomy in Guam
1031320 NEW OTHER GRANTS MARUTANI, M. N. MARUTANI,MARI N UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Building sustainable agriculture education systems in Micronesian region for next decade
1031321 NEW OTHER GRANTS Queeley, G. Queeley,Gilbert FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Combining Experience and Resources to Create a Path to Success for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
1031323 NEW OTHER GRANTS Karhu, V. Karhu,Vicky TAOS COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORP NM Increasing Production of and Access to Local Meats in Northern New Mexico
1031324 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acuna-Guzman, S. F. Acuna-Guzman,Salvador F. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Empowering Future Professionals: A Multidisciplinary Approach toward Agriculture 4.0 Career Readiness in Puerto Rico
1031325 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rost, C. Rost,Caroline KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Kansas State Veterinary Medicine Specialized Programs For The Recruitment Of Indigenous, Native, And Tribal Students (Sprints)
1031326 NEW OTHER GRANTS Richman, N. Richman,Nessa RHODE ISLAND FOOD POLICY COUNCIL RI Advancing Equity in Capital Access for Beginning Farmers
1031327 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lee, J. Lee,James OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION VA GE Cyanobacteria Biosafety Assessment Research
1031328 NEW OTHER GRANTS Harkleroad, N. Harkleroad,Nathan AGRICULTURE & LAND-BASED TRAINING ASSOCIATION (ALBA) CA Intensive on-farm training and access to resources to enable Latino farmworkers to transition to organic farm ownership
1031329 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gunasekara, A. Gunasekara,Amrith CALIFORNIA BOUNTIFUL FOUNDATION CA Agricultural Mentoring and Education for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Including those that are Socially Disadvantaged and Veterans in California
1031330 NEW OTHER GRANTS YAMAMOTO, J. YAMAMOTO,JANEL UNIV OF HAWAII HI BFRDP GoFarm Hawaii: Growing Hawaii’s Agricultural Industry